OLTL’s Todd is up to His Old Tricks in ABC’s What If Debut

ABC rolled out three of its highly anticipated What If web episodes featuring characters from All My Children, General Hospital and One Life to Live in “what if” scenarios where two characters meet by happenstance. In my favorite “What if” so far, One Life to Live’s Todd The Psychotic One Manning (Trevor St. John) gets General Hospital’s Spinelli (Bradford Anderson) taken into custody by an air marshal after he manipulates Spinelli into making a scene during their flight.

What if AMC’s Erica Kane (Susan Lucci) and GH’s Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) got stuck in an elevator together? What if GH’s Carly (Laura Wright) and AMC’s Ryan Lavery (Cameron Mathison) got stuck in an elevator? Find out by watching the new What If episodes after the jump

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    Scooter Smith

    I liked these short things, but I feel like it was lazy writing to have each of them so generic. I wish that Carly knew Ryan because he scammed an old friend of hers, or Spinelli created Jack’s favorite hacked ZBox game. Something so it didn’t seem so forced. The endings were all kind of funny, but I wish they would have hinted like something could happen in the future on their shows.

    And why were Erica and Ryan at the MetroCourt?

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    Maybe I have to watch all 3 ABC soaps to really appreciate it. I only watch OLTL, so I know Todd and have heard of Spinelli but do not know his character too well, so I thought it was cute and I did chuckle a few times but thats it. If this is a way to get more people to watch all 3 soaps it didnt work for me, I could not watch a character like Spinelli every day.

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    BA is so talented as Damian, but TSJ just doesn’t capture the essence of Todd Manning for me. I have watched both characters since their beginnings.

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    I LOVED how totally in character and unwatered down Todd was in his scene. If Spinelli sat beside me on a plane and started babbling and rambling aimlessly, I would wanna fling him through the nearest closed window as well. Also loved him telling the flight attendant to “do her job”!! Classic Todd Manning……

    What an interesting twist having him try to intentionally rattle Spinelli to get him tossed off the plane. And when he made those comments about Maxie’s body, I thought I was gonna die of laughter!!!!!!!!!!

    Great webisode. Whoever wrote this scene needs to join the OLTL writing staff ASAP!!!

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