Susan Seaforth Hayes Returns To Y&R

CBS Soaps In Depth
is reporting Days of Our Lives star Susan Seaforth Hayes will return to The Young and the Restless. Seaforth Hayes will slip back into the role of Joanna Manning, mama bear to Lauren (Tracey Bregman). No word on her first airdate.

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    I keep picking up my Tivo remote to add Y&R, but I haven’t yet. I love the news that Susan is going to be working more in daytime. I also love that Y&R hired Marcy Rylan, who was a favorite of mine on GL. I have watched Y&R for certain story arcs, dating back to when Nick and Sharon were teens and they kept recasting Sharon every With ATWT’s days numbered, I will have room for a third soap. I always watch more than one soap. I already watch DOOL and GH.

    When I first watched soaps, I watched four soaps: “Loving”, “DOOL”, “Another World”. and “Santa Barbara. When SB left the airwaves, I put GH on my list (1993 I believe). When “Loving” morphed into “The City (1995), I added GL. I watched DOOL,AW,GH,& GL until AW got cancelled in 1999, that is when ATWT was added to my list. DOOL,ATWT,GH, & GL stayed on my list until GL got cancelled, leaving me with only three soaps. Once ATWT is off the air, I will be watching GH & DOOL.

    Y&R tempts me. B&B does too. AMC not so much….Decisions, decisions.

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    I’ve always liked SSH. Does anyone have the cliff notes version as to why Lauren and Mommy Dearest don’t seem to stomach each other? I wasn’t watching back then.

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    I am not aware of why Lauren and Joanna aren’t close. I didn’t start watching until 1993, and I do have the Y&R scrapbook, but haven’t read it in a while, so I have forgotten most of the in-depth backstories. I think it has something to do with Joanna being neglectful to Lauren as a child. Lauren was a real bitch for YEARS, and I am guessing that had a lot to do with her crappy relationship with her mother.

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    I hope Y&R has the sense to keep her around. Apparently Days is too dense to see what a gem she is and how much she adds to each scene she is in! Welcome back Susan! Can’t wait to see her go head to head with Jill!

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    If memory serves me correctly Lauren’s parents divorced and Joanna moved to Europe and ignored Lauren for years. Lots of hostility between Joanna and Lauren, because Lauren felt abandoned even though Neil adored Lauren.

    Mind you I thought over the years, Lauren warmed to Joanna (they plotted together to break up Neil Fenmore and Gina Roma’s engagement), but things must have gotten tense again (off screen) because when Joanna visited after Fen was born Lauren could not wait to see the back of Joanna!

    By the way, love Susan Seaforth Hayes in any soap role she does. Have high hopes the Jill/Lauren relationship will be more character driven plotting, rather than the snooze fest of the Sara-saga

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    Joanna abandoned Lauren as a child and she was raised mainly by her father, Neil, who doted on Lauren. As an older teen, Lauren had overheard her mother tell Neil that she wished she had aborted Lauren as she was not ready to be a mother.

    Lauren and Joanna have a conflicted relationship, where there has been lack of contact for periods of times but we know she has been a part of Lauren and Fen’s life. Tracey Bregman usually takes off for a few weeks in September and they alternate Lauren taking Fen to visit Scott and Joanna each year as an excuse why they are off screen.

    Joanna has also been very judgemental of Lauren. It is interesting that Gloria and Joanna get possessive of Lauren when Joanna is back in town. I know Joanna was also interested in John Abbott around the same time Jill was involved with him, so they have some history. Jill is actually closer in age to Gloria and Joanna than Lauren.

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    Thanks for elaborating, Carstedog and bunting. I remember Joanna being on when Fen was on and I didn’t know if they were playing up the intrusive, meddling mother angle that annoyed Lauren because Glo was also there, or whether they just didn’t get along.

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