Will GH’s Brenda Barrett Bring a Little, Dimpled Surprise Back to Port Charles With Her or Not?

TV Guide’s  Michael Logan chatted with General Hospital’s head writer Bob Guza about ABC daytime’s most anticipated return, that of Vanessa Marcil. Guza gives the skinny on how long Brenda will hang her hat in Port Charles.

Let’s clarify. You were quoted at the Daytime Emmys saying you have Vanessa for two years, but since then there’s been conflicting word on that. What’s the deal?

Bob Guza: We have Vanessa for at least a year and she and I have talked about going longer. I don’t want people to think this is some six week in-and-out. Brenda will be heavily involved with all the characters she had important relationships with, especially Sonny [Maurice Benard], Jax [Ingo Rademacher], Jason [Steve Burton] and Robin [Kimberly McCullough]. I don’t want people to think this is just a Brenda-Sonny story. If there was ever a time when Sonny really needs Brenda, this would be it, but all three of her romances will be revisited.

Guza also weighs in on the internet buzz regarding if Brenda will return with a little, dimpled child belonging to Sonny.

There’s been buzz that she somehow secretly gave birth to Sonny’s child. Anything to that?

Guza: I’m not going to discount any story but, let me put it this way, Brenda is not coming on canvas with that particular baggage, okay? I’m not saying she won’t leave the show with that particular baggage. She’s coming with something way more explosive than that.


Damn that Guza! He’s tighter with info than a corset on Rush Limbaugh!

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  1. Profile photo of curacaoman

    Remember in Night Shift there was a burn victim that was trying to communicate with Jason? We were led to conclude it was Brenda. Do you think Guza will build on that and if so, what was she trying to tell Jason?

  2. Profile photo of troymcclure

    I’m ridiculously excited about Brenda returning even though I hate that AMC is preempted on the 10th.
    Oh and thank you guza for not giving Sonny yet another spawn.

    Brenda is so needed.

  3. Profile photo of alstonboy4315

    PLEASE don’t make Brenda HIV positive. One character with this dreadful disease is enough. And I agree, Sonny doesn’t need Brenda. There are PLENTY of viable female romantic options for Sonny already on the canvas. Besides, we all know that Sonny and Claire are gonna be sitting by the Christmas tree canoodling and sipping champagne before you can say “Santa’s got a gun!”

  4. Profile photo of Meg

    Is it just me or am I the only one that doesn’t want Brenda anywhere near Sonny or Jax? It’s like Ryan and Greenlee…Been there, done that 50 million times..Especially since the last time they both jilted her. She would look desperate if she went back to either one of them. Both men have also left her at the altar and married Carly-her enemy. I would like to believe Brenda has more integrity and self-respect than returning to either one of them would give her. Didn’t she say that Jason’s the only one who’s actually ever been there for her unconditionally? Now that’s something I would like to see revisited. It got dropped suddenly the last time she came back and I would love to see Brenda walk into the Penthouse, set up home in the pink room and kick Sam out on her ass.

    Also, what’s bigger than a pregnancy? I’m still holding on to the fact that she and jason are still married. It would explain why he never married sam or elizabeth.

  5. Profile photo of Ravennite613

    Meg – I heart you and that post – I for one who love it beyond all things if she and Jason “connected” in that way. I for one am looking forward to Brenda day on ABC especially her wedding to Jason

  6. Profile photo of Liasonfan4ever

    But if you remember i know it was a while back and did not last long but after Brenda left Jason married Courtney so i don’t think they will go that route but you never know with guza. I would not mind a Jason Brenda pairing but i don’t think they will do that either Jason and Brenda were never romantic actually Jason did not even like Brenda much until he had to marry her. And I really hope Jax does not do to Carly what he did to Sky the last time she came back. I think she will most likely end up with Sonny.

  7. Profile photo of Peaceole

    curacaoman I was thinking the same thing regarding the burn victim. I remember that burn victim having a thing for Jason and we were led to believe it was Brenda by the shape and style. So since GH is great at re-writing history I wonder if they will credit that explosion to Franco because after all everything that goes wrong in Port Charles is either started by Sonny or as of now Franco. Heck I would not be surprised if Helena worked for Franco.

