John McBain: A Fighter First and A Lover Second? and ABC have released a new One Life to Live Promo featuring Michael Easton. As much as I love the effort in promoting OLTL, why can’t characters that we love get promos with this much enginuity (i.e. Dorian, Viki, Clint,)?

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    I can’t help it – regardless of what I think of John McBain and his storylines over the years, I just love Michael Easton and I love his voice. He is a particularly effective narrator and that promo could draw in more viewers. I think he was a good choice for this, but that’s just MHO.

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    Michael Easton does have a sexy, creamy, yet strangely authoritative voice, doesn’t he?? He sounds like he needs to be doing voiceovers for video games or something—-or reading me poetry as I lounge in a nice bubble bath!!!! I’d settle for the latter!!! ;)

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    OMG That ROCKED. And while I love Viki and Dorian I love John McBain too. Since Jolie is the most popular pairing on the show it makes sense that they would put the effort into promoting their reunion.

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    While I applaud the creativity here, I wish they’d use a character I actually cared about like Dorian, Langston (can you imagine her doing a “torn between 2 lovers, sex vs. love” w/ Ford and Markko?) or even Roxy (have her do a fake ad for Foxy Roxy’s advertising her “famous” clientele, or show all the wacky people around her and then say “and they think I’M the nutty one!” or something like that. Or how about Todd advertising upcoming stories in The Sun? Anything but John “the whole show must revolve around me” McPain.

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    First a comment, then an observation. First, I love the promo — anything that helps promote the show to new viewers is a win in my book. Now for the observation: Some of the same material in this promo was used for the “bumpers” OLTL airs between commercials during the midpoint in the show. I’m wondering if other promos could be on the way?

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    TV Gord

    If you’re outside the U.S., this link will work for you.

    I love Sin City, so I think this promo is great. I don’t mind John McBain, but he’s not one of the reasons I watch the show, so I wouldn’t want more of him on the show, but I think this is a great way to attract people to the show. Of course, they have to back it up with some good noir-style storytelling. If people tune in expecting to see one thing and then they get the same ol’ same ol’, it’ll be harder to ever get them back again.

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    First off this is a promo that is going to be shown actually where on soapnet, so I doubt that it will be attracting many new viewers and secondly whoever said that Jolie was the most popular couple on OLTL.

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