Julie Chen Talk Show to Replace ATWT

It’s official, Julie Chen’s The View-esque talk show has been picked up by CBS and will replace As the World Turns this fall, according to Deadline Hollywood. In addition to Chen, the gabfest will star Holly Robinson Peete, Sharon Osbourne and Lea Remini.

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    Great move, Mr. Moonves. Replace a great hour of TV programming with your wife’s insipid chatter. Julie Chen should be doing the news and the news only!

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    Is anyone honestly shocked by this? Of course he was going to give the slot to her and it will probably get “record ratings with women” blah blah blah which means it will probably last a season or 2.

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    Seeing as how the Early Show has been stuck in third place for forever and Julie Chen is about the only person they haven’t replaced, how smart of an idea is this? Yeah, must be nice married to the boss.

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    Ugh…..and my stomach churns and nausea sets in!!! I like ALL of these women except for Julie Chen. As I said before, nepotism certainly has it’s…..um, perks!!! Lord, give me strength!!!

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    Well, looks that hour will be dedicated to studying! I can only stand Julie Chen for 3 months during the summer and that’s when Big Brother is one. Other than that, CBS just lost another viewer for that hour!

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    Well, I’m shocked, shocked to find gambling in this establishment.

    I doubt that CBS ever seriously considered any of the other options that were said to be floating around. This was ALWAYS the plan IMO.

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    Just what the tv world needs another talk show NOT! ATWT was an engaging entertaining hour of television. Between the remake of Let’s Make a Deal and this yap yap yap show CBS has truly become Company Boring Stink network! Networks are losing viewers while the internet soap and cable speciality with soap style movies and shows continue to rise which begs the question asked on the Frasier show “Is anybody listening ?” Clearly network executives are not. Obviously being related has its perks!!!

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    The other night on Big Broher, one of the contestants called her Chenbot and she laughed. Apparently she has even used this term on herself as well. That does score points with me that someone can poke fun at herself.
    Besides being self effacing, she is also pleasant and sweet on camera. I am not sure that she will be interesting but we will see. She can not help ATWT going off air. That was written in stone along time ago. Something has to replace it. Can’t have dead air. Good luck to the new show. It’s sad that ATWT is going off air. I have been sad many times when my soaps were canceled. I had the unlucky misfortune to be an NBC daytime watcher for many years! 11 of my soaps have been canceled over the years.

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    The “talk” show is going to be about raising kid’s hosted by women who are never home to raise them. Julie has good morning america, big brother and now this dumb show. Does someone call in report’s to her on how her kid is doing and how old it is now?

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    I think what upsets me the most is it feels like this was an “agenda” by Les Mooves to get his wife another show now she might be a perfectly nice woman (although she does annoy me) and I love Sharon Osborn to death. But I just can’t see how paying Julie, Sharon, Holly, and the rest, plus a studio, plus camera men, plus lighting, yadda yadda can be any cheaper than ATWT was and more than likely isn’t going to bring the viewers in. Unless they shuffle their daytime lineup and pit it strictly against the view.

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