Stars Shine on 37th Annual Daytime Emmy Red Carpet (Photos)

Daytime and soap opera’s biggest stars lit up the 37th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards red carpet Sunday night, bringing glamour and beauty to Las Vegas. See more photos of your favorite stars at the Daytime Emmys after the jump!

Christel Khalil 

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  1. Profile photo of troymcclure

    Thumbnails please.

    Who knew Marnie Shulenberg was hot?
    Susan Lucci was classy.
    Jacob Young wins for best dressed man. My gawd, the things I want to do to that man.

    I still say Chrishell Stause was the hottest and best dressed.

  2. Profile photo of alstonboy4315

    Beth Chamberlin looks FANTASTIC!!! Christel Khalil looks like……she borrowed that infamous swan dress that Bjork wore to the 2001 Oscars!! LMAO!!!!!!!! :O :O

    Cady McClain??? Why????? I don’t get it. I hope no innocent animals were harmed in the creation of her garment. Just sayin….LOL!!!!

    The rest of these dresses are too short, shiny or gaudy for my taste!!!!!!!When in Vegas, one need not abandon ALL class and sophistication, ladies!!! Jesus, take the wheel!!!! :( :(

  3. Profile photo of JAYSON369

    Drew Garrett’s girlfriend, Geena Moroni, has a sexy pair of legs. She is HOT! She sort of reminds me of Minka Kelly (Derek Jeter’s girlfriend).

    Drew Garrett and Dylan Patton should be casted on another soap together and their character’s should be best friends that later become enemies over some girl.

    Drew was ROBBED terribly. I wish that he won the award so bad. I hope that he and DP find work really soon.

  4. Profile photo of alstonboy4315

    Beth Chamberlin WOULD be a great Liza Colby on AMC!!! Absolutely. I like Jamie Luner, but am still not convinced that she’s a good fit for that role. And maybe they can recast Natalie Hall while they’re at it??? Too much to hope for?????

  5. Profile photo of RebeccaJ

    I like Crystal Chappel but you have GOT to be kidding, but looks like she’s wearing Grandma’s curtains.

    And why do so many of these women stand like they have curvature of the spine?!

  6. Profile photo of Beth

    I love Michelle Stafford’s dress. If I looked as good as she does, I’d being wearing that too!

    Rebecca Budig should be shot for crimes against fashion and mankind.

    I’m still suffering from occasional blindness from looking directly at Jeanne Cooper’s dress.

    Melissa Claire Egan’s dress should have been fitted better, but the color was so flattering on her.

    Did someone tell Lisa LoCicero that she should always pose with her head over her shoulder? It’s annoying. Every picture she’s like that!

    Arianne Zucker looks FABULOUS. Great dress.

    Bradford Anderson, WEAR DRESS SHOES.

  7. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    No pic of KeMo? She looked beautiful last night. Best dressed IMHO

    Beth – totally disagree on MS’s dress. WAYYYY to revealing for an award ceremony, esp. as a nominee.

    Overall I think the women of AMC were the best dressed. Nadia B also looked great. Unfortunately there were a lot of others that need to fire their stylist. Did not like the dresses worn by CC or JMW to name two.

  8. Profile photo of Beth


    Peggy McCay – STOP IT. NOW.

    Judi Evans looked fabulous!

    I didn’t realize that Bree Williamson was expecting, but she looks radiant and beautiful.

    Alley Mills looks like she’s wearing a sheet.

    Eden Riegel’s dress was wonderful!

    Shelley Hennig’s dress was way too old for her.

    Stephen Nichols still looks handsome as ever. He cleans up nice!

  9. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    Was Peggy the one in the orange?? If so, yeah that was bad. Its like she and JC said F It at my age i can wear any or every color I want LOL

    Also agree re: AM – That blue thing had no shape – and yeah Bree looked great (good color on her.)

    The others I dont really remember, but I am thinking I didnt love Edens gown.

  10. Profile photo of babyc

    I actually like most of the dresses, specially Beth Chamberlin, Eden Riegel, Crystal Chappell and Elizabeth Hendrickson’s, very pretty.

  11. Profile photo of GHvetfan

    Bree Williamson looked really good. I can’t say that any of the other dresses were really very memorable. Whoever sells spray tans must have made a lot of money because some of the women went a little overboard.

