RUMOR REPORT: Will ABC Daytime CUT 20 Scripted Episodes Per Year, Per Soap?!

The daytime community is reeling this weekend after news began to circulate that ABC Daytime is seriously toying with the idea of cutting their order of scripted, new episodes by 20 shows per year, per soap.

"In a cost-cutting measure, ABC wants to replace as many as 20 episodes a year  with 'classic episodes' of the three ABC soap operas," says a source. "These new, classic episodes would highlight current couples the network wants to promote."

In addition to the six holiday episodes a year where classic episodes are already aired, this would bring the total of annual re-airings of ABC Daytime soaps to 26. If it happens, this move would alter the guarantees ABC has to pay its actors, writers, directors, producers, etc. Keep checking back with Daytime as this potentially game-changing story develops...



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Now that would be cool to replay vintage GH episodes from the days of Dr. Steve Hardy and Jessie Brewer. Those would be worth tuning in to watch. As it is I WILL NOT watch reruns of Sonny Corinthos doing anything.

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I hate the idea of reruns but,our hands are tied and their is nothing we can do! Daytime soaps are so much better then the night soaps,people just need to TVO and be loyal to daytime by letting these networks now how much we care! Smile