Will and Gwen Are Back on ATWT

On next week’s As the World Turns Jesse Lee Soffer and Jennifer Landon reprise the roles of Will and Gwen Munson. Chris (Daniel Cosgrove) wants Katie (Terri Colombino) to give him a reason to stay and Craig (Jon Lindstrom) tells Lily (Noelle Beck) he will take care of Lucinda (Elizabeth Hubbard). Meanwhile, Barbara (Colleen Zenk) is locked up somewhere while Henry (Trent Dawson) and Vienna (Ewa Da Cruz) are getting married. Watch the promo after the jump!



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  1. Profile photo of blake3b

    Awesome! Looks like the old favorites will be coming back before the end, just like Guiding Light did. Guess they’ll be like Danny and Michelle from GL and hang around lol.
    Hopefully the favorites will return in droves before the end!

  2. Profile photo of craigcp

    That would be an ideal maybe someone ought to come out with books, audio books or now ebooks. Can’t wait for James to return, like to hear hello, Barbra one more time, like to see again; Ellen, Penny and anybody from the early days.

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