Resistance is Futile in Pine Valley

Can JR (Jacob Young) and Annie’s (Melissa Claire Egan) feelings be denied or should they give into temptation? Watch this week’s All My Children promo after the jump!

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    Daniel St. John

    I’m loving every second of JR and Annie. As much as I want them together I am enjoying their trying to stay away from each other almost as much.

    As for Caleb, its time to reveal his deep, dark secret, give him a shower and shave, put him in a suit, and get him started on the business of being a Cortlandt. This grumpy, antisocial mountain man bit got old by his second day on air. I’m also sick of Erica allowing herself to be pawed, bullied and demeaned by this guy. It just smacks of Chris Stamp all over again and I was no fan of that coupling at all.

    And the less said about Ryan/Greenlee the better. Maybe the fact that their segment of the video was so short and seemed like an afterthought is a sign that AMC isn’t as keen on their getting back together. Hope springs eternal.

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    Daniel ICAM – its Chris Stamp redeux. Or how about putting him in a safari jacket and he can be a Jeff Martin redeaux. PUH-LEASE. My girl Erica – behaving in REAL Erica fashion – wouldnt look twice at him. I guess we are going to get Caleb/Erica, Jack/KWAK when I would much prefer Jerica and CalKwak

    RYlyee??? AGAIN???? UGGH.

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    “Rylee” 2,349.0??? Please spare me. Can someone PLEASE tell me where all these diehard “Rylee” fans are hiding at??? I SWEAR I’ve never met or talked to anyone who is seriously a fan of this couple. I admit that back in 2004/2005, I found the triangle between Kendall, Ryan and Greenlee to be interesting and pretty intriguing, until Ryan went bat poop crazy and threatened to hit Greenlee, which was around the same time that he faked his death and let her think he was dead. I guess that kinda thing ruins the mood, if you get my drift??? It certainly did for me.

    AMC COULD actually take the time and effort to hire an actress who could be a SUITABLE love interest for Ryan, or better yet—-just let him be single for a while until they can filter out the characters that need to be eliminated from the canvas and bring on a new female love interest for him. I am sure being single for a few months won’t hurt “Ryan Loveme” that much.

    Sorry, Ryan and Madison are cute, but they still don’t strike me as the next big supercouple. He’s out of her league, and he almost seems old enough to be her father, a fact that I find to be far more creepy than romantic.

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