  12. Profile photo of Daniel St. John
    Daniel St. John

    Beth Chamberlin looked stunning and I am just amazed that another show has snatched her up yet. I also have to agree with the previous sentiments abo0ut her being a much better Liza than Jamie Lunar has been.

    Cady McClain looks sexy…that is one of the reasons I am fine with her not coming back to AMC. She and Jacob Young always looked like they were 5 minutes away from saying the hell with it and banging each other when they had scenes together. It was the same with that woman who played the fake Dixie too.

    A lot of these young women chose such matronly dresses (especially Eden Riegel and Elizabeth Hendrickson).

    Chrishelle Straus needed an up do because her gigantic hair overwhelmed the dress.

    It amazes me how Eileen Davidson and Ashley Jones look worse on their respective shows than they do on other shows or on the red carpet. Both of them looked great last night.

    And someone please tell me that Darius McCrary did not show up to the Daytime Emmy’s with SuperHead on his arms. That boy needs a good talking to.

  13. Profile photo of troymcclure

    [quote=RebeccaJ]I like Crystal Chappel but you have GOT to be kidding, but looks like she’s wearing Grandma’s curtains.
    CC is a beautiful woman but where did she get that dress, at Kmart? Not to mention the shoes? uggh, I had more stylish shoes at my high school graduation 15 years ago.

  14. Profile photo of sassysdreams

    Beth – “Bradford Anderson, WEAR DRESS SHOES.”

    Beth, he was lucky to be wearing ANY shoes. Bradford recently had foot surgery and he’s only just stopped using a cane. I think he did the best he could considering.

  15. Profile photo of rozzberry

    Beth Chamberlin is by far the best dressed period! Colleen Zenk Pinter(aside from some of the jewelry), Arianne Zucker, Eileen Davidson & Melissa Claire Egan(although I think she would’ve looked even better had the dress been shorter). Brittany Allen’s dress was nice, but the earrings & shoes ruined for me.

    Aside from the ones that were obviously worst dressed, I thought many were not dressed age-appropriate — both ways, very young & very old for their respective ages.

    I love how RB goes for fashion forward, however this I think she was just too petite to pull off properly.

    Oh! and is it me or does Judi Evan’s dress look like not quite-so-great knockoff of Halle Berry’s Oscar dress???

    As for the guys, Jacob Young was by far best dressed guy for me.

  16. Profile photo of Trickster

    Alley Mills looks like she’s wearing Betty White’s tablecloth.

    Christel Khalil’s dress makes her look like a peacock attacked her and didn’t quite get it done.

    Judi Evans looked glorious. I swear that woman gets better with age.

    And to paraphrase my mother, Marie Osmond looked like a drag queen.

    Michelle Stafford: they’re in Las Vegas. Did Criss Angel make some of her dress disappear?

    Don Diamont’s date looks like botox gone bad.

    Nadia Bjorlin also looked gorgeous.

    Eden Riegel’s dress looks like a huge, misshapen mess.

  17. Profile photo of Daniboo

    Eden Reigel and Elizabeth Hendrickson and Shelley Henning dresses made them look matronly. Beth Chamberlain and Nadia Bjorlin and Christel Khalil all looked GREAT. Michelle Stafford’s dress looked liked she was going to the club not an award show. Marie Osmond’s dress looked like a viking outfit on the top and hot mess on the bottom.

  18. Profile photo of Parcrastinator

    Liked CC’s hair and makeup, but didn’t care that much for her dress. She readily admits to being a jeans and t-shirt gal, with no fashion sense. So maybe next year, she should let Nadia pick her dress out for her. And while Nadia’s at it, maybe she can give CC tips on how to stand for the photo ops too.

  19. Profile photo of Columbus

    Beth Chamberlin looked movie star glamorous and gorgeous – my vote for best dressed. Crystal’s hair and makeup were excellent but I didn’t like the dress. Judi Evans looked wonderful. Most of the rest of the dresses were mediocre at best or inappropriate.

  20. Profile photo of ChrisGa

    Beth Chamberlain was gorgeous; best dressed of the night(also, though I like Jamie Luner, I don’t watch AMC anymore; Beth Chamberlain as Liza would probably make me tune in). CC’s dress was awful. The usually hot Don Diamont(and whoever his plastic escort was)looked Vegas appropriate; that’s not a compliment. Alot of the dresses in general looked a little too informal and more party appropriate(the Stafford’s, which I loved but not for the Emmys, comes to mind).

