Seduction, Scandal and Secrets on AMC!

Can All My Children’s JR (Jacob Young) and Annie (Melissa Claire Egan) resist their desire to be together? Does Jack (Walt Willey) have reason to be concerned about Erica’s (Susan Lucci) relationship with Caleb (Michael Nouri)? Will Angie (Debbi Morgan) tell Jesse (Darnell Williams) the truth about her illness? Watch this week’s AMC promo after the jump!

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    Count me in as also an Annie & JR fan. The heat and good story just makes the “couple fan” in me smile w/joy. They are my favorite couple in Daytime right now.

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    Jackson, be afraid…….be very afraid!!!! >) >) Mountain Man and Erica will be married off within the next 6 months at the rate that the new writers are going!!

    Love Annie and JR. STILL waiting for that Marissa recast…….

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    [quote=alstonboy4315]STILL waiting for that Marissa recast…….[/quote]

    I would’ve been w/u on that awhile back, but I don’t see how this story would work w/o her in the role. JR & Marissa= safe, while Annie & JR = HEAT. Say what you want about the actress, but I think she works fine as the mousy/awkward/insecure wife in this scenario.

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    Let’s face JR and Annie are made for each other, and I think the new writers realize that. I am with you Alstonboy, I am waiting for that Marissa recast as well or just get rid of the character. You’ve notice that JR and Marissa have not kissed lately just saying.

    I love Caleb, he’s so funny, but has this charm about him, I think that while Erica’s away he might get close to Krystal that will definitely make Erica jealous.

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