RUMOR REPORT: Is Kristoff St. John Leaving Y&R?

After nearly losing Lily (Christel Khalil) could The Young and the Restless’ Winters family suffer the loss of a different family member? It might just happen. According to Fancast’s Sara Bibel, Kristoff St. John may be leaving Y&R for a Wayans Brothers comedy pilot.

Rumor has it that he is departing the show to take a role in a new comedy pilot produced by the Wayans Brothers. It is unclear at this time whether this would be a short term leave so he could film the project, or a permanent exit from Genoa City.

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    i don’t blame him if he does! I say good riddens to Y&R because they have treated him like crap storyline wise. He hasn’t had a decent story in a year and a half and he’s a veteren actor on this show.

    MAB has Olivia and Neil on the canvas and they are only used as a talk to for Lily which makes no sense at all. Maria has two of the four popular black actors from the 90s on her cast and doesn’t use them effectively. Makes no sense at all!

    I don’t blame him for leaving a show that isn’t showing him any respect. Maria is giving us Sean Young instead *Prince Blank Stare*

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    [quote=Nathang1983]Eh. I don’t care if he leaves or not. He hasn’t had a decent storyline since Drucilla left.[/quote]

    Congratulations–that’s exactly what Paul Rauch wants you to feel.

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    This rumor does not surprise me one iota. As a couple of us were discussing on a Y&R email group, we felt that if KSJ doesn’t get a decent meaty storyline to play, he’s going to take a hike. Looks like that may end up being reality.

    Thanks Auntie RiRi for nothing!

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    MAB should have been fired a long time ago. It’ll never happen. We need to root for the firing of Paul Rauch and/or Hogan Sheffer. Without their fingers in the pudding, it would help. Don’t ask me how, but I think it would.

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    According to Soap and Depth sources, Kristoff St. John will soon be exiting as THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS’ Neil! “He got out of his contract,” a setsider confirms to Soaps In Depth.

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    If Y&R cared about their African-American characters, actors, and fans, Lily and Cane would be sent packing, Eddie Winslow would leave town with Steve Urkel, Olivia would be on contract, Nate Hastings would return and be part of a love triangle with Devon and Roxy, and Drucilla would be back with Neil.

    It’s so easy to write for the Winters family. But Maria Bell and Paul Rauch just don’t care.

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    Considering that he PUBLICLY criticized Hogan Sheffer and the current writing regime, I wouldn’t be surprised if they are secretly trying to railroad him out. If he does leave, it’ll be another nail in the coffin of STRONG black characters in the declining landscape of daytime, which is becoming LESS colorful with each passing year!!!!!!!!! Sad, but true.

    P.S— The powers in charge CLEARLY have no intentions of bringing back Dru, and if they did write her back in, she’d have a CRAPPILY written storyline just like all the other AFRICAN AMERICAN characters, and they aren’t gonna let her improvise or put her own natural spin on the character like she did back in the Bill Bell Sr. days.

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    I loved Drucilla and her adventures in the 90s, like her ballet. As a young boy, it didn’t matter at all that she was a black woman. I just liked Dru and still do! And Olivia! And especially Aunt Mamie! It’s a shame that the current regime’s idea of a “strong black woman” is Lilypad.

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    I do not blame him for leaving either, even though it sickens me to think that all we will be left with of the Winters family are Lily, Devon and Nu-Malcolm (have never taken to him, sorry, just have not).

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    [quote=siomonstuart2003]I hope that the remaining AA viewers abandon Y&R because they don’t care about black people. Lets be real here. |([/quote]

    As a black man, I will keep holding on and remaining positive that Y&R will become entertaining again, and that they will find a way to EFFECTIVELY utilize the black characters that they have left, even though they have not demonstrated the desire or the ability to perform such a task. As a 15+ year viewer of this show, I don’t want to throw my hands up and say “To hell with it. I am canceling this show from my DVR!!!,” but the level of disrespect they have shown to COLORED characters–both Hispanic and African American—has been thoroughly insulting.

    Truthfully, I would not be nearly as bent out of shape about them not giving the AA or Hispanic characters enough airtime if they had KICK ASS stories popping off on all cylinders to hold my attention, but you have to at least give me an APPETIZER, even if you aren’t gonna give me a full course meal!! Hell, I am starving nowadays for the MUST-SEE Y&R that I enjoyed in 2008, before Maria Bell lost her cartoon-assed mind and started writing foolishness!!!

