Sean Kanan Returns to Y&R for Short Stint

According to Soaps in Depth, Sean Kanan is returning to The Young and the Restless for “three or four shows in July.” 

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    Deacon is not needed on Y&R where he’s an island, especially now that Amber isn’t there anymore. He needs to be back on B&B where he’s connected to virtually every character on the canvas. Oh, the drama and possibilities!

    When Hope finds out about her mother’s boink with her boyfriend, I want Deacon to enter the scene and start playing the protective dad. 0:)

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    I disagree that Deacon is not need on Y&R. He’s DESPERATELY needed! I’d much rather see Deacon scorch it up with Phyllis than a preposterously boring and plot-driven week-long poker games with ridiculous caricatures like the one-eyed man, the sheik, and the corrupt brazilian judge. More Sean Kanan and less Poker After Dark please! Y&R has become an absolute embarrassment.

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