Huh? Lindsay Hartley Gets Pink Slip From DAYS!


According to Soap Opera Digest, Lindsay Hartley has been fired from Days of Our Lives. No word on if the show will recast the role. Viewers will see Hartley onscreen for a few months as the actress has taped scenes months in advance.

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    Well that makes ZERO sense. LH was part of the reason I tuned back in to Days. I didn’t keep up with it, but she has always been a great actress IMO.

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    I’m not happy about this. She is the only Hernandez i liked. I hope Galen is next. Rafe needs to go. He’s been on less and less lately, so maybe he is?

    And Gabi, either recast or send her packing too.

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    This is so stupid! She is a terrific actress. I loved her on Passions. I don’t watch DOOL but I am sorry to hear this. Based the recent ratings, I don’t think NBC will renew this show again anyway.

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    Definitely a Huh? and a WTF!!! She was one of the stand-outs when she was on Passions. She made the character Ariana useful and likeable. I agree this makes no sense at all. I say bring her to AMC as a recast Marissa or even a Santos or GH.

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    That sucks. She was the best Hernandez. I hope they get rid of Rafe next and then Gabi. Rafe is just downright annoying with his holier than thou ways and Gabi doesn’t add anything to the show.

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    Lindsay Hartley is a great actor, but Arianna was a snore.

    I absolutely adored Theresa Lopez-Fitzgerald for every SECOND of Passions’ nine-year run, but I just couldn’t get into Arianna. She didn’t have the same spark, dynamic or drive as Theresa. Arianna was a plain Jane. If they wanted to recreate Therethan with Brady and Arianna, they should have made Arianna a more dramatic force to be reckoned with—they should have had her take drastic measures to make sure Nicole didn’t get her claws into Brady.

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    Great, Just when I start to like her, they fire her. lol. Now please, please fire Rafe, I can’t stand him. I would love to see Nicole and Anna kill him and have to hide the body (that would be very funny and he would deserve it for the way he has treated them). :)

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    No offense to fans of hers, but I don’t care to see Harmony in my Salem. She won’t have any problem finding a job whether it’s primetime or another soap. Good luck to Lindsay in her career!

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    Cheryl85, you didn’t see Harmony in “your” Salem. Lindsay, Eric, and Galen play completely different characters. How offensive. It’s bad enough that you don’t like Passions, but to insult the actors and their fans like that is even worse.

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    I agree with AlistairCrane. I hated Theresa Lopez-Fitzgerald, but at least I always found the character entertaining, if not infuriating. Arianna was a snooze. She and Brady lacked any kind of fire or spark whatsoever, in fact, I preferred her in scenes with EJ. There was a little bit of potential there, but otherwise, the character was very bland.

    On the other hand, I disagree with most of the comments about Rafe, I actually really like him. I think GG is much more entertaining as Rafe than he ever was as Luis (who was judgemental and just plain stupid). I like Rafe, I know it’s not a common opinion around here, but I do.

    Regan, I actually wanted LH as a Brenda recast many years ago so I could totally see her as Brenda’s younger sister. They look a lot alike, and even though I didn’t care for Arianna, I still like LH and think she can act. This was just a really blah role.

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    I like Arianna she’s got good chemistry with EJ and I wanted to see them “go there” with EJ/Arianna. Yes I know EJ “belongs” with Sami but I’m tired of the Rafe/Sami/EJ triangle if anything Rafe is pointless and so is Gabbi at least Arianna had other options.

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    This reminds me alot of when Carly was let go from Days back in the 90’s and we got all Marlena all the time (with some Billie thrown in) I like Sami, I like Nicole but I like Ari because she’s nice, she’s not a schemer and she’s not completely stupid. I don’t get whats so hard about writing for nice girls its almost like Days just can’t do it.

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    I hope that her salary goes to Bill Horton on the show. His scenes with Maggie and Kate intrigued me while he was in town. The show needs roots and this would be a terrific way to do it. And as always Doug and Julie could come back too!