    I am not saying that Y&R needs to have an ALL BLACK cast, or try to become the next “Generations,”
    but I want balance and for them to put the same effort into the black storylines that they put into that damned doppleganger foolishness that went on for WAY too long, and seemed to be “well plotted out,” despite the fact that it was bull**** from day one!!!!!!!!!!!

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    DAY-UM Mr St John looks hunky in that photo doesn’t he? A shame that Neil hasn’t been utilized as the brainy hunk he should have been.
    With the current state of Soaps in general and the writing for his character on Y&R in particular, this is an excellent time to spread his wings and try something new.

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    [quote=Smitty]This news makes me want to start a FIRE MAB campaign…ugh[/quote]

    Smitty, I thought you already had. ;) ;)

    If you do, put my name on the list SECOND, after yours.

    And I do like Sean Young as an actress, and I think there is REAL potential for her character, Meggie or Maggie or whatever the hell it is, to stir the pot between Nikki and Victor. Nikki needs a REAL female rivalry again, since Ashley has moved on and there aren’t any other females snooping around “The Grand Knight”……….I still think she’s an unstable MESS, but Sean Young is a good actress. Her talent was never in question, just her propensity for “divaesque” behavior.

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    [quote=Ryan-Scott]Hey AlstonBoy can I get a Florida Evans: Damn….damn…damn![/quote]

    Dayum, dayum, dayum…….. >) >)

    And I DID buy “Carpool Guy” on, and although it was a crappy movie, I enjoyed all the soap stars in it. I am one of those foolish people who will purchase (and watch!) a horrible movie just to see my favorite actor(s) in it. I also have a few of Susan Lucci’s HORRIBLE TV movies from the 80s and 90s on DVD. I cringe just thinking about it, but I am a LaLucci fan!!!!!!!

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    Thank you. :-)

    Oh yeah…Carpool Guy isn’t a great movie but it’s a kick to see Jeanne Cooper kicking ass as only she can, Sean Kanan, Kristoff, and alot of other soap actors.

    And yes….Ms. Lucci’s tv movies aren’t that great either….the exception to me is “Ebbie”….my holiday season isn’t complete without it.
    I am always in tears the last half hour.
    Release it on dvd Lifetime! You hear me?!

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    [quote=Smitty]This news makes me want to start a FIRE MAB campaign…ugh[/quote]

    I thought i already started that campaign lol, but you can join if you want to..

    Sony and CBS needs to put an end to Miss Hell Reign of Horror. This woman was the kiss of death for Y&R.

    So, i guess the emmy winner who was leaving is KSJ?

    How long until Bryton McJames is “let go”?

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    Simple C

    Good luck to him if he leaves/gets written out. I don’t think Neil is really needed in GC anymore, unfortunately. They tried to give him a love interest in Karen, Tyra, and Ashley but I guess none of those really caught on with the fans since they relentlessly compare them to Dru. But with Ashley I don’t think the writers really meant for them to be a permanent thing and it showed on screen.

    Maybe once Lily miraculously recovers and is in remission, Neil goes on a “journey” to “find himself”, writing him off the show. Who knows…maybe he runs into a surprising unexpected face on this “journey”.

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    It seems Y&R is slowly ushering out all of the African American characters. I just do not understand why they cannot bring back more African Americans like they had 20 years ago and the original writers and producers. I now believe that behind the scenes Y&R treats minorities like garbage. I have been watching Y&R for over 20 years, since I was a little girl and it was so much better to watch in the old days when more African Americans were working on the show. I am disappointed and heartbroken that Victoria Rowell has not been brought back, along with the original African American cast members from the early 90s. Y&R makes me want to vomit.

    Talent has NOTHING to do with skin color. From what I “hear”, they have treated Victoria Rowell and Kristoff St. John like sewer trash so I don’t blame either of them for leaving, I would never tolerate being treated in an inferior manner. I wish Kristoff St. John and Victoria Rowell well in all of their future endeavors. You can’t stop talent.

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    Alstonboy–I agree with everything you stated. It is sad to see that the Black characters get less airtime and less respect than their White counterparts, but that is nothing unusual. I am just surprised at Y&R because 20 years ago it was not that way; I began watching Y&R when Victoria Rowell first appeared on the scene and I saw a woman who looked like me. I was only a little girl then, my grandmother watched the show long before I did and she turned me on to it. I was inspired by Rowell and she can really act her butt off. I love her spunk and her attitude. I do not care what race or ethnicity someone is, talent speaks for itself and there are so many Black actors that deserve consideration and deserve to be given a fair chance and equal treatment.