    So Guza said something more explosive then a child, man I want to know what it could be. What if Brenda is really a secret Mob Queen who has taken over a whole territory Sonny wanted? I just hope they don’t do the typical and make her pregnant make her have to choose between Jason and Sonny which of course will make Carly go bonkers. Then Carly will have a “plan” that well we know Carly’s plans never work out.

    It would be nice to do something original.

  8. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    Gh Vet…if Kelly choses not to re-sign I suspect it will be because SHE wants to try other things – the same way VM wanted to try other things when she left. Soaps are no longer the kind of guaranteed employment type gig that it use to be.

    I think its so funny that you say that you are not a Sam hater when you make little digs like that. What about Olivia fans. With Brenda coming back, BL making the moves on Johnny, and Claire providing angst around Sonny doesnt that all kind of make Olivia irrelevent? What about Spinelli fans? SHould they worry? From a budget perspective BA probably makes decent coin and he has no real story sans Maxie with no prospective love interest on the horizon.

  9. Profile photo of GHvetfan

    First – That wasn’t a dig. It was an observation. There is a whole lot of love being thrown in the Brenda direction from all sides. It is really well deserved in my opinion.

    Second – Your comment only serves to strengthen my comment. Sam fans are worried. There was no dig intended but I think you may be looking for them because you are worried.

    Third – I am not a hater. It doesn’t take one to see that GH is about to be all about Brenda when it isn’t about Franco or Franco and Brenda or Brenda and Jason or Jason and Franco. I don’t really see where Sam fits in there.

    I am really sorry that you are stressing it. There was no offense intended. It was just a comment.

  10. Profile photo of GH LOVER

    GHvettfan and EET.. from reading the all interview I think Brenda is for Sonny this is what Guza wants.. and this is what they are aiming with all the promotion…

    Jason and Brenda are only for comic relief and maybe she will be another Carly LOL But I really don’t see romance for both of them.. I think JaSam are safe and also Sam she is Krisi’s big sister and a davis girl.. and there is good reaction from that family…

    I hope for other characters to be less with Brenda… :p but it won’t be Sam

  11. Profile photo of GH LOVER

    GH vettfan I think it is Guza talking.. LOL
    But what I think will be is that Jason will rescue Brenda. But Brenda and Jason never liked it each other, and I really can’t believe they will start now…
    She will be another Carly to save and maybe this is where Sam will start to hate it.. how many people does Jason needs to save Carly, Carly’s kids Sonny Michael SPineli and nOw Brenda????
    So this is what will be in my opinion.. but I think Sam place is safe for now…
    Brenda is for Sonny..

  12. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    Vet – let me just say this – not one sam fan came on here “worried”. Personally I LOVE VM and Brenda. I am glad she is back. i suspect will will lose some characters because I am sure VM did not come cheap and money will be a factor for many in their future contract negotiations. I suspect with her back, GH will be playing hard ball with a number of cast members. I also think some current characters will lose air time with her back. I would be nervous if my favorite/favorites were not listed in that article. Notice its Sonny/Jax/Carly/Jason/Sam/Dante/Patrick/Robin/Franco that got mentioned. This show is going to be all about Brenda – esp. at the start of her return and those characters that have no ties to her may well be backburnered. I am hoping Brenda stays at the Q mansion, otherwise I think that side of the canvas is going to be particularly hard hit. Once the baby story wraps up with Eliesalot, unless they reunite LL2, it wouldnt surprise me if it means we will see less of ickyNiz.

    As for the “dig” come on…you mentioned Sam and ONLY Sam as if the only character on the canvas that might be effected by Brenda’s arrival would be her. Its comical. I dont care that you hate Sam – we all have character that we love and those we dont, but when you bash Sam all the time and then say oh thats not hate…it just makes me laugh, not stress.

    By the way, I read that VM has KM are getting along like a house on fire back stage. Seems like they have become fast friends. I love that because they are two of my all time favorites. I just wish they would resurrect and redeem Claudia with SJB and then bring back TB as Carly. I love LW, but my heart still belongs to Tams. I would be a joyous soap viewer if my four faves were on at one time :0)

  13. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    PS actually the article asks how will Sam react. Note that the article says that Brenda and Jason DO NOT LIKE EACH OTHER and that Jason is in a VERY committed, VERY LOVING relationship with SAM. In other parts the article also asks how Carly will react given that her relationship is very up and down and then Brenda swoops in and NEEDS JAX. I notice you dont mention that Carly fans should be worried.

