Can Y&R’s Chloe and Chance Survive Hurricane Heather?

He may have done a tour in Iraq, but the real fight is just beginning for The Young and the Restless’ Chance (John Driscoll). The perennial good cop is caught in the crosshairs of two lovely ladies. Fiancée Chloe (Elizabeth Henrickson) is legendary for keeping a death grip on her men, but sexy ADA Heather (Eden Riegel) is blatantly flirtatious and has shown potential to play dirty. Chloe has the ring, Chance’s v-card, and the apartment down the hall from him and his lusty colleague, but is her artillery heavy enough to keep enemy hands off her man?

Personally, I would love to see Chance’s morals go AWOL for a minute. Being a decorated soldier, overzealous detective, and a virgin who fell in love with the first woman he slept with, a tumble off his pedestal is in order so he can be more human. It’s hard to relate to a butter-won’t-melt-in-my-mouth character, and if Chance goes on for too long without so much as a speeding ticket, it will be even harder to forgive him when he really screws up, a la Cane (Daniel Goddard) lying about being a Chancellor after lambasting Billy’s bad behavior.

Ironically, it may be Chloe who hands her guy right to Heather’s waiting cleavage. Chloe’s known for being super-clingy in relationships. Behind all her spunk and snarky comebacks lies a lot of insecurity, as we saw when she told Kevin (Greg Rikaart) about her history with cheating men. Her best bet is to have an open conversation with Chance and cite some of Heather’s inappropriate advances to support her suspicions. Unfortunately, Chloe is about as subtle as a hunter with a belt full of bells, so her moving in with Kevin to spy on Chance and flying off at the handle on Heather and Nina (Tricia Cast) are not helping her cause.

Chance is no innocent party in this, either. He should know by Heather’s implication that they were sharing a bed that she’s got the hots for him, and he’s not doing much to discourage her. Shirtless push-ups, Chance? To add even more drama to the mix, we have Heather sporting lingerie, her sob story about her failed romance with a sociopath, and mom Nina, who of course hates Chloe. I find Chloe and Kevin’s new bond the most interesting of complications. Kevin is reeling from his wife’s rejection and affair. Both can relate to losing someone they love deeply, and former bad boy Kevin knows what it’s like to play in the grey, unlike straight-laced Chance. All things considered, will Chance and Chloe survive Hurricane Heather?

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    Nekeeta Borden

    Yeah, he’s not exactly the fastest car on the track, huh?  I’m more interested in what can pop off between Chloe and Kevin, and it’s always good to see the "perfect" characters lose their halos.  Besides, we know that Heather always ends up with egg on her face, and it would serve her right if Chance did a hit and quit on her tarty butt!

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    Well The nu Heather is as sexy as an old Kleenex, she wears old cocktail dress to work and frankly I never thought I would say that but I miss VB, she was sexy and well dress, and she would have make it work.

    This new Heather just does not make it work, she looks pathetic!

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    The fact that Y&R wants us to think that this version of Heather and Chloe is even a competition is laughable! The writers have managed to turn Heather into a dumb, badly dressed, clingy, two bit hussy where EVERYONE except Chance sees what she is up to. Heather never use to be like this, and I hate this is what the character is now reduced to.

    But if they are going to force this story and pairing of Chance and Heather, and forced is the right word cause they have less chemistry than two dish rags, then at least it seems they want to try out Chloe and Kevin, and I am enjoying them.

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    Ugh!!! I am soooooo sorry to have to say this, but Eden Riegel is HORRIBLY miscast as Heather Stevens. Why couldn’t she have been cast as Mac??? I used to like Vail Bloom’s version of this character—coupled with her sex appeal and sultry voice. I would have LOVED seeing her version of Heather come between Chance and Chloe, but this all rings false to me. Heather has been watered down to accommodate Eden, and I miss the vixen/bitch that Heather used to be. I don’t want to see her “evolve or grow.” Some characters need to be allowed to be as bitchy and scandalous as they want to be, without being redeemed. Nice can equal boring. If I want to see Bianca Montgomery, I get my full fix from 1-2 while watching AMC!

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    I’m sorry, but I puked a little when you referred to Eden Reigel’s Heather as “sexy”.

    She is anything BUT sexy!! Vail Bloom’s Heather was definitely sexy. But Eden Reigel is like a little chipmunk/girl hybrid. She should never have been cast in this role. She’s just horrendous. Yuck!!

