Zach and Kendall Return to Pine Valley

Greenlee (Rebecca Budig) is going to have her hands full at Fusion when her best friend and rival Kendall (Alicia Minshew) returns to Pine Valley for good on August 9. For Zendall fans the return may be bittersweet. According to SOAPnet, Zach (Thorsten Kaye) will pop back up in Pine Valley on August 16, but only for a limited run.

Alicia Minshew Photo by PR Photos

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    I am so glad Alicia Minshew is back on AMC for good! I’m sad that this looks like the end for Zendall, though :\. I’m still hoping AMC can work out a deal with TK, but I’m beginning to doubt it.

    I hope with Kendall in PV alone, AMC will do something totally different with her. I do not want to see Greenlee/Ryan/Kendall again, and I don’t think ANYONE wants to see that. I’m holding out hope that AMC will take Kendall in a new direction!

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    Daniel St. John

    Never liked Zach and being with him made me not like Kendall so I am all for her coming back solo. Of course with the writing team AMC has now the minute it is official that TK will never come back full time they will kill the character off in the lamest way possible.

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    AllMyDays – I am hoping that too. TK would be a fool to allow them to kill off Zach with OLTL in such a tenuous positon and his wife, SH is even a tighter spot. Since her return as Marty, she has yet to have a pairing that worked and the actor who plays her son may leave the show. No pairing +no family =irrelevant.

    One of my big fears is that they are going to put Kendall back in a triangle with Rylee. I want that like I want a hole in the head. And boy do I wish that Greens knew how many times Ryan has proposed to Kendall. If she hated that he slept with Kendall while she was presumed dead what would she think if she knew how hard he pushed for more with Kendall. Not to mention that when Kendall was preggers with Spike and Greens left PV in tears, it took Ryan all of a nanosecond before he was begging Kendall for her love. Both women should move the fluck on.

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    I like Zach and Thorsten Kaye, but he’s certainly not irreplaceable. I am sure they can find ANOTHER viable male interest/actor for Alicia to create magic with. Good actors are malleable, and good romances can be built.

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    I love my Zen but i wouldn’t be against AMC “killing” Zach in one those soap “deaths”. His boat explodes and after searching for him for months he’s proclamed to be dead.

    I will take “death” over a contrived divorce.

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