    “Brenda and Jason were married in one of the funniest, least romantic weddings ever. They do not love each other. They do not much like each other. But he is a protector and he’ll respond when she’s in danger. It’s a very codependent relationship. The difference now is that Jason is in a very committed, very loving relationship with Sam, so what’s going to happen when Brenda is in dire straits yet again and Jason has to go run and help her? How confident is Sam of her love affair with Jason, knowing Brenda has this extraordinary allure? “

  14. Profile photo of mayjadjor

    I, personally, am SUPER excited about Brenda coming back. She’s one of my all time favorite GH characters. I truly believe she’s back for Sonny. And I’m as big a JaSammer as anyone out there, yet I feel not a bit “worried” or however baiters think I should feel. That’s because Brenda and Jason were never a couple and never interested in each other romantically. In fact, just a few weeks ago when Jason thought Brenda was visiting him in prison, he looked like he was about to pass out from fear, until THE LOVE OF HIS LIFE (ABC’s words, not mine) turned around. From there, he was all smiles and couldn’t keep his mouth off her, so whatever. Brenda and Jason became friends at the end of her last run, but that’s because they were basically forced together due to the murder trial. And I loved their friendship and comic relief. But, personality wise, Jason and Brenda can’t really stand each other. Has anyone watched the Jason and Greenlee “What If”? That’s a preview and reminder of Jason and Brenda. If she ends up causing problems for JaSam, I think it’ll be because Jason feels obligated to rescue her, just like he rescues everyone else. It’s been the main point of contention in JaSam’s relationship from the beginning. So, I don’t see why him rescuing Brenda instead of Carly, Sonny, or their kids, is any different than usual. Mark my words… Brenda will be more of a threat to Jason and Carly’s relationship than Jason and Sam’s. Oh, and shout out to EET and Sassy and all other non-worried JaSammers!! :)

  15. Profile photo of sassysdreams

    mayjadjor – Exactly why I’ve stayed out of this discussion. :) Not in the least bit concerned. Love VM and hopefully TPTB have written a great story for her! Now if they would just bring back Genie Francis!!!

  16. Profile photo of Ravennite613

    I think everything depends on one thing and one thing only…chemistry. If Fruza believes that there is more story to tell with a Brazen pairing then that story will be told. If he thinks re-hashing the history of a full blown Jax-Sonny Triangle then that is what we will get. In the end it all depends on the wind and which way Fruza wants it to blow. And we all know that if Fruza puts together one of their famous “focus groups” we can all be screwed.

    GHVetFan – I do not know how I even read a post because I was blinded by all the beauty of your pic.

    EET – What does VM & KeMo getting along backstage have anything to do with whats on our screens, besides I find that a little planted being as VMG just started working on Monday

  17. Profile photo of mayjadjor

    Raven… “I think everything depends on one thing and one thing only…chemistry.”

    I totally agree with this. And although viewers don’t always agree on who has chemistry, the RIGHT people at GH believe JaSam’s chemistry is off the charts. That includes Frons, Guza, SBu, and all the focus groups they put together when they decided to reunite them in the first place. Actually, Steve said at one of his events that the focus groups rated JaSam second highest on GH only after Luke and Laura. Again, not all viewers see what I and TPTB see, but we see it. Plus, there’s all types of chemistry. At the same event, SBu said he has great chemistry with LW and MB as well. MB said he has great chemistry with DZ. And in Guza’s interview above, he specifically says that Jason and Brenda do not love each other, but have great chomedic moments. That, to me, means chemistry of a different kind. So, again, not the least bit worried. Plus, you think Scrubs fans are mad now??? Just wait for what would happen with Sonny and Brenda fans if, after waiting since 1997, they end up putting her with Jason, of all people. Sorry, not gonna happen.

  18. Profile photo of Ravennite613

    May – “the RIGHT people at GH believe JaSam’s chemistry is off the charts. That includes Frons, Guza, SBu, and all the focus groups they put together when they decided to reunite them in the first place”

    While I agree about chemistry, I won’t about the RIGHT people part. SBu has said he had chemistry with RB, he is an actor and as such will pimp the current story line because he is paid to do so. As for Guza, he was willing to write for Liason, and I am sure if VMG had stayed we would of had Brazen all the signs were pointing in that direction. FRONS on the other hand is the one who garnered his “focus groups” and was quoted as saying that JaSam was the right choice. In the end the man in charge is Frons and its his way or the highway

    And while I agree that Brazen are not “in” love they have a mutual respect/hate that creates some of the best couples daytime has ever seen.