  21. Profile photo of cheryl85

    [quote=Marland Fan]Looks like Jeanne Cooper is wearing a gay pride flag.[/quote] :D :D :D The Stafford’s dress was risky but she wears it well. Beth Chamberlin working that dress! Denise Vasi: YOU KNOW YOU WRONG AS HELL FOR THAT THING YOU CALL A DRESS! :Sp

  22. Profile photo of Soap_fan_forever

    I have to say overall I wasn’t really impressed with the dresses…I know there in vegas in all but some of them were either hideous or something I’d see u partying in the club in not at the emmy’s

    I love Carolyn Hennesy but the dress was horrible.

    Chrishell looked amazing…then again she always does but to me the dress was not the pretty but that girl could wear a paper bag and she would look amazing.

    Michelle Stafford- I know she can pull of that dress but I couldn’t help but think wow..what cat fight did you get in before coming? I just think for the emmy’s you could look elegant.

    Christel- She looked great…the white looks amazing on her…the dress is beautiful.
    Bree–I thought she looked stunning and glowing!
    Bobbie Eakes-thought she looked stunning!
    Bradford’s wife-cream dress, turquoise purse, candy apple red shoes???….enough said
    Denise–ugg the dress was horrific
    Eden and Elizabeth-thought both of them looked stunning
    Marie—oh dear…I don’t even know what to say about the dress
    Melissa Claire- I thought she looked very elegant
    Arianne- Looked amazing…she had a baby???
    Susan- As much as I don’t like her I thought she looked stunning
    Jeanie—oh dear!! She normally looks so elegant
    Sharon case–does she ever do anything different with her hair?

    Gotta say worse dress was definitely Rebecca Bud. And Rachel Ray to me.
    Rebecca was so disgusting looking on so many levels…she ought to be banished from any red carpet event!!
    Rachel looked like u glittered a paper bag and put it on with some tacky accessories…it was awful!!

    Oh well just my opinion

  23. Profile photo of Beth

    Then Bradford should have at least tried for a pair of black shoes, or something that didn’t stand out so much. He could have coordinated better.

  24. Profile photo of blake3b

    Beth Chamberlain looked AMAZING and was the best dressed of the night! It is true that another show needs to snatch her up ASAP! I agree that she would make a better Liza Colby. It’d be funny to see her on Y&R with her daughter Lizzie and ex lover Coop lol.

  25. Profile photo of naughtytomato

    Beth Chamberlin – A+ movie star elegance -And Daym…felt sorry for the nominees- they did not show them before they announced the winner. Poor Beth was on camera TWICE, but AFTER she lost! rant over

    Nadia Bjorlin -A
    Adrienne Franz -A
    Brittny Allen -A
    Kimberly Matula A strapless lavender
    Molly Burnett -A in black
    Judi Evans -A in red
    Melissa Clair Egan -A in yellow
    Adianne Zucker -A Greek Goddess in white
    Eileen Davidson -A

    Crystal Chappell -split decision – liked the lace corset to hold up the girls -B. Did not like the length. D.
    Chrishell Strause – B
    Bree Williamsen – B+ pregnant
    Shelly Henning -B in blue-I thought she looked like a classy lady

    Carolyn Henesy – D did not flatter her figure
    Alley Mills -D
    Jeanne Cooper -D tie dye? liked hair and makeup though

    Denise Vasi – F Yikes! marble floor?
    Peggy McCay – F orange pants & long coat -poor woman

    The men looked good in their tux or suits
    Brandon Beemer A
    Christian LeBlanc A
    I didn’t mind the young guys doing a variation-they didn’t go overboard. funky shoes, different shirt, no tie, yellow tie…..

    Don Diamont -F looked like sleezy lounge lizard

  26. Profile photo of Soap_fan_forever

    Soap_fan_forever, can I just say how much I love the avatar you have of my beloved and long-gone NEm?

    Thanks so much Beth!!! So glad to see i’m not the only one left out there that’s a beloved NEm fan! Boy do I miss them…Nik is just not the same and no character couple comes close…just wish they’d bring Nat back and not as another character :P

    Lol agree with ur ratings NaughtyTomato

  27. Profile photo of dirksunboy

    Those were some really bad fashions. Most looked either low rent or frumpy or overly pageanty. The worst were Cooper’s tie dyed muumuu and Chappel’s ill-fitting, wrinkly, bad bridesmaid dress. Also I think that’s the same dress Cady McLain wore when she won her first Emmy 20+ years ago, but in white instead of orange.

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