What If GH’s Jason and AMC’s Greenlee Met?

What if General Hospital’s Jason Morgan (Steve Burton) and All My Children’s Greenlee (Rebecca Budig) met? It turns out Jason would pretty much be himself while Greenlee is a drunken idiot.  So far, the Todd (Trevor St. John) and Spinelli (Bradford Anderson) What If is still my favorite. Watch the latest What If episode from ABC after the jump.

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    I thought it was awesome! Incredibly funny. LOL @ Drunk Greenlee! Love how Jason was so gentle with her, and annoyed all at the same time. So many funny parts, this one is the best so far for me. I was looking forward to this one the most, and it didn’t disappoint! Great job.

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    That was very fun. I haven’t watched AMC in over a decade so I was a little worried about the what if segments that featured AMC people, but so far I am impressed.

    I am most looking forward to the Luke and Vicki one…

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    The Todd/Spinelli episode was the best so far, with Carly and Ryan coming in second. I think it would be so cool if a few times a year abc did crossover episodes with all these characters. It’s disappointing that 4-5 minutes shorts are more entertaining than a full hour of either of the 3 shows.

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    I am in the minority here, but I still personally liked the Ryan/Carly one that they aired last week best. However, Steve Burton and Rebecca Budig have AMAZING chemistry. I found this to be VERY enjoyable, but I wish that they’d have given Steve more dialogue so that it would have been more of a ping pong match of cleverness or sarcasm. Yes, Jason is supposed to be the strong silent type, but this is supposed to be fun, so why not just give him some more dialogue??? That was my only complaint. I worried that with Greenlee and Jason that it would be the same dynamic as Maxie and Jason, since Greenlee is, in some ways, an older version of Maxie, with the whole spoiled, self-entitled, fashionista aspect. But I was wrong.

    I especially loved it when Greenlee suggested that they have a baby together!! Hilarious.

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    Ummm… my least favorite.

    Actually the “What If: Behind The Scenes” is my favorite and then the Todd & Spinelli “What If”.

    I’m really looking forward to the Blair & Tad “What If” and the Luke & Vicki “What If”!!

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