  19. Profile photo of mayjadjor

    Raven… See, I was also watching the show during the time VM came back in 2002, and I do not see that the signs were pointing in the direction of Jason and Brenda. Jason was all over Courtney and could barely tolerate Brenda most of the time. In fact, he was so into Courtney that he basically dropped Liz like she never meant anything to him, while Courtney did the same with AJ. Brenda constantly got on Jason’s last nerve. And Brenda was with Jax, but she was daydreaming about Sonny and doing everything in her power not to be sucked in by him again. So, this is a perfect example of how people see things differently all the time. And, yes, I agree that the actors promote the couples they are in. But SBu NEVER stopped gushing about JaSam, even after they broke up. In fact, during Liason, SBu did a Q&A with a magazine and listed the top 10 best things about Jason over the years. #1 was his mentor/grasshopper relationship with Spinelli. #2 was Jason’s relationship with Sam. And he’s always said that the s/l of Sam losing her baby is his favorite of all time and that he hated the way TPTB broke JaSam up. So, I don’t believe it’s a situation of SBu “pimping” JaSam just because he’s obligated to. He’s always loved that pairing, he’s a big reason why they were reunited and he’s had a lot to do with the writing this time around. He’s invested in it.

  20. Profile photo of maxsmom

    okay so I have promised myself a million times that I would not comment on Jasam vs. Liason ever again but it’s been a while so here goes, I can’t possibly read all of SBu’s interviews but in the ones I’ve read he seemed to prefer Liason which isn’t a knock on Jasam or KM, I don’t think that is connected with loving the story of Sam losing the baby because it was a meaty sl for him and at the end of the day he is an actor playing the same role for the better part of 20 years and the only way to do that is with writing that challenges you and Liason was a series of essentially the same scene replayed 100 times.

  21. Profile photo of Ravennite613

    And what has SBu not made references to Liason…he is the perfect ambassador for his craft and knows that he cannot make either fanbase unhappy..and he has also made claim that as long as Liason share a child that there is always a chance but I am not waiting with baited breathe.

    I am not denying what SBu has said but he is a very tactful man who had many great romantic duos (all with huge fanbases) over the years something that not many actors can lay claim to..and all the while he still managed to been seen as being supportive of all relationships

  22. Profile photo of mayjadjor

    I just want to clarify that I, in no way, attempted to make this JaSam vs. Liason. In fact, I was very careful not to mention Liz at all except in the broader context, which is Jason and Brenda were not romantically interested in each other because Jason was in love with Courtney and Brenda was in love with Jax and fighting feelings for Sonny. And, with regard to SBu liking JaSam, I mentioned that because I strongly believe Brenda’s return has nothing to do with breaking them up. I wasn’t comparing Sam and Liz AT ALL. I just said that people at GH, including SBu, wanted JaSam to reunite, that he’s always liked that pairing, and that he’s invested in it. I did not say he liked it over any other pairing. Not even close. See what I mean about people reading into things in their own way?

  23. Profile photo of maxsmom

    to clarify, I felt that in interviews SBu said he preferred working with RH with whom he had formed a bond outside of work, this does not mean he did not or does not like working with KM, just that he preferred RH. Not that it matters, it sounds like and has for awhile that Jasam is Guza’s endgame which is fine for this former Liason/Jason fan who wouldn’t want Jason as currently written with my Liz.

    3 weeks to VMG and my return to GH.

  24. Profile photo of Ravennite613

    Sbu said that he likes the way RH hair smells which kind of pisses me off because the nerve of her being blessed with that skin and hair that smells yummy enough for SBu to want to sniff it. ( wanted to inject a little humor)

  25. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    Raven – I pointed out that apparently VMG and KeMo are getting along like fast friends because it feels like SOME (not most, not all, but SOME) Jiz fans are licking their lips over the idea of Brenda coming because they lost the fanbase was to JaSam and the sense is that in a Brenda vs. Sam fanbase war, Brenda comes out on top. There seems to be some effort to fuel that battle. I find that idea to be silly – the two actresses are now apparently new bffs and their is a lot of overlap between the brenda and Sam fanbases. I dont think Sam is a Brendabot any more than I think Brenda is a Sambot, but they have similiarities in that they both have a penchant for bad boys, they are both extremely capable and self reliant, and they are both smart, charming and ooze chemistry with just about everyone they share a screen with.

