Gering, Beemer, Bjorlin and Bellani Spike it For Charity (Photos)

Adrian Bellani 


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4 August 2008
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Does anyone ever know what happened to Adrian Bellani? He was MY favorite Miguel of all time! Very easy on the eyes! I wish he could come on Days and be Luis', er, Rafe's brother to mix it up with anyone!

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12 February 2010
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I don't know what happened to him, but I do know that it's a SAD miscarriage of justice to have BOTH of these incredibly sexy men playing volleyball with their shirts ON!!! Hell, this is one time when a little shameless nudity (from the waist up!) would've served both of them well. (sighs!)

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11 December 2008
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You had me edging the entire time...Christian, Galen, Adrian, Brandon....and the money shot is Steven Baldwin?!?! UGH, NASTY. How could you do that to me?