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    LOL neither ER or EH bring the sex appeal, especially when compared to Vail and they both have annoying voices. Another stunt casting failure. Maybe ER was terrific on AMC but she’s a major flop on Y&R. She needs to exit along with the other over-hyped, unnecessary recent additions.

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    Nekeeta Borden

    When I said "Hurricane Heather", I met that as a disturbance to Chloe and Chance’s beachy relationship.  In defense of ER, though, you gotta admit that she has a great body.  I still say ER should have been Mac.  Is VB busy?

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    I think this is the first time in a long time I’m interested in Chloe and Chance again, mostly Chance, because Chloe is almost always fun. Boy, he needs TWO girls around him and a bad boy to be interesting, and even then…

    Pff, ER not hot? Please, she had an amazing body! She’s not a sex kitten like VB, but has a lot more going on than that. Man, sometimes I feel like I’m taking crazy pills with everybody talking how good old Heather was. Maybe I stepped on one of GC’s wormholes and ended in a parallel universe?

    I’m still hoping Chance will have PTSD and have a flashback or something and hurt somebody, he is just too perfect, too bland and that’s not interesting at all.

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    “Hurricane Heather”?? Are we watching the same show? Lol. Because this new “Heather” is bland, boring, annoying and whinny. She ain’t no Hurricane.

    I will even go as far as say that CHANCE is more interesting than she is. Eden Riegel does not fit in GC and she’s miscast as Heather. Her “Heather” just fails!!!

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    Hmmmm….. I must be in the minority here. I like this triangle, particularly Chloe and am enjoying the fact they have bought Kevin into it as a friend to Chloe.

    I am going to ask in a non-judgemental way, Alstonboy, is there anything about Y&R you are enjoying at the moment? I am picking that you are experiencing the aame thing about Y&R that I am. There are moments/storylines I enjoy, but as a whole it is not that good!

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    I can’t believe they actually have women figthing over Chance, he’s duller than mudd.

    I wish Vail was still playing Heather because her and Jeff Branson would’ve been ridculously hot together.

    The Heather recast has been a big fail.

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    Eden Reigel is not the LEAST BIT SEXY in this role. While Chloe can be sexy, she’s not sexy when she’s whiny and clingy. VB couldn’t act her way out of a carton of stir fry, but she COULD be sexy.

    However, I like Chance and Chloe together and I hope Heather gets the brush off from Chance.

    BTW, I can’t WAIT for Jana to find out Chloe is living with Kevin. I think Little Miss No Feelings is going to be hella jealous when she thinks Kevin has moved on and is no longer pining for her.

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    If anything, Eden as faux Heather (aka ADA Bianca) has shown a limited range she has (I mean she’s good at what she plays, but this is a miscast from day 1). She’s playing Bianca in better clothes and an actual career. No Vail Bloom wasn’t this great piece of acting (she’s a great piece of you know what but I digress), but w/her there was a define character there. A sexy lawyer Barbie and that worked. All that is gone and for what some name actress that would get you press for a minute?

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    Nekeeta Borden

    I’m hoping that something does happen between Chance and Heather, or at least that Chloe will jump the gun as always and assume something happened. Chance is too much of a perfect character right now, and that can be as bad as a villain. The man needs layers! I want to see the fallout with Kevin and Chloe. When Jana realizes she’s been rode hard and put away wet by Ryder, she’s going to be pissed that Chloe and Kev have a cozy friendship and are roommates. Then again, it looks like TPTB may try Ronan and Chloe out, too.

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    Vail Bloom should have remained in the role of Heather Stevens. Eden Riegel should have been hired as a recast of Mackenzie Browning. (Can’t you just imagine Eden’s chemistry with Thad Luckinbill?)

    When Y&R was recast happy several months ago, they should have hired Gina Tognoni or Tamara Braun or Liza Huber or Teri Colombino or Sarah Brown or Lindsey McKeon or Katie Cassidy or Becki Newton or Candace Cameron Bure :-) or Jennie Garth :-) as a recast Victoria Newman. Or, they should move heaven and earth to have the divine Heather Tom return. Hell, ANYONE to REPLACE Amelia Heinle. (And, no, I still do not see Victoria as a stronger or more interesting character since she has been paired with Billy Miller’s Billy Abbott. For me, it just ain’t there.)

