What If Sonny and Erica’s Elevator Actually Moved?

As I was watching ABC’s new What If webisodes I couldn’t help but notice that Sonny (Maurice Benard) and Erica’s (Susan Lucci) elevator was stuck on the first floor and never actually moved during the entire episode, even though that’s what we were led to believe.

You’ll notice Sonny enters the elevator on the first floor and stops it himself before trying to grope Erica. After she pushes him away he restarts the elevator, but it becomes stuck, kicking off Sonny’s claustrophobia. Unfortunately, according to the elevator’s floor indicator the elevator never actually moved and everything that took place was while they were still stuck on the main level of the building. Why then did it take over an hour for them to be rescued? It can’t possibly be that hard to find a crowbar or have Jason rush to Sonny’s rescue by pulling the doors apart himself.

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    Honestly, I didn’t notice it because I was thoroughly enjoying watching LaKane and Sonny interact together. Their scene was a blast to watch, although I do wish there had been some animosity and name calling back and forth between these two. When Erica called Sonny a “hardened criminal,” I wish he’d come up with some interesting nicknames to call her to even the playing field, or at least pointed out how hopelessly narcissistic she is. Oh, well…..I did enjoy it, though. I think ABC is onto something here. ;) ;)

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    GEEZE, poster #1.

    Haha, I didn’t notice it at all. I was very into the dialogue and how they were looking at each other to even notice, LOL. It was probably an honest mistake.

    LOL Ryan-Scott, that would have been hilarious!! I was hoping that would happen.

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    Of the 3 webisodes that debuted today, I felt this was the weakest, although I did enjoy it. I liked how they compared their fears and that each of them has had children they didn’t know about who hate them (Lord, don’t we all? ;) . Would’ve liked to have seen Erica comment on Sonny’s wardrobe. She could’ve suggested he wear a colored tie, to which he should’ve replied that his ex, Kate Howard, publisher of Crimson Magazine, bought it for him. Something like that would’ve been a fun touch.

    Also, I wonder if that “Woman Of The Year” dinner was being held in Llanview? Erica should’ve been told that those functions NEVER go smoothly!

    The Todd/”Spaghetti” ep was the best, IMO followed closely by Carly/Ryan. Ryan should forget Greenlee and move to PC!

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    I enjoyed the Ryan/Carly one the most. It was part comedy, part seduction, ALL truth!! Ryan’s halo and white horse BOTH need to disappear!!! He was far more interesting when he was a bad boy, and Carly really brought out his INTERESTING side, a side that is certainly missing/non-existent in his contrived relationship with Madison.

    The Spinelli/Todd scenes were REFRESHINGLY honest (Todd was a complete BUTTHOLE, and wasn’t watered down in any way…score!!) and Spinelli was at his rambling, bumbling finest.

    I enjoyed these two webisodes almost more than I am enjoying some of the REAL shows. What the hell does that say about the state of daytime television????

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    alstonboy4315, I completely agree with everything you said, except I thought the Spinelli/Todd scene was slightly better than the Ryan/Carly scene. I still smile when think of it. I really enjoyed all three scenes, so it bummed me out to have to vote. I wanted to send flowers to Frank V!

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    LOL!! I have a confession to make: I actually did enjoy the Spinelli/Todd scene more than the Ryan/Carly one. I voted before I had seen all of the Todd/Spinelli episode. I had seen half of it, and I have changed my tune. Whoever wrote these scenes needs to write some of the soaps. Most soaps are in DESPERATE need of new dialogue writers to help transform some of the “ish” into something slightly less “ishy”……..

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    I want to see AMCs Greenlee and GH’s Jason. They are supposed to be releasing three each week, and I think next week is Jessica/Dante, Greenlee/Jason and OLTL’s Starr with AMC’s Jesse Angie.

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    Daniel Pearce

    I was just upset that when Erica mentioned children wanting revenge, she only mentioned going through it once, when she’s been through it TWICE! (JOSH IS ERICA’S SON, PEOPLE!)

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    Yeah, Daniel Pearce. I also remember Erica CONVENIENTLY forgetting about her “unabortion” during the 40th anniversary special in January. And that episode was penned by the same man who saw fit to undo Megan McTrashy’s stupid decision to undo this landmark piece of history—Chuck Pratt. They didn’t even see fit to display his photo alongside Mona, Kendall and Bianca’s photos. I guess that since Erica only knew him for about ten minutes, his existence doesn’t count??? I found it to be slightly disrespectful also.

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    I thought the Sonny/Erica webisode sucked big time. I kind of felt embarrassed for them. Loved Todd & Spaghetti – hilarious. Carly & Ryan were hot together, too bad no actual kiss.

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    Its a nitpick at a small detail but I think more accurately the issue is this:
    If Sonny got into the elevator on the 1st floor and joined Erica, who we are shown already on the elevator practicing her speechm WHERE did Erica get on the elevator? The basement? Was she just standing in a vacant elevator using it to rehearse?

    Never thought I would see someone complain about ignoring Josh the Un-abortion. Along with the last life of OLTLs Victor Lord, that is a storyline best just swept under the rug and ignored!

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    I will go on record as saying that even though undoing Erica Kane’s abortion was a STUPID (not to mention medically implausible and completely outlandish!) move that was an insult to any woman who has EVER had an abortion in her life, as well as Agnes Nixon who wrote the groundbreaking story back in 1973, killing off Josh was equally as stupid. Colin Egglesfield is a GREAT actor, and he had pretty good onscreen chemistry with Susan Lucci, Alicia Minshew and many other characters. Another of Chuck Pratt’s boneheaded moves.

    Just because some hack writer decided to rewrite history, that doesn’t necessarily mean that a good actor/ potentially great character should sacrificed at the altar of such a ridiculous decision. Just sayin….

    I give the rewrite of Erica’s abortion an F, but Colin Egglesfield an A!!!!

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    I really liked these.

    Best lines were Spinelli calling Todd “The Psychotic One” and Erica saying to Sonny “What is it you do?” knowing he is a mobster.


    I look forward to more.

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    And yes the saga of un-doing Erica’s abortion on AMC was such crap.
    I would have loved to have been in on the meeting when McTavish pitched that.

    Oh the humanity…

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    [quote=Grimm]Its a nitpick at a small detail but I think more accurately the issue is this:
    If Sonny got into the elevator on the 1st floor and joined Erica, who we are shown already on the elevator practicing her speechm WHERE did Erica get on the elevator? The basement? Was she just standing in a vacant elevator using it to rehearse?[/quote]

    Whoa! Disturbing! Here’s hoping there’s a parking sub-level in the hotel that explains this!

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