Janet Hubert Returns to One Life to Live

According to SoapOperaNetwork.com, actress Janet Hubert, best known for her role as Vivian Banks on Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, will be reprising her role on One Life to Live as Lisa Williamson, the mother of Leyla Williamson (Tika Sumpter) and her comotose sister Evangeline (played by Renee Goldsberry) that she originated in 2005. As Cristian (David Fumero) and Leyla break the news, look for a surprise ahead from Mother Williamson.

Look for Layla and Cris to break the news of their engagement to her mother, who has some news of her own to deliver. Evangeline, stuck in a coma since being attacked by white supremacists back in 2007, has taken a turn for the worse and has been placed on life support. The development becomes even harder for Layla when she learns her big sis has a living will, which literally places her sibling's life in her hands. Furthermore, Vang's last wishes conflict with her mother, who is reluctant to let go of her eldest daughter...placing Layla between a rock and a hard place. Fans can also expect Mrs. Williamson to become involved (albeit indirectly) in another Llanview story, in which a certain person panics when she calls and asks for someone whose name we have been hearing a lot lately.

Her first airdate is July 9th.

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Yikes! at that pic first things first. Next, I guess the Fresh Price royalties (all for three season as what I lovingly call "dark" Vivian) is not enough. Snark over. It pains me that they are most likely killing off Evangaline. If done right, it'll be good b/c this is real life, but given this show's track record of late, this is not the ABC soap that does well written stuff anymore.

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It'll be great to see her back, even if it is bringing Evangeline's storyline to a close. It's sound like an interesting story.

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east.west wrote:
Yikes! at that pic first things first. Next, I guess the Fresh Price royalties (all for three season as what I lovingly call "dark" Vivian) is not enough.

What an incredibly bitchy thing to say. I guess when you post your picture and the total amount of your bank account it will mean something. Snark over

Moving on, I'm glad to see her back on OLTL. Seems like it's going to be a good storyline for Layla.

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I was wondering IF (seriously)) the'd bring Layla's mom back to the canvas or just mention her in conversation. BTW Renee Goldsberry (Evangeline)the last time I saw her was on The Good Wife; she's been on twice and a far cry from OLTL.

Haven't been watching OLTL b/c of the teen storylines which is ok b/c I'm not the target audience.

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This sounds great. It should finally be a *good* storyline fro Layla. Does anyone think the show might actually recast Evangelene?

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What a funky way to kill of a character while they are no longer on the show. Wow OLTL I guess this is as good as you are.

The only bright spot in this mess is that Tike should get some a decent storyline for at least two weeks.