Wilson Bethel OUT at Y&R

It looks as if Kevin (Greg Rikaart) won’t have to worry about his brother Ryder moving in on his wife Jana (Emily O’Brien) for much longer. According to TV Guide Canada, The Young and the Restless’ Wilson Bethel has been let go by the show.

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    Fuck. I love Ryder. He’s so hot. I freeze-framed the scene of him in his undies about a dozen times. Why can’t Kevin be fired? Ryder rocks!

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    THAT SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! he’s not only HOT! HOT! HOT! but he can play!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and Ryder could be sooooo easyly redeemed…

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    Oh you have GOT to be kidding me! Jana and Ryder are the only interesting couple on the show right now. Gawd, I wonder if this is just an excuse to get rid of her, too? MAB, you suck!

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    What??? Why bring him back and then throw him into a HOT pairing with Jana?? I was actually starting to LIKE Jana. I guess it’s back to her predictably boring relationship with Kevin now??? And it’s probably time for me to start getting better acquainted with my fast forward button???

    Maria Bell can kiss my ASHY KNEECAP!!!!!!!!!! She can’t produce or write her way out of a paper bag nowadays!!! Time for her pink slip, CBS!!!!!! Enough is enough.

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    TIIC are stupid, plain stupid!!! They hire Eric Roberts but gets rid of the sexiest young guy on the show.

    When Jana went to his door and he opened it and his pants and drawers was so far down you could see those sexy pelvic bones….sexy!!!

    Jana and him was so hawt. HOT. They are ruining this show.

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    I agree, the man’s body is ridiculous, with the added bonus that he’s actually a good actor; after all the s— that character’s pulled, I still found myself rooting for him more often than not. Personally, I’d rather see Kevin written off the canvas; while they’re at it, they can ship Gloria and Gary Ewing off with him.

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    Can’t say I’m surprised. I’m so tired of Ryder’s shiteous storylines. His character has had more personality changes than Jessica Buchanan. All that aside… Wilson is a good actor, GORGEOUS, and would do very well if he was written a better story. I’d like to see him on GH working for Kate, opposite Lulu and Maxie. he could be a gay fashionista & partner in crime for Maxie. I want to see him play something FUN and different from Ryder.

    He’d be good on DAYS, too.

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    I really never dug Brandon Beemer’s Shawn Douglas on Days…I think Wilson would do great in the role although he might have to go darker to look something like Bo and Hope.

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    Wilson Bethel has never been contract and I heard he will be filming out of the country next month, so are we sure this is a case of him being let go or did he leave like the young actors who play Noah and Eden because they were recurring and picked up outside projects?

    I wonder where this leaves Emily O’Brien’s Jana?

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    Something about those shifty eyes that make him so sexy. His brother Kevin has the same eyes, that’s why he was cast I guess, but Kevin is more nerdy than sexy.

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    If Jana can’t feel anything, why is she smiling at Ryder? She can’t feel happiness, right? And why did she get involved with Ryder when she can’t feel love or sexual attraction? My biggest problem with Y&R writers is that they’re not CONSISTENT.

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