Father’s Day: GH Alums Sean “A.J.” Kanan and Drew “Michael” Garrett Meet

General Hospital fans hoping for an onscreen reunion between A.J. Quartermaine and son Michael may have a long time to wait to see their dreams realized, but in real life two of the actors who portrayed the roles have met. Sean Kanan, A.J. Quartermaine from 1993-1997, ran into 2010 Daytime Emmy nominee Drew Garrett, who until recently portrayed Michael, at the Official Daytime Emmy Awards Gifting Suite in Las Vegas on June 26. 

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    I agree. Legacy characters should not be killed off in a way that its almost impossible for them to be brought back. With AJ he never should of been killed off especially the way his was. I get that he’s a Quartermain and they can be easily killed off (this is evident with AJ, Alan, and Emily) but they should always do it with the possible chance that, that the character can be brought back.

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    The funny thing is That Drew looks so much like Steve Burton and Sean is Steve’s cousin…
    If Drew has stayed as Michael and they would have brought Sean to be AJ.. GH could have had a real family that looks so much a like……
    AJ Jason and Michael….

    And I love Chad but the resemblance between Steve and drew was something really special…

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    Ughh, this pic KILLS ME!!!
    If there is one thing I want to happen on GH, it’s the return of AJ. I would give my right arm for that to happen.

    Drew resembles everyone. He resembles Steve, Sean K., Laura Wright, he even resembles Sarah Brown and I bet he resembles Tamara Braun as well.
    I like Chad but Drew WAS Michael.

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    Aawwww…they look so cute together!! Why doesn’t GH get their heads out of their butts and bring back AJ from the dead???? And then bring back Drew Garrett???? Sheesh.(SIGH!) :~

    When will GH learn that “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!” when it comes to casting people and letting people go???

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    This picture makes me way too sad for me to even admit considering that these are fictional characters! Drew Garrett should still be playing Michael today. He was a great actor and all that alleged crap about them changing to soften Michael or whatever is absolute rubbish to me. Drew could have played eveything that Chad has done 10x’s better. If they wanted him to come off as softer, then all they had to do was WRITE him that way! Recasting to change personalities is unfathomable to me, especially when you have a capable actor such as Drew. To add insult to injury, with all due respect to Chad, they replaced Drew with an actor who was no where near as talented. On his best day, Chad is only barely above mediocre, and most days he is just that.

    Seeing an “AJ” with Michael just further saddens/ infuriates me. I only know Billy Warlock’s AJ, but I have seen clips of Sean Kanan, and I respect him enough that I would be happy with either of them returning. The physical dynamic would be different with Sean because he was just as imposing as Jason and far more so than Sonny, whereas Billy is smaller than Jason and is not that noticeably bigger than Sonny.
    troymcclure, I could not agree with you more! If they bring back AJ, Billy Warlock or Sean Kanan, I would NEVER utter another negative word against GH, Guza, or ABC daytime if thats what it took. Its not even that AJ is my favorite character or that I care about Michael all that much, its just that the already uncontested THEFT of Michael by Sonny, Carly, and Jason was made forever permanent by the murder of AJ. With him gone, even the Quartermaines can barely muster up a sincere “you stole Michael from us/his father.” The dynamic of AJ trying to have a relationship with Michael after all that has happened would be even better than Sonny trying to force himself on his cop son that he shot in the chest. I personally think that there could even be a Carly/AJ pairing that would make for a good story, but I think I am getting ahead of myself. I would cite Sammy and Lucas on Days as a precedent for bitter enemies that share a child and have gone to great lengths to keep each other away from the child, who have a romantic pairing after all the hatred.

    The argument that Michael was better off with Sonny/Jason as a father and thus it was okay that they forced him to sign away his parental rights was always infuriating to me, but I think it has long since been exposed to be the biggest piece of fiction since Sonny said he wasn’t abusive. I do not and cannot defend all of the bad things that AJ did regarding Michael and his family in general, but considering all that Sonny, Jason, and Carly have exposed Michael to and what they have done to his life, I do not feel that I even have to. Had Michael remained a Quartermaine, the worst that could have happened to him was that Guza killed him because he wasn’t a Corinthos.

    Sorry for the long post, but this is my biggest wish/disappointment in all of daytime.

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    Everyday that I’m watching GH and Jason, Carly or Sonny talk about how they screwed up Michael I just wait for AJ’s name to be uttered but it never is. I wish someone would just say that “hey, maybe stealing Michael wasn’t such a great idea after all, sure AJ was a screw up but Michael probably would’ve been sane and a normal rebellious teenager”
    The treatment of AJ is the worst I have ever seen any character on any soap ever been treated and if anyone deserves to come back from the dead, it’s AJ.

    Billy Warlock was “my” AJ as well but I would gladly take Sean anyday.

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    The_Moustache, I heard Carly say that, and as happy as I was that she did, it was only a half victory. In her head I think she knows it is true, but she said it to Sonny just to hurt him. I am not sure that she deep down believes it, or would seriously do everything differently if she had the chance to do it over again. She is too deeply in love with Jason and addicted to Sonny. If she really believed all the seemingly self introspective stuff that she has been saying lately, she would not still be completely blaming Dante, whoring out Brook Lynn, and trying to send Dante to prison even after Michael got out of jail. I like Carly, but in a few months, she will be back to president of the Sonny/Jason booster club, and there will be more grief sex after the next disaster, more or less caused by Sonny’s mob life.

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    would it be funny if AJ would have go back to GH and he and jason would have work their differences…. and maybe finally a end to SaSon…
    Because these days SOnny does not give a care about Jason!!!! maybe the time has come so Jason will will realize who SOnny is and who the Q;s are???

    I still say that if Jason would have remain Michael’s father Michael life would have been better.. that doesn’t take Jason bad choice of stealing Michael from AJ.. But still AJ was alcohol addicted that was messed up and fighting to get the Q’s love that was belong to Jason…
    the Q’s never forgave AJ for the accident…

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    Carly still believes that Jason should have remain Michael’s father.. that is why she is still mad at Robin….
    what she said to Sonny was out of anger to protect her hate for Dante and Lulu.. because she knows SOnny would try to protect Dante from her plan.. I love her and I am still hoping she will win with her plan Vs Lante…

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