One Life to Live Spoilers

A proposal, a mental breakdown, and a reveal shake things up in Llanview this week. Get ready for all the juicy spoilers for the week of July 12th.

After learning that James is out of surgery, Starr rushes to his side with Cole in tow. Cole is bothered by the closeness between James and Starr. Ford shows up wanting to speak with his brother and breaks up Starr and James’ reunion. The two brothers talk about the past and how their mother left them. Ford promises James that he will protect him from their father. As Ford leaves, he coldly tells Cole to keep Starr and James apart.

Soon after, Starr and Cole receive news that Hannah had a mental breakdown. Cole doesn’t believe it for one second and feels like he can prove she is faking it. Cole visits Hannah and tries to get the girl to tell the truth about her insanity plea. Cole is unsuccessful and goes back to drawing board. Meanwhile, James admits to Starr that he has feelings for her. How will Twinkle…I mean Starr, react to James’ confession?

After Nate apologizes to Starr for taking the money that led to the shootout, he meets up with Dani. Dani informs Nate that the charges against her father for Marty’s accident we’re dropped. Soon after, Nate’s mom, Inez, shows up with the $50,000 check in her hand. She wants to give the money back to whomever it belongs to. Nate won’t take the money back and leaves with Dani. Inez ends up giving the check to a nurse and asks her to make sure the money goes toward the medical expenses of Robert and James Ford, her sons she abandoned years ago. Will the Ford brothers ever find out who paid for their medical expenses?

Cris/Layla: Cris and Layla are floored to see Evangeline in the hospital hooked up to a ventilator. Later on, Layla must make the heartbreaking decision to keep her sister on life support or not. What will Layla’s ultimate decision be?

Blair and Todd run into each other and Blair spills about Eli’s proposal. Todd tells her to go for it with Eli. Shortly after, Blair calls Eli but he doesn’t answer. She leaves him a message stating she has an answer to his question.

Eli doesn’t answer because he’s too busy trying to cover his tracks with Hannah. He even threatens Hannah if she doesn’t do what he says. Eli continues his shady ways when he offers to be James’ lawyer. Once Eli is finished with James, he finally goes to see Blair. Blair happily accepts Eli’s proposal. The happy couple celebrates their engagement and after Blair wants to tell Todd and Tea. She does and the four end up having an interesting conversation. Eli lets Todd know that the fact that he killed his brother Ross is still fresh in his mind. Before Todd and Eli can get into it, Tea let’s it be known that Ross is still alive. How will Eli react to Ross being alive?

Todd/Tea: After Todd finds out the charges against him for Marty’s accident have been dropped, he visits Tea. Todd asks Tea to marry him. Tea is hesitant to give him an answer because she believes he only wants to get married because she is dying. Todd confesses to Tea that she is the love of his life. Will Tea give Todd the answer he wants?

Brody/John/Marty/Nora: John and Marty visit Nora with Hannah’s proposal that she will be granted immunity in exchange for naming the person who pushed Marty down the stairs. Nora wants no part of Hannah’s deal. Meanwhile, Brody takes a peak at The Sun and it’s headline about Hannah pleading insanity. John shows up and is not happy that Jessica wrote the article accompanying the headline. John leaves Brody with that and goes to see Bo. John confesses to Bo that he believes Hannah is faking her sudden insanity. Will John be able to prove his hunch about Hannah?

The two sisters eat some of David’s muffins, unaware that he made them. Soon after, they feel nauseous and high tail it for the bathroom. The duo is in for a surprise when they find out the reason for their sudden illness. What surprise is in store for both Jessica and Natalie?

Dorian has a talk with Langston. She tells her that Markko is shutting her out because it is easier than taking a chance on her and getting hurt all over again. A little later, Langston goes to see Markko. She asks him if caring for one another still means anything to him. In turn, Markko reveals to Langston that he has accepted a scholarship to UCLA. Will Markko and Langston be able to work things out?

David/Dorian/Viki/Charlie: David makes some muffins for Bo but Bo doesn’t want a bite. Bo tells David he needs to move out. David is upset by Bo’s decision. However, David is quickly cheered up when Viki calls and tells him she needs him to model some swimsuits for the style section in The Banner. Even though Viki is unsure she can do it; she and Charlie kick off their plan to make David and Dorian jealous. What will it take for David and Dorian to give into their feelings for one another?

Sneak Peaks at Next Week (July19th):

  • Jessica and Natalie leave the ER with surprising news
  • Dorian gets an eyeful when she walks in on Viki and David in bed
  • Someone drugs Rex
  • Blair gets a shock from Eli
  • Natalie has a tough decision to make
  • Dani and Greg talk about Tea’s impending doom

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  1. Profile photo of

    Thanks for posting these spoilers. There is still no reason to watch this show…all the stories suck.

