Daytime Emmy Viewers Vote for All-Time Faves

The results are in for the Daytime Television All-Time Favorites poll that ran throughout the 37th Annual Daytime Emmy telecast! Here are the winners:

All Time Favorite Talk Show Host

Oprah Winfrey
Merv Griffin
Ellen DeGeneres-winner
Mike Douglas

All Time Favorite Soap Star
Anthony Geary
Susan Lucci
Eric Braeden-winner
Susan Flannery

All Time Favorite Game Show Host

Alex Trebek
Dick Clark-winner
Pat Sajak
Bob Barker

All Time Favorite Daytime Drama

General Hospital
The Young and the Restless-winner
One Life To Live
The Bold and the Beautiful

19 Responses

  1. Profile photo of goyankees

    YAAAAAY “Y&R”!!!

    Agree w/the Dick Clark reponse.

    The Oprah Snub. FOR REALS!!?? OMG.. didn’t see that coming.

    Eric Braeden over Lucci? I don’t think Lucci’s a good actress at ALL (tossing your hair and batting eyelashes isn’t acting) but when one thinks of “Soap Actor” in a legendary sense, I’m not sure Eric Braeden fits the mold?

    *Slezak shoulda been in that question as well….

  2. Profile photo of alstonboy4315

    Eric Braeden over LaLucci??? Laughable. Despite LaLucci’s acting deficiencies, she’s still a kick ass actress, icon and the UNDISPUTED queen of daytime. And as far as the KING of daytime??? Still not Eric Braeden. Whatever happened to the Tony Geary love??????????

    BTW: If Eric decides to knock my ass out– Billy Abbott style, I guess I’ll have to deal with the ramifications ;) ;) ….but the truth is the truth!!!!

  3. Profile photo of thecourt99

    Maybe it was because it was aired on CBS and there weren’t too many ABC viewers as a part of the vote. I would have thought that La Lucci would have won, because most people know Victor Newman more than Eric Braeden.

  4. Profile photo of RCLGuard

    I don’t understand why Susan Lucci doesn’t get more respect. She also came in at number 20 in the “We Love Soaps” Actress list. Ok, she’s no Oscar caliber actress but she is quintessentially SOAPS.

    ERIC BRAEDEN?!?!?! Sometimes i just hate soap fans.

  5. Profile photo of kcgeban

    There is no way that soapfans would pick Eric Braeden over Susan Lucci. As much as I criticize her acting skills for being too old-style melodrama, I have to admit that this woman IS the greatest (in terms of name and face recognition)representative we have.

  6. Profile photo of marknsprmo

    The question was who is your favorite and apparently the people spoke and it was a very good answer. Erik Braeden is alot of peoples fave.

    Erik has been a principle reason Y&R has been no. 1 for 20 years. 5 million people a week turn in to Y&R. 2.3 million turn in to AMC a week (on a good week) With twice as many people viewing, I would say someone on Y&R MUST be the most popular individual on daytime.
    Lucci is press famous. She’s like Anna Nicole Smith or Paris Hilton. She is much more famous than her tallent deserves. I personally can’t even watch a scene with her in it without cringing.I refuse to watch AMC simply because I might see her on the show.

  7. Profile photo of Katiebug9624

    Oh please just because Braeden won that silly contest doesnt mean he’s the most popular for one thing not every soap fan voted, nor was every actor up for “nomination” also plenty of people watch Y&R for other characters than just Victor.

  8. Profile photo of watchingallday

    I would say that Ellen deserves that over Oprah about as much as Drew Tyler Bell deserved his win over Drew Garrett and Scott Clifton (still bitter about that one)! Dancing and doing corny jokes is nothing that Rosie o’Donnell didn’t do, even better in the 90’s, before she went crazy.

    I don’t think Braeden winning over Lucci is an upset. The people who voted are probably actual soap fans. She may be more famous in general, but among people that might actually care enough to take time to vote, I am not surprised they prefer Braeden.

  9. Profile photo of lfad

    Dick Clark as best game show host? Please. He was good, but I always thought his rapport with the contestants left a lot to be desired. Monty Hall would have been my choice.

  10. Profile photo of Soap_fan_forever

    Woot Ellen! No one can come close to her..she knows how to host a show!:D

    For the most part I agree with the rest
    I don’t watch y&r anymore but I can understand why it won for best drama. I just glad to see susan didn’t for best…I think I’m the only one that absloutly hates her character and how people fall over her all i ever hear from her when i do watch her scenes is…oh i am erica cane…blah blah…
    I did kinda think bob barker should have one best game show host…i just loved watching his show..brings back great childhood memories of watching:) So sad to see what the show has turned into now with Drew Carrey hosting:(

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