    Could Brenda and Jason hook up? Sure, its a soap. Could they make a great pairing? Maybe, depends on the writing. JaSam wouldnt stay together for ever – I never imagined they would. Eventually their will be an obstacle that separates them for a time. During that break I intend to campaign for a Sam/Johnny JAM pairing. Or maybe they will bring back Jagger for Sam. YUM. All that said, I dont think that is the initial plan. It sounds from the interview that the story is Brenda in danger and Jason saving her. Then its back to love and romance with the love of his life. Although again, i think there is an irony here that some say I hate this Jason, he would never be with Sam because of everything that happened, but they are now rooting for a pairing that really violates everything we now about Jason. Jason would never take up with one of Sonny’s great loves. Its one of the reason’s why Carly is no longer an option for him. Neither really is Brenda. I think Olivia – as one of Sonny’s baby mamas would be off limits too. Sonny, on the other hand, would think nothing of going after someone Jason wanted, but Jason wouldnt engage in that kind of behavior.

    One last thing – all of this obviously changes if KeMo’s contract negotiations fall through. Who knows what happens then. I think anyone with a contract coming up has to worry that they are going to get low balled in this economy and if they are looking to cull the herd, forcing people to take a huge pay cut or leave is a good way to do that. But i am not esp. worried. Guess what though – guess who’s contract is ALSO up soon. Yep, ReH.

  26. Profile photo of Ravennite613

    “Jiz fans are licking their lips over the idea of Brenda coming because they lost the fanbase was to JaSam”

    When did this happen..but its nice to know that you know what this Liason fan is thinking all the time I mean if it wasn’t for you EET I might not knwo there was even a war we apparently loss ;)

    “the two actresses are now apparently new bffs”

    I kind of have to laugh at this since she started working on Monday for my taste it sounds a little planted because VMG has had good relationships with all her co-stars before why would that change now..buts BFFs damn Jillian Michaels better watch out :)

  27. Profile photo of mayjadjor

    Raven… maybe you should read all of EET’s post. Especially the part where she says, “SOME (not most, not all, but SOME) Jiz fans are licking their lips over the idea of Brenda coming because they lost the fanbase was to JaSam”

    I agree with this because I’ve read the posts. Not on this board, but on other boards where Jiz fans plan and plot ways to get KeMo fired, talk about sending mass emails of naked pictures of KeMo to her costars and bosses, conspire to send massive attack twitters to her, and speculate on which cast changes will get KeMo out of the picture permanently. I can give you a link to the board where these nutjobs congregate if you need proof.

  28. Profile photo of Ravennite613

    MAY – Raven… maybe you should read all of EET’s post. Especially the part where she says, “SOME (not most, not all, but SOME) Jiz fans are licking their lips over the idea of Brenda coming because they lost the fanbase was to JaSam”

    I read her entire post and that’s why I did the winky at the end.

  29. Profile photo of maxsmom

    EET, I said I don’t like this Jason and I am not rooting for a Brenda/Jason coupling, if you weren’t singling me out, I apologize in advance. I loved Jason/Robin most of all and I wouldn’t want that back either with this current Jason. And while I don’t feel the Jason I loved would have taken Sam back, that isn’t the deal breaker, it’s the hunger to kill Dante and the change in his stance on Sonny since he gave him the organization again.

    I don’t understand why the crazies get brought up, they are not fans, they are crazies. Today both Jen Aniston and Sandra Bullock were in the news re: stalkers, are those people fans? Twitter and the internet have given crazies an outlet and unprecedented access to the objects of their obsessions but using them as part of an arguement gives them a credibility that they do not deserve.

  30. Profile photo of Cyberologist

    There have been several inferences to Brenda dropped without a resolution (for me) the biggest was the burn victim in NS1 which was never drawn to a satisfying close IMO, and Cooper Barrett I can’t recall if there was any explanation re: his very noticiable surname.