    But if Y&R truly treats the Black cast members like sewer trash as I stated in my post, I do not blame St. John or Rowell for leaving and moving the hell on, because that is exactly what I would do. Y&R should be ashamed of themselves, but what goes around comes around, always. Rowell and St. John deserve better and I hope they both get it. He will be missed, and Rowell has been deeply missed by countless fans since she left Y&R behind.

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    The assimilation of Lily Winters into the canvas of Y&R is complete! Always had it at the back of my head that Lily would be the main Winters part of the show, while her family are talk to she never really sees. Its like going to college. You want to break away from the fam, but will see them when you have too. A sad day that Y&R made the choice that will lead to Kristoff no doubt leaving. I hate to be the fan that wishes bad ratings on a show, but what can one do esp. the black audience that the show owes a HUGE favor to for making that soap the “my show” type of show for yrs. now. The showrunners should be ashamed, but they are already on the phone to some irrelevant out of work black actor to fill Neil/Kristoff’s presence.

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    What the f@*k is happening over at Y&R?
    On one hand I am happy for him if he is moving onto something else. So unlike Eric Braeden who wouldn’t be able to get anything else other than the role of Victor Newman.
    But it would be sad to see him leave. Yep the black cast members are dropping like flies. I am very sad about this!

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    It’s bad enough that Y&R doesn’t have a “legitimate” gay couple–one who is simply gay and not gay for a reason the writers contrived–but I get ticked that Y&R always seems to shy away from the idea of a black/white couple. They tease, but it never goes very far.

    I don’t remember ever seeing one in bed together. Heather and Neil went nowhere. Phyllis and Damon were more like wickedly flirtatious friends, but I don’t recall–and lord knows my mind is faulty–a lusty black/white couple that kissed and made out and had sex scenes on Y&R, like Nick and Sharon did. No sex on the living room couch. This is 2010, writers!! WAKE UP!!

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    Another great sermon, Alstonboy! I love it. Cartoon-assed mind is right! Just when I think this show couldn’t get any worse, it does! I am glad that Neil is staying, but that doesn’t make up for the lack of African-American storylines on this show. If they would just stop adding characters that are, of course, white, ones that are not part of core families (Sean Young, Eric Roberts, I’m looking at you, and I don’t care if they are guest stars), then it wouldn’t be such a problem. They could dump several to recurring (like Gloria and Esther even) and get rid of some characters in order to recast Nate Hastings and actually invest in the Winters family.
    What gets me is that it isn’t (usually) the soap viewers who are racist, homophobic, or the like, but the producers and sometimes the headwriters who are or assume that the audience is. I never cared what color Drucilla, Malcolm, Neil, and Nathan were growing up, and I don’t care now. It’s just better and more interesting when we have actual minorities represented, right along with the mostly white core families. It’s what made Y&R, along with other soaps, better. I’d love to see more of the Wards, for example, on GH. It would also be nice to see Rafe’s family more fleshed out on Days. But, we have to invest our time in Sonny and his minions over and over, and bug-eyed ditz Chloe on Days! Oh well. Soaps need to shape up or ship out!

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    [quote=AlistairCrane]I loved Drucilla and her adventures in the 90s, like her ballet. As a young boy, it didn’t matter at all that she was a black woman. I just liked Dru and still do! And Olivia! And especially Aunt Mamie! It’s a shame that the current regime’s idea of a “strong black woman” is Lilypad.[/quote]

    This is new news to me regarding KSJ leaving, but I have to say I that I can’t blame the guy. Almost a 20yr veteran, and he still doesn’t have a stable storyline. What really started bringing it down even more was when we wouldn’t see his character for weeks, then when he did show up it was either th coddle Lily, or argue with Malcolm. It was like the writers didn’t even try to do anything with him. Even the little hook-up with Ashley wasn’t given any real blossom time. So i’m sure after all of this the actor is just tired of playing second fiddle to all of these newcomers who come in and stay frontburner. So if Kristoff has really decided to move onto something else that he feels will be more beneficial to him as an actor….more power to him!

    As for Malcolm, the poor guy hasn’t even been given a real chance to be developed, so its not surprising that so many viewers haven’t been able to take to him. I’m sure DM himself is probably disappointed in the role, because all we’ve seen from him is as another background player for Lily. Same thing with BM….he’s actually won and Emmy on the show, and he’s still deep in the background with nothing going on. So I think this is what TPTB has wanted, otherwise we would’ve seen more character development regarding the Winters family members.

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