ABC to Host Brenda-Fest, Benches Lineup!

ABC is going all-out in promoting Vanessa Marcil’s anticipated return to General Hospital. Tuesday the network announced it will air three classic episodes featuring The Men in Brenda Barrett’s Life on August 10. Could this have something to do Jamey’s earlier report about ABC planning to air more “classic episodes”?

In celebration of Vanessa Marcil’s return to "General Hospital" as Brenda Barrett on Wednesday, August 11, special Brenda programming takes over on ABC Daytime and SOAPnet the week of August 9. "General Hospital" will own the ABC Daytime drama block from 1:00-3:00 PM, ET on Tuesday, August 10, with classic episodes featuring the men in Brenda’s life (Sonny, Jax and Jason).

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  1. Profile photo of GH LOVER

    ABC lost it completely..

    I like her And I am looking forward to have her with Sonny and her with Jax and Jason
    But they are loosing it with the over exposer…

  2. Profile photo of luvbucket

    WooHoo :)…Brenda Barrett is coming home!

    Move over Brenda Bot McCall and go pack your bags because the real deal is back.

    OMG….I am soooo excited!

  3. Profile photo of KeriChandler26

    Stupid, stupid, stupid.

    SoapNet, I understand completely but pre-empting AMC and OLTL is ridiculous.

    All Frons is accomplishing is alienating fans and pissing them off.

  4. Profile photo of watchingallday

    I guess I am happy for the show that Brenda is returning, but I don’t see why I should have to be punished and have OLTL preempted for an old GH just because they have pulled their ace in the whole to try and save the crapshow that has become GH. Why can’t they preempt just GH for three days instead of a show that is actually good and enjoyable now.

    If I were them, I would be careful about showing old episodes, it might remind people of how good the show used to be and get their hopes up too much, only to be let down by the inevitable hackery that has overtaken Guza in the last few years.

    It would be a great idea if they did this just on Soapnet, because that is what the channel is for, but taking time away from other shows is just not right.

  5. Profile photo of Belinda

    I have never been a big Brenda fan and have spoken out fiercely against stunt casting. The last time VM “returned” her short lived gig hurt the show, in my opinion. By the time they re-wrote for her entry and exit we were left with gaping holes in the programs canvas. It altered the course of the show and ultimately gained nothing except the regretably pink room.

  6. Profile photo of coolblue

    I do not want OLTL bumped for a repeat GH episode. I think the old episodes will show what a great show GH used to be but sadly the present GH pales in comparision. Love Brenda but all AMC and OLTL fans do not watch GH, and vice versa. How would GHers feel if it was bumped for a classic Erica Kane episode, or a classic Vicki or Dorian episode? I realize that those actresses are still on their shows but would ABC ever bump GH for AMC OR OLTL? I seriously doubt it.

  7. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    Oh lordie here comes the bot stuff again…and ironically just last week the argument was that Sam was like Lily and Lizard was like Brenda. As if LittleLameLizziebeth could ever be as cool as Brenda.

  8. Profile photo of alstonboy4315

    Can we all join hands and say “overkill”???? Hell, they didn’t even pull out the red carpet for Genie Francis the last time she returned!!! I have nothing against Vanessa Marcil as a person, but having watched her performances in the past, I don’t think she warrants NEARLY as much of the attention that she receives. As I have said before, people treat her returns to GH as the second coming of Jesus Christ. I simply don’t get the appeal.

    However, when SoapNet did the marathons a few years back to celebrate the returns of Rebecca Budig, Darnell Williams and Debbi Morgan, I watched all the episodes in one sitting and didn’t find it ridiculous at all. Different strokes for different folks, I guess.

    Aside from her incredible beauty, I wish someone could explain to me what is so darned magnificent about Vanessa Marcil!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I guess if I had been a diehard fan of GH during the “glory days” of the 90s, I might “get it,” but I don’t!! Sorry.

  9. Profile photo of met

    oh lawd who cares. As long as there is a NCIS, House or Law & Order marathon is on USA, then I am set. The stories will still be shitty and a year from now, we will all be wondering why whats-her-name bother coming back for.

  10. Profile photo of keanna

    Got to go with the consensus here, as much I love VM and Brenda, this is wayyyyyyy too much. It should just be on Soapnet only because that’s why you started that network in the first place (originally).

