James Franco Reveals What’s In Store For GH’s Jason Morgan

Silver screen star James Franco dished with Zap2it.com about what his psychotic alter ego Franco has in the works for General Hospital’s Jason Morgan (Steve Burton). The actor said:
Now Franco is back and he’s out for revenge, and he’s also planning a huge art show at the Museum of Contemporary Art in L.A., where we actually shot. This art show involves sculptures Franco made that are based on the locations where he lived and interacted with Jason, and he plans to murder Jason at MOCA and film it as art.

Franco makes his way back to Port Charles today and reunites with fomer art subject Maxie (Kristen Storms). To get a little taste of today’s episode watch after the jump.


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    I agree! Get rid of the stupid and unwatchable mob storylines and instead have Franco and Jason embark on a torris love affair. You know that’s what Franco wants and I think Jason would love it too. Of course it will never happen. Sigh.

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