What Will Happen When AMC’s Ryan Wakes Up?

Same song, 500th verse. No matter how many times All My Children tries to convince us otherwise, Ryan (Cameron Mathison) and Greenlee’s (Rebecca Budig) No-mance doesn’t get better with time. When Ryan wakes up—because seriously, we all know he will—he better not believe he’s still in love with Greenlee or think he and Kendall (Alicia Minshew) still share something more than a child. I can’t imagine there is a single AMC viewer who wants to see a redux of the Greenlee/Ryan/Kendall triangle when Minshew returns in August. Would that the brass shared our feelings! Watch this week’s AMC promo after the jump.



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    Just hope he doesn’t have amnesia AGAIN!!! Whew!!!!!!! Please don’t go there. Greenlee’s gonna dump David’s duplicitous ass and go running back into Ryan’s overly toned, bulging biceps as soon as he regains his strength. Just knowing that “Rylee” is gonna be reunited almost makes me wish that I had amnesia!!! LOL!!!

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    TV Gord

    I was SO close to checking out AMC again a couple of weeks ago…until I heard they were breaking up the sublimely evil couple of David and Greenlee to reunite her with BulgeyEyes Lavery. I WILL NEVER watch that pairing again. NEH-VER!

    Who WANTS this? I haven’t seen anyone say they are looking for the dull life of Rylee. I think the only one who wants this is Brian Frons (typing out emails with one hand to his minions in the writing room).

    Well, at least I can still keep my soap watching down to under an hour. I watch OLTL in its entirety, and FF through GH until I see Skye (which takes all of about 40 seconds).

    Luuuuvvvv in the after-(snooooooooze).

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    Sigh…I kinda like Kendall and Ryan together (although Zach is my first choice) I’d rather gouge my eyes out than be forced to sit through Greenlee and Ryan part god knows.

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    I think that AMC is determined to make Rylee their star couple because they consider Cameron and Rebecca there new stars. Even when Alicia was on the show Kendall always lost out to Greenlee when it came to Ryan even though they had more fans its ridiculous and is one of the reasons fans have left all soaps. They don’t listen to fans.

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    What Will Happen When Ryan Wakes Up?….I’m gonna be pissed the moron is still alive, that’s what’s gonna happen!

    Ugh, why?! Why do they have to keep going down the same stupid, boring road over and over and over again? And they have the nerve to wonder why their audience is atrophying at an astonishing rate. It’s because of warmed over crap like this.

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    TV Gord

    You’re SO right. Hasn’t he been shot in the head AT LEAST once? How many times can he be in this situation. I’ve head fewer headCOLDS as he’s had headWOUNDS!

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    Maybe he’ll wake up and not remember Kendall or Greenlee at all. Maybe he’ll wake up and only remember Jillian! That would be funny! Seriously, I don’t want another Rylee paring, I am starting to like Ryan and Madison.

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    PLEASE leave Kendall’s name out of this mess. Alicia deserves better than to tell that tired story over again. All the actors do, really.

    Put Ryan and Greenlee back together and move on already to something new and watchable and viewer friendly for Kendall (and for me).

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    [quote=Ryan-Scott]I really worry about this show under Donna and Killer Kriezman.
    If Agnes Nixon is giving those kids any tips, I hope they are listening.[/quote]

    LOL!!! The only tip that Agnes Nixon gave them, according to their “Soap Opera Digest” interview, is to “Follow the characters.” I guess she is wanting them to return to more character-driven conflict as opposed to PLOT-DRIVEN foolishness, which is really what ALL the headwriters in daytime need to do. I am pretty sure that she didn’t mean repeat the same crappery of the previous regimes. I am willing to suspend disbelief, though, and see what they write. I am actually enjoying AMC right now a lot more than I have in previous years. I don’t think that Kreizman and Swajeski are doing that horrible of a job. And let’s not forget that Lorraine Broderick is still on the ship, so I am sure she won’t let them go TOOOO far off course.

    Who am I kidding? LOL!! Disregard my last two sentences. I still have one finger crossed because I can’t forget some of the crappery that they wrote for GL in it’s final years. I hope I CONTINUE enjoying the show.

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    Madison and Ryan = boring and puke. (Personally Madison and Frankie make a great couple)

    Kendall and Ryan = ewwww

    Greenlee and David = yuke and Puke and please end it now. I like David’s character but only with Erica. Though Liza is starting to look like a good coupling for him.

    Greenlee and Ryan = YES YES YES YES YES. :-)

    I find it funny how most websites say how much they miss Rylee and cannot wait for them to be re-united. Yours seem to be the only site that knocks Ryan and Greenlee. Get a break people it’s only a soap opera!

    Personally, it looks like you’re spend too much time trying to convince ABC and AMC to end the relationship. Why? Ryan and Greenlee have been together for many many years, I am an original viewer from Ryan’s Conman days so I know the couple (good and bad) very well.

    Ryan and Greenlee deserve a chance to be together, with no third parties. Madison does not belong in the mix and neither did Erica. Greenlee deserves a chance to be with the man she loves and have a family with him. By the way, Rebecca Budig’s scenes with Emma Lavery – Christmas 2008 were beautiful. I want to see Greenlee as an old married lady to her prince ryan and some little rug rats.

    So, this person among others disagrees with the blogger and DOES WANT A RYAN AND GREENLEE REUNION. Permanent one please.

    However, if David gets in the way and causes some havic like he did for Amanda and Jake I’ll not complain. I like to see Ryan fighting for the woman he loves – Greenlee.

    Cameron & Rebecca thank you for being fun to watch.

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    I can’t wait for Rylee to be together again!!! I’ve always loved them. I didn’t think I’d want them back after Ryan sleeping with Kendall and Erica but I forgive him. They belong together. Madison is boring, Kendall is beyond annoying, David is creepy, I just want to see Ryan & Greenlee!

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    I’ll be quite honest here. David & Greenlee should have never happened. Thier chemistry is at best taboo-ish ..does anybody srsly believe she is the love of his life? com’on, don’t even get me started on how sickening thier love scene was, srsly I was embarassed for VI/RB, when VI’s shirt came off I wished it to stay on, the afterglow was chemistryless, he makes Rebecca seem old and I don’t like that, and David feels ancient around her, like an uncle.. I don’t hate Rylee but thier sexual chemistry is better than D/G. I do see unresolved issues between her and Ryan, Ryan/Madison are the 2nd hottest thing on AMC, I think JR/Annie are #1 when they finally get together, but Madison balances Ryan back to who he was. And makes Greenlee the spiteful jealous girl that can’t take someone else being happy and rather lie her ass off than tell you the truth.

    I’m curious to see what happens now that the show is character driven not stupid pointless plots. I’m guessing Ryan dreams of Greenlee but all the bad that she has done or her rejecting him leading the way to him and Madison. I think the Rylee hate will never be what it once was b/c now it’s not other than watching the promos, it’s not a forgone conclusion that Ryan (can’t believe I’m saying this) takes her back. Why would he?

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