    Don’t pre-empt AMC and OLTL!!! (which isn’t getting ratings anyway, this will not help at all.)

    They didn’t do this when GF came back on GH, (airing the episodes on ABC Daytime that is.) Nor for RB, DM, DW, or CM when they came back to AMC, or TW when comes back to OLTL!!! Just shows you who Fronsie’s favorites are. This could only blow up in ABC’s face.

    Is this is what ABC was talking about on Jamey’s report saying that they would show classic episodes instead of new ones for 20 days a year?

  11. Profile photo of stephanieleo

    Brenda was a popular character on GH. So ABC is pulling out all the stops for her come back to get ratings good for her.I see Vanessa marcil Giovinazzo on Daytime Emmy and she look so different high cheekbone she look like she had plastic surgery and I did no in real life she get married.

  12. Profile photo of OldGHFan

    Can we say OVERKILL?!? They didn’t do this kind of promotion for Genie, Tristan, Emma or Finola and GH had much higher ratings when they reigned. But once again, GH does what it does best – overexposure to the point where viewers start to hate the character. They never learn!

  13. Profile photo of Blackjaxs

    I have always enjoyed Brenda Barret Jaxs Morgan, but I really hate the message this sends. Sure VM is popular, but I dont think she is more popular than Cady McClain, Rebecca Buding, Robin Stausser, Genie Francis, Jonathan Jackson, Susan Haskell, Sara Brown, Darnell Williams, Debbie Morgan or any of the other stars that have returned to their shows in the last several years. We saw what the “Real GreenLee” travesty did, and poor Rebbeca Buding suffered from over-exposure that she didnt illicit. I get the SoapNet Marathon, she deserves that, but the ABC Proper stuff is kinda silly. I seriously doubt that if Susan “Frikin” Lucci left AMC one day and decided to return, she would get this type of treatment. The GH favoritism is insane, and so blatant it stinks.

  14. Profile photo of mr.sam mccall1
    mr.sam mccall1

    [quote=luvbucket]WooHoo :)…Brenda Barrett is coming home!

    Move over Brenda Bot McCall and go pack your bags because the real deal is back.

    OMG….I am soooo excited![/quote]

    UM please how is she some bot when
    1) Sam/KeMo has been on this show for WOW 7 years
    2) Sam has her own fan base
    3) Kelly M has her own fan base
    4) JaSam a widely popluar couple
    5) LuSam had a big following
    6) 2X emmny nom.
    I can go on but in the last 7 years Sam/KeMo has made a place for HER character not this BS ppl like to say about some-bot BS. If this bot crap was true why is she still on the show. Why does she have a very big fan base. I don’t get how is she some “bot” when she been on the show this long, she should have been out the door. OH thats right she is a talented actress, many fans like her she made a name for herself and her character.

  15. Profile photo of mr.sam mccall1
    mr.sam mccall1

    [quote=EricasEvilTwin]Oh lordie here comes the bot stuff again…and ironically just last week the argument was that Sam was like Lily and Lizard was like Brenda. As if LittleLameLizziebeth could ever be as cool as Brenda.[/quote]
    See the thing about that “bot” stuff is sooo weak and lame. For the fact she has been on this show 7 years. And the fact Sam is a popluar character and KeMo is a talented actress how is she some “bot” when she has her own.

  16. Profile photo of josser

    This is great news! People should rejoice that ABC is aggressively marketing GH.

    Congrats to Marcil, GH, ABC, and Frons for pulling this off. I hope that her return brings ratings success.

    Missing one day of OLTL or AMC is not the end of the world.

    Also, not everyone has SoapNet.

  17. Profile photo of maxsmom

    August 10 will be the first time I watch GH since mid-May, I gave up OLTL around the same time and I left AMC with Peter Bergman so I am looking forward to an afternoon of potentially classic eps. to prepare for VM’s return. Even with VM though Guza only has a couple of weeks to reel me in until the Open starts on August 30.

  18. Profile photo of appleridge

    No Offense But ABC Doesnt Give a damn about OLTL or AMC For That Matter. They Are The Bastards Of The network & If Frons Could Justify GH run 3 Hours A Day Im Sure He Would

    This Move Just Hurts OLTL and AMC More

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