    I am a Vanessa M-G, fan but missed Brenda; I only got the tail end when she was about to leave and when she came back the last time so I’ll peek in to check her out and see how it goes.

    The most frightening thing of all is Guza’s “Oh golly gee see if you don’t know me you’d think I’m a nice guy just pimping my pets but I haven’t butchered this show interviews” many times for me that’s when he lowers the hatchet.

    Boom Boom

  31. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    I should clarify that the fan war was “lost” when TPTB decided to go with JaSam over Jiz.

    I should also clarify bffs the way girls can be. They meet someone new and they just get along like a house afire. I am sure someone new isnt going to replace JM or any of her long term friends, I am just saying it sounds from the rumor mill that they have their heads together. I give that a little credence since I always thought that KMc and VMG were buds and Kim and Kelly hang out a lot from what it sounds like on facebook and twitter. Also I think Kelly and Kristen hang a bit and Kristen is now in Kim’s new movie – at least I think that was what got reposted from twitter, that she had a part. It does sort of make sense. Yes VMG has a child, but she shares custody and she isnt married. That seems to be the young single contingency, so it sort of makes the rumor sound at least somewhat truthful.

  32. Profile photo of sassysdreams

    EET – “Yes VMG has a child, but she shares custody and she isnt married.”

    EET – Just to clarify your previous point. VMG is recently married, hence the G in VMG. ;)

  33. Profile photo of mayjadjor

    [quote=EricasEvilTwin]true – duh…i just still think of her single since thats new. LOL. But i do think she is more the young, going out type than the stay at home with the fam type.[/quote]

    She’s actually not that young. She’s 41… she just doesn’t look it. At all!

  34. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    I’m 42….thats YOUNG LOL

    I am trying to figure out how to say this without it getting misconstrued which is why I was going with the whole young single thing. KeMo takes an unusual form of dance lessons with KMc. She loves extreme sports. You see her photographed at events out and around hollywood. VMG – her bff makes her career from athletics. She too is snapped around town and various premieres. Against that backdropped the rumor that they hit it off makes a lot of sense. If someone said she instintly hit if off with say constance towers I would wonder about that since they dont APPEAR to have much in common – they wouldnt really be working in the same storyline, the age difference, lifestyle difference etc. Now if someone then said will constance has a thing for x and so does vanessa I would say AHA now I get it. I think given the things i mentioned there are a lot of AHA aspects to give that rumor legs.

  35. Profile photo of sassysdreams

    EET – Yes 42 is young! Unless you’re a teenager and then I guess 42 could seem old. LOL

    As for VMG, she has said in several interviews that she’s a homebuddy and not big on the “Hollywood party scene” but I can certainly see how VMG and KM could be friends. And why not? One can never have enough friends in this life!!!

  36. Profile photo of mayjadjor

    Awww… Sorry EET and Sassy. I absolutely do not think 41 or 42 is old!! For the record, I’m 34. But when EET said VMG seemed like the young, going out type, I immediately pictured myself in my 20’s. I’m sure we’ve all had our crazy days, and even though I truly feel young now, and even better about myself than I felt in my 20’s, I definitely don’t pull all nighters at the club anymore. Well, on occassion, but not often. ;)

  37. Profile photo of GH LOVER

    Oh I think I missed a party lOL

    EET, Sassy Maya thank you for the amazing posts..

    I agree Jason and Brenda will be more like Jarly add the odd couple, Jason will save her from Franco and will fight with her..
    I don’t see any romance between them, Guza wants Brenda with Sonny that is what he is aiming for..
    I am actually looking forward to see Brenda with SPinelli and Jason that will be hilarious talking about the pink bed room..

    About JaSam they are the plan they are getting good points in the focus groups and also the fans….

    About Steve interview it was about his favorite scenes, it was Brenda leaving for paris in 97, he got emmy for that, should get more.. But anyway,
    the Las vegas wedding, which was the funniest episode in GH in a long time.
    Sam’s baby death , and SPinelli coming..
    he didn’t say something about Liaosn because the story wasn’t good,.. it was the same dialogue again and again….

    Steve is diplomatic he knows he has fans from both couples, and he wants to be good with all of them. in the end he may have a say, because he is a lead actor on GH but the final choice is on Guza and the writers stuff.. they are the people who see the focus groups and the ratings and they decide.. I think they were right….

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