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    Hey Jamey,

    With Lindsay’s axing, there’s spec on some of the boards now that Chappell and Sorel could be next on the chopping block. You getting any vibes with your BTS intel, that their firing would be even a remote possibility?

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    If they get rid of Louise Sorel, this show will REALLY lose a great deal of it’s watchability. Vivian, Victor, Stefano and Kate are the most interesting characters/actors on the show. And they would NEVER get rid of their “Golden Girl” Crystal Chappell. I don’t think they are suicidal over at the Corday studio. If they do, they had better be prepared for a LARGE fallout!!! Crystal is definitely in the top 5 in terms of DAYS best actresses. Getting rid of her would be a cardinal sin!!!! I hope this above post is a rumor!!!!

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    I was never a fan of Lindsay Hartley on Passions. I really found the character annoying and delusional. With that said, I liked the original Arianna and was sad to see her go, although I have to admit Lindsay made more of the character, but also got more material to work with. She does have a Passions following so I wasn’t surprised she was hired to bring in Passions viewers. I AM surprised she was let go as it seemed to be that they were headed down a EJ/Arianna pairing in the works and I can see the chemistry between them as Brady/Arianna did get boring for me.

    Does anyone know if the cost cutting is to maybe bring back other characters? Maybe to bring back Mary Beth Evans for good? Or Jack & Jenn? I’m sorry to the LH fans, but seeing Jenn back in town made everything seem right for me in Salem. She NEEDS to be back and so does Jack! Just my wish is all.

    But I have to admit I’ve been bored with the show since the before the funeral for Alice. The only reason I stayed was because of the Alice funeral. Now I speed through the show in 5 minutes or less. I don’t like the Chloe/Daniel stuff (they’re too new a couple to make me care/root for them) or Phillip/Melanie drama linked to it. Night time Hope story is LAME. Another “pearl” from Dena that she claims credit for! Sami/EJ is too drawn out. I’m waiting for EJ to get slammed. Sami needs to be with one guy for a while and just get a break. Never liked Nicole so don’t care about her. I only like the Victor/Maggie/Vivian triangle. Other than that, nothing interests me. So yes, the vets that came to visit interest me so I want Kayla, Jenn, and Jack back. I do LOVE seeing Adrienne and Justin on the screen, even if it is to propel the lame Hope storyline.

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    This news is DEVASTATING. She is really a great talent and hard worker. She’s willing to put up with just about anything (look at Passions). I really hope that somehow she ends up on another soap. I will watch it.

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    I actually could see them getting rid of Crystal (although I love Carly) I think there are to many women and not enough men for them. With Carly she doesn’t stand a chance with Daniel, they want to pair him with women half his age, Bo is always going to go back to Hope and Justin is with Adrienne. Unless Ty Treadway’s character is for Carly. If they want to do some cost cutting how about those newbies or heck how about Daniel, Rafe (since apparently EJ/Sami are “endgame”) recast Roman with someone decent since well he’s Roman Brady for heavens sake. I don’t think Mary Beth cost that much though and I doubt Jennifer would either but still there are lots of dead weight characters that Days could of let loose. Lots of Hope or Bope fans wish that they would let CC loose so Carly would be out of the way and I’m sure they’ve gone crazy with sending letters in.

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    [quote=AlistairCrane]Cheryl85, you didn’t see Harmony in “your” Salem. Lindsay, Eric, and Galen play completely different characters. How offensive. It’s bad enough that you don’t like Passions, but to insult the actors and their fans like that is even worse.[/quote]

    Wow seem like you only read my comment half-butted. But whatever sorry for keeping it real in 2010! :~

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    Can’t this poor talented young woman ever catch a break? I just can’t understand it. The show’s waisting all the potential of E.J and Arianna by giving her the boot. The only thing that is at all positive is that I’m compltetly in *love* with Jamey’s wishful casting for her and think OLTL need to scoop her up right away!

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    I agree Lene91. If areal FBI agent did what he did they’d be looking at charges of illegal searsh and seizure or at the least a new job.

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