RUMOR REPORT: Is Drew Garrett Heading To Y&R?

The internet is buzzing over a rumor that ousted General Hospital star, Drew Garrett (Ex-Michael #2) will be Genoa City bound. Y&R has yet to coment on the information. This news comes on the heels of Kevin G. Schmidt (Ex-Noah #2) announcing via twitter he will no longer play the character.

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    Sounds a little like wishful casting to me, but I guess we’ll see if it happens.

    Frankly, as much as I liked KGS as Noah, I can easily live without the character for now, since the show is top-heavy with characters as it is.

    And I’m guessing we’ve heard the last of Michael Baldwin’s lil’ sis Eden, since she was the last remnant of a dropped storyline.

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    I love Drew & I’d love to see him on my TV again but that boy should be in movies or in Primetime. Like I’d love to see him on Mad Men or something. He’d be killer awesome in any role.

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    Mobb Ish

    This would b great, him & Abby as the young Newman offsprings would be 10x better than Nick & Victoria’s characters… (even though I love them, they’re too much Nikki & not enough Victor for me…and Adam is too much period…get him outta here…ok done ranting! lol)

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    Eh. Noah’s only storyline as of late has been to make his parents look even stupider than they are. I’d like to see LESS of the kid stuff and more of the adult stuff.

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    I hope so. I miss this talented cutie on my screen!! Since GH is obviously keeping Chad Duell, and he is starting to grow on me a LIIIIITTTTLLLEE bit. He could be NuNoah, or he could be one of Tucker McCall’s stray children!! I don’t think they would bring him on as Cricket’s long-lost son, and he’s FAR too young to play Nina’s long-lost son. The possibilities are endless, though. I hope Maria has a LITTLE bit of sound reasoning and common sense left in that troubled head of hers, and I hope she uses it to hire Drew.

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    I don’t watch Y&R but good for Drew! He’s an excellent actor and I still miss him on GH. Sadly they replaced him on GH for no particular reason with an average actor who does nothing for me. I knew someone would scoop him up!!!

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    I wish they would cast Drew as Kyle Abbott and cast Billy Magnussen (Casey, ATWT) as Noah.

    Billy Magnussen would fit the role of Noah a lot better in my opinion.

    He is one hell of an actor.

    I am not saying that Drew is not a hell of an actor, I just think that the role of Noah is not good enough for him.

    He is hands down the best younger actor on daytime, not Drew Tyler Bell (One sick twisted joke).

    Drew can play Kyle and create his own version of the character, the same way he did with his emmy-nominated peformance as Michael Corinthos III.

    If Drew Garrett is casted as Kyle Abbott, Peter Bergman will win Outstanding Lead Actor next year in the Daytime Emmys, and Drew will get robbed out of the Younger Actor award by Psedo Drew from B&B LOL.

    Due to the fact that Noah is suppose to be older than his niece Abby, I think that Billy Magnussen would be good for the role, and Drew will fit in better as Kyle Abbott.

    What do you think?

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    [quote=dkp]I like Drew a lot, but no as him for a Noah recast. He doesn’t look anything like Sharon and Nick.[/quote]

    He’s blond and has blue eyes like Sharon.

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    Only a rumor? Good. Noah is such a non-essential Newman at this point — and Y&R already has too much non-essential characters running around GC as it is. No offense to the DG fans out there, btw — but Y&R doesn’t need more teen characters. Or more castoffs from other soaps for that matter.

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