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    [quote=Carstendog]I am going to ask in a non-judgemental way, Alstonboy, is there anything about Y&R you are enjoying at the moment? I am picking that you are experiencing the aame thing about Y&R that I am. There are moments/storylines I enjoy, but as a whole it is not that good![/quote]


    LOL!! I don’t mind being judged. I am sure I receive a lot of negative and positive judgment on these websites, but I simply call things like I see them. Honestly, there is VERY little that I actually enjoy about Y&R nowadays, but I am holding on/being loyal because of a strange feeling of obligation. Y&R was the FIRST soap opera that I became hooked on back in 1993. I still remember rushing home from school, jumping out of the car and rushing into the house to catch the daily cliffhangers. I even pretended to be sick a few times just so that I could stay home and watch it. This was before I learned how to use a VCR to tape the show. It was my “first love” in terms of soaps, and I refuse to simply throw my hands up and stop watching. Besides, all the soaps (except for GH!) are pretty consistently sucky right now, with far more boring/lame stories than good ones.

    I do enjoy any and all things that feature Jill and Katherine Chancellor. I am REALLY enjoying the fact that Nina dislikes Chloe, and the parallels between Nina/Chloe and Jill/Nina from back in the day. Jill treated Nina like crap for years, and now Nina has become the “Mommie Dearest”. I think I would be enjoying this Chance/Chloe/Heather story a lot more if Eden weren’t playing Heather. I am certainly an Eden Riegel fan, and enjoyed her work on AMC IMMENSELY during the baby switch storyline of 2004/2005. However, she’s NOT knocking my socks off as Heather.

    I am looking forward to Chloe/Kevin–(“Clevin”). Just keep Jana away from Kevin. The character has always been boring, and I was starting to like her when they paired her with Ryder, but now they’re getting rid of Ryder, so I am going back to not caring about/liking Jana again until the writers give me a legitimate reason to. They’ve now painted her as a wishy-washy tramp who jumped into bed with her husband’s brother quicker than you can say “brain damage.” How will she bounce back from that and regain her halo??? Dunno………

    I am SLIGHTLY enjoying the Adam storyline, and the fact that he’s being a thorn in everyone’s side. Victor and Nick act like their crap doesn’t have any odor, and I am glad that they are getting taken down a few notches.

    I also enjoy Victoria and Billy and Tucker and Ashley. Do I still want to see Amelia Heinle get her pink slip?? You betcha. Am I willing to overlook her horrible acting skills as long as they have her with Billy Miller, who makes her slightly more bearable?? I guess………….

    Aside from this, everything else either bores the hell out of me, frustrates me or makes me absolutely nauseous. My mute button has been getting a lot of action lately.

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    Has anyone else thought that maybe Jana is faking it? I wondered the other day if maybe she is trying to get Ryder to pay for what he & Daisy did to her. Just crossed my mind…..

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    Vail Bloom’s Heather was always well dressed. She was probably one of the best dressed characters in all of daytime. I don’t know why Y&R, just like AMC, insists on dressing Eden the way they do. Are they afraid of her shape or something?

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    Yep, me too, me too – hand raised on Jana faking the Ryder thing. I’m not buying her act. Too bad we don’t get more of that rather than the idiocy of Abby. As for the new Heather. Yuck!!!!! She reminds me of Betty Boop gone bad.

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    Ok here is my idea, Ronan is flirting it ups with both of Chance’s woman is a front cause he is attracted to Chance. Notice how he bosses Chance around and although it kinda bugs Chance, Chance actually does what he’s told? It’s kinda a domimant/submissive thing. I postulate that Chance and Ronan could be the couple.That would definately make Chance a more interesting character. Leaving Heather And Cloe to lick their wounds. Ofcourse Cloe could maybe hook up with Kevin.

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    Oh one the Jana thing….. She is playing this disorder she has like most people play blind on a daytime soap. Kinda stares out in the distance not really looking at anything and a blank expression. Not to say that’s how real blind people act just blind soap people. As for faking it, is what is wrong with her even a real illness?
    Can you fake a fake illness?

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    ….It’s kinda a dominant/submissive thing. I postulate that Chance and Ronan could be the couple….LOL

    I would definitely tune back in to Y & R to watch the hell out of this storyline. It would make up for all the other nonsense that’s on.

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    Jana doesn’t have an “illness”, she isn’t able to experience emotion. Or so they said. But how can she smile at Ryder or experience pleasure with him or attraction? The writers don’t make any sense. They start something and never finish it.