    I am curious to see if they kill off Evangeline after all this time.

  2. Profile photo of Katiebug9624

    Gosh ya’ll almost make me feel bad for loving OLTL right now. I agree though how in the world do they expect us to believe Jessica Leccia had all those kids at the age of 15? But really I love OLTL I watch it over GH and Days.

  3. Profile photo of watchingallday

    I am with Katie too. I am loving pretty much everything that this show is doing right now. I look forward to the show EVERYDAY, and I cannot say that about GH, YR, or Days.

  4. Profile photo of elbugten

    Another loyal Llanviewian here! I have to watch every day. Can’t say the same about AMC, which is mostly unwatchable for me. Even GH is skippable now and then. I love how RC connects all the s/l’s on OLTL. I’m NOT loving the reveal that Eli is a baddie, but I’m willing to keep watching to find out WHY he is and what he has against the Cramers. Very shocked that Inez is the Ford Brothers’ mom, but interested to see where that goes, and how Eli ties in to all of it, too. Hoping James and “Twinkle” (love that nickname!) give in to their feelings. I’m tired of Sole and would like to see them be “on a break” for a little while.

    Thanks for the spoilers, Melodie!

  5. Profile photo of TV Gord
    TV Gord

    Since we seem to be counting heads, here, count me among those who LOVES One Life To Live right now! It’s the only soap that interests me.

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    Good lord…OLTL went downhill FAST after the musical. Where were you guys when the show was actually still good??

  7. Profile photo of

    It was good from August 2009-May 2010 but quickly turned to shit when Ford was bludgeoned/Jessica got her memories back, etc.

  8. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    I HATE when writers do this love of my life crap. Time and time again Todd choose BLAIR over tea now suddenly tea is the love of his life?? PUH-LEASE. The ONLY way I would buy this is if OLTL did the one story I really want to see. That Walker Lawrence was brainwashed into believing that he is todd manning but the real todd manning (played by Roger H) has been held captive all this time by Mitch Lawrence and his followers (that could explain Eli) Have the real Todd return to the love of HIS live Blair and leave faux Todd (aka Todd lite) with Tea.

  9. Profile photo of SoapSnob

    Hmm… Could Jessica and Natalie both be pregnant? And IF ;-) they are, who wants to bet a baby-switch storyline is in their future? :-D

    Oh, and count me in as enjoying OLTL. I enjoyed it BEFORE Oliver, Kyle, Schuyler, Rachel and Kim; I enjoyed it WITH Oliver, Kyle, Schuyler, Rachel and Kim; and I enjoy it now. It is very traditional in its sudsy storytelling. Not trying to reinvent the wheel. Or garner buzz with outrageous casting. Just telling extraordinary, yet interesting, stories about ordinary people.

  10. Profile photo of TV Gord
    TV Gord

    I don’t think it’ll be a baby-switch this time around. It’s likelier to be a double “who’s the daddy?”vaganza! Did Jess sleep with Ford or not? She certainly slept with Brody. Nat slept with Brody, but did she sleep with John? (I honestly can’t remember, since Nat and John make me doze off, as a couple.)

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    “Going by the ratings, apparently not.”

    Agreed. While it’s nice that some people are enjoying the show, it’s obvious that OLTL’s current stories are alienating many viewers. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Ford/James/Nate/Inez/Eli insta-family contributes to OLTL’s inevitable cancellation.

    OLTL is off my DVR until I’m given a reason to tune back in. Which may be never, based on spoilers.

  12. Profile photo of ChrisGa

    I’d like to see them pair Starr with James; Cole is a complete bore and the actor playing him is constantly playing catch-up in his scenes with vastly superior actors(Susan Haskell, Kristin Alderson, Jason Tam, the girl who plays Hannah, etc.). I was SO hoping the twitter post about him leaving was true–damnit! I’m also warming to Ford ever-so-slightly; I still think he’s a smarmy douchebag but when he starts talking about his brother and family it ALMOST makes him slightly sympathetic.

    Also hate that they’ve done a Schuyler Joplin on Eli; I loved him and Blair together and now they’ve gone and ruined it.

    The other storyline I’m totally not feeling is the Dorian/David/Viki/Charlie bit; Tuc Watkins is gorgeous but I’ve find him to be about as convincing a straight romantic lead as Christian LeBlanc(gorgeous too, but really? I can’t be alone here). Plus, Charlie’s only interesting to me when he’s playing tortured; otherwise, BOR-ING.

    Finally, the best thing about this spoiler post? No Gigi.

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