Another Man For Brenda: Brad Rowe Checks Into GH!

Does Brenda Barrett (Vanessa Marcil Giovinazzo) really need another man? Apparently the brass at General Hospital think she does. Brad Rowe has been cast as Murphy Sinclair. According to Soap Opera Digest, Sinclair is a "famous movie star who is involved with supermodel Brenda."

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    But I am disappointed he’s coming to GH. This show is a mess right now. But I guess he has a mortgage to pay :( Would think that cater waitering and independent films would pay more than scale on soaps right about now though…..

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    OldGHFan sometimes I fear that Guza and Jill’s heads are never going to roll! They ruined Martha Byrne and Robin Christopher, now they are going to destroy Brenda!

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    WoW just a revolving door. Another actor Guza will quickly lose intrest and won’t write for. Please stop with the actors du jour. Just write good stories and use the actors you have who get a couple a minutes here a few seconds there in so many segments within an eppy because of a huge cast of characters that get little to no air. Why should I get interested in another newbie? This is one of the ills of GH they divert me with newbies while characters I’m vested in get no air or crappy storylines.

    Sorry never heard of him not interested.

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    Now that we know Brenda’s coming to town with a hot, movie star boyfriend, do JaSam fans still need to be worried about Brenda and Jason’s (non) romantic feelings for each other? One thing everyone, including myself, needs to remember is that GUZA LIES IN INTERVIEWS!! I mean, he tells enough of the truth to where you get the picture, but he always throws stuff in there to rattle peoples’ cages. No wonder he’s so infatuated with killers and psychopaths. I think this man sits at home and thinks up ways to make soap fans crazy.

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    [quote=curacaoman]OldGHFan sometimes I fear that Guza and Jill’s heads are never going to roll! They ruined Martha Byrne and Robin Christopher, now they are going to destroy Brenda![/quote]

    Yeah, curacaoman, I worried about Brenda, too, Guza will ruined her return just like everyone else stint on GH.

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    I love that he’s coming on. Was going to start watching GH again because of Brenda so now I’m definitely watching! Hope he’s given good stuff to do.

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    Mayjador…I really think you should change your name to Erica’sEvilTwin’sEvilerTwin or maybe Erica’sEvilTriplet?? LOL Its either that or I am going to have to change my screen name to Mayjador’sEvilTwin cuz I was thinking the same (non) thing J) :p

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    Does Brenda need another man?? Short answer–NO!!!I am gonna wait and see what Guza has in store for her before I totally poo-poo this story. However, after how he basically THREW away Robin Christopher, and considering the LACKLUSTER story that he wrote for Brook’s return—way to be creative, Guza—the bar is set pretty freaking low already. Just sayin….

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    I don’t know who this actor is so it makes no difference to me one way or the other. I’m taking a wait and see attitude but I do wish the actors already on the canvas had more and better storylines!

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    alstonboy… I’m gonna give you a big virtual high five with regard to Robin Christopher. Guza really blew a good chance to use her for stories. What happened to bringing back the Q’s? She could be so much more than a 3rd wheel for CarJax or Lacey. I’ve liked the scenes with her and Maya. They could hang out and talk about guys and stuff, cuz Maya obviously needs to get some things off her chest.

    EET… I think my new favorite thing is to use (non) in posts. It makes me happy. At first it was just a good way to snipe about Liason’s (non) relationship, but it turned out to be way more versatile than I imagined. I like Erica’sEvilTriplet!! If I ever get banned from this board for flying off the handle, I can guarantee I’m coming back with that name!

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    He’s been on tv movies and short-lived shows. But I always thought he was sexy and talented. I love Brenda, too. But I agree, does she really need another man?

    But I also have to agree with you, Alstonboy, and the rest of you guys. Guza will lose interest after a while he always does, (Martha Byrne, Adrienne Leon, Bradley Cole, and you can now add Robin Christopher to that list, now too.)

    You have a lot of underused characters now. GH is not in a good place right now, and if VM’s return flops (which I have a feeling it will) what with happen to Guza and Phelps?

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    Simple C

    He’ll probably appear the first few episodes while Brenda is still in Paris. And he’ll probably stay there while Brenda bolts for PC and we’ll never see him again.

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    If Brenda can’t come on ALONE with all the people she already knows in Port Charles, then I guess we didn’t need her back in the first place. This show PISSES me the F OFF.

    Oh, and thanks GH for TOTALLY WASTING Robin Christopher.


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