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    Nekeeta Borden

    I think Jana’s full of bulldookie, because for someone who can’t feel emotion, she was surely experiencing all kinds of feelings due south!  We know how hardcore Chloe gets over her guys; she would give her the biz-ness for Kevin. 

    As far as Ronan goes, rumor has it that Cricket is coming back with two big bombshells involving Nina and her friends.  Unless it’s a red herring (TPTB aren’t that creative nowadays, so expect the expected), he may be the son that was stolen from Nina, which would explain his hostility toward Chance.  It would be nice to have a meaningful gay character with a good s/l on Y&R, but they’re all out to lunch. 

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    Alstonboy4315, yep you pretty much have the same opinions as me on Y&R. Am enjoying parts, especially those parts that reach back into the show’s history, ie Kay and Jill, Nina being protective of Chance, etc.

    However, I am still stuck as to what is Adam’s motivation, Victor didn’t raise him, but Hope did because she didn’t want him to be raised in Victor’s world. I wish they would look at that. Abby’s story is stupid, but lets face it Marcy Rylan is carrying that one over the line.

    I like the Billy/Victoria story, but yes not really a Ms Heinle fan (I just think Heather Tom, would be sensational here). The Lily story is a snooze.

    I am really hoping the Jill/Lauren and Ashley/Tucker stories are able to warrant some time as like you I am fast-forwarding a lot of the show. Plus I will be glad to see the back of Emily/Patty, but think the actress would have great third wheel with say Victor and Nikki as Emily’s bad twin

    By the way, Y&R is my first soap and now my only one. I realise I was spoilt by it being Bill Bell’s baby, but seriously it is really silly at the moment (Double Dooplegangers anyone)

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    As far as Adam’s motivation for transforming into a raging maniac is, I don’t think he has one, other than the fact that Maria Bell and Hogan Sheffer are trying to produce shock value and bring down the Newman family from “within” by having Victor’s son be the one who tries to destroy him and his son, Nick…(or “Nickclueless” as he’s called on many boards, deservedly so!).Soaps do have a bad habit of having certain characters turn magically psychotic just to increase ratings (like OLTL’s Schuyler!) and then killing them off during sweeps periods, but usually this is done to disposable characters who have no familial ties, but I am shocked and disappointed that they chose to do this with Victor Newman’s son. It’s sloppy and inconsistent. Just silly. Now that they’ve chosen to keep Adam on the canvas, after doing all these hideous things, they have to find a way to magically redeem him, but I don’t think that’s possible.

    The writers can’t blame it on nurture, as you stated, because Hope was one of the nicest characters to ever step foot in Genoa City. If he did have some sort of mental disorder or deep psychosis, that would have manifested itself much sooner. This is nothing short of character assassination. There’s no rhyme or reason to it. And I don’t understand what could have propelled him headfirst into the cuckoo’s nest!! Was it being ignored by Victor?? Jack being mean to him?? Nope. Just writers being inconsistent and writing the first things that popped into their heads during their writer’s meetings.

    You might want to check out GH if you are looking for another soap. Violence and mobcentricity aside, it’s the best soap on the air right now. Just a suggestion. It gets A LOT of flak on this site, most of it undeserved, but I still think it’s ten times better right now than Y&R. You should check it out, if you haven’t already.

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    Alstonboy – never got into GH, too many mobsters for one little soap town. Kind of why I stopped watching DAYS as well.

    Agree with you about Adam though, some motivation / understanding would be great. But I could say the same about Sharon. How they have ruined that character! I mean she has slept with two sets of brothers on that show in about a year. I am all for her having a social life, but hey….

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    The whole thing about Ronan being Ninas long lost son would work into the love story of Chance and Ronan and be the perfect Bill Bell ending….. Nina “you can’t be in love with Ronan, Chance. He’s your brother!”

    This is why I think this could be the direction. Because as we all know, Maria loves to copy her father in law. How better than to give us his classic twist of siblings in love? It was his best and most often used story line. He used it for the first time on Days with Marie and Tommy in the sixties. And three times on Y&R (one was a false alarm). One time was with Cricket. Since she is coming back, that also makes sense.

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    Nekeeta Borden

    Heather, you dirty little homewrecker!  How did I know Chance would take her up on that milkshake?  I think Chloe might actually play this one cool when she finds out.  Nothing worse than a silent woman scorned…$5 says she moves from Kev’s spare room into the master, that is, if Ronan doesn’t get her first.  If Ronan and Chance are half bros, this could make for a delicious sibling rivalry.

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