Robin Christopher’s Run Ends at General Hospital

It is most defintely the day of casting news in soapland. As if we haven’t heard enough, Soap Opera Digest is reporting Robin Christopher (Skye) has a final airdate. July 29 will mark her last day on our screens. Can she report to All My Children now that her run with General Hospital is done?

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    AMC needs her. Skye deserves to be at the center of the power struggle to fill the void left by Daddy Adam. I’d love to see her handle Annie.

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    I was ecstatic that she came back to GH, but they wasted her. It should be criminal how useless her return was. I hope and pray that she goes to AMC. If she does I might have to end my 6 or 7 years of not watching that show, just for her!

    Although, if they can use her well, then I would not mind her going back to OLTL. That way I won’t have to endure the ridiculous that is AMC.

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    One of my all time favorite daytime actresses and nobody at ABC Daytime seems to know what to do with her! This woman should be Victoria Newman.

    And before anybody starts saying that she’s too old to play Victoria, I’ll have you know that she’s only four years older than Heather Tom and two years older than Amelia Heinle.

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    I would love it if she returns to AMC. I hope if she does go back it means good-bye for another red-head. Jamie Luner should never have been cast as Liza Colby in the first place. I still haven’t been “trained” to think of her as Liza and doubt that I ever will!

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    In a revolving door of in and outs she “never” should have been returned to GH in the first place. Why they keep bringing in all these people they will inevitably won’t write for is beyond my comprehension when it hasn’t worked yet they keep doing it.

    Any idiot can see she would have been better served on AMC, where she is “needed.” They won’t write but “for” a select few and have very little interest in history on GH.

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    Yeah, what a WASTE of the marvelous talents of Robin Christopher. All that time she spent holding Jax’s hand and saying “It’ll be okay”…….what was the point??? And they didn’t give us NEARLY enough scenes between Skye and Tracy!! Or Skye and Luke!!! Hell, she barely interacted with ANYONE of importance. No Monica and Skye scenes??? And I could count the Edward/Skye scenes on one hand!!!

    Yeah, send her to Pine Valley to make Scott and Annie’s lives miserable. Those two walk around like they own the freaking place. Time for their collective bubbles to be popped.

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    TV Gord

    Well, at least now I can stop recording GH and FFing right through it because she was hardly ever on! What the hell was the point of bringing her back? She wasn’t used at all!

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    Kcgeban, I love Robin Christopher, but to have her play “Victoria Newman” is a stretch. Not sure where you got your info, but it is incorrect. Robin is 45. Heather Tom is 35 and Amelia Heinle is 37.

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    I’ll miss Skye even though her “storyline” if it can even be called that annoyed me half the time.

    I’m not sure if RC wants to go anywhere longterm but if she ever did then they could probably find a way to connect her to the Chandlers again and I’m sure AMC could accomodate her commuting since they are already doing it with other actors. She would probably get more screentime/story than she got on GH.

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    Carrie Genzel, who used to play Skye on AMC, also auditioned for Victoria, but I am sure she lost it because of her “mature” appearance……I agree that Robin is a little bit too long in the tooth to CONVINCINGLY play Victoria. Paging Tamara Braun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    According to Wikipedia, Robin was born on June 18, 1970.
    (Happy Belated Birthday Greetings Robin!)

    Don’t tell me that someone’s been “adjusting” info on Wikipedia? :)

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    LOL!! That’s funny. IMDB lists her birthday as June 18, 1965. I am more inclined to believe that she’s 45, as opposed to 40, but either way, she looks great.

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    “According to Wikipedia, Robin was born on June 18, 1970.”

    Oh come on. She was not any 17 years old when she first started on AMC. Who are they trying to kid?

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    I cant remeber where I read it- but I read that Robin has said she thinks her time with AMC is done. I think that GH has been more accomidating to her and I ‘m sure her relationship with Jill Farren Phelps has a lot to do with it. I think Robin and Jill worked together back on AnotherWorld– then Jill brought her over to OLTL when she was there and then to GH.

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    Yeah, perhaps she’s not interested in going to AMC. She did actually approach Jill Phelps about coming back to GH. I guess now that she’s gotten the acting itch out of her system, she can go back to being a housewife and living on her farm with her husband, Brian!!! Good luck to her. I do think that AMC should recast Skye or bring on a female character who can keep Annie, Scott, JR and Colby in line. I was hoping they’d bring back Julia Barr, but that seems unlikely. Oh well….

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    TV Gord

    Robin Christopher made those comments when AMC was in New York and there was no thought of it moving to California. Maybe her perspective is different now. If she can be pursuaded to return to GH for this pointless visit, surely she can be pursuaded to return to AMC for an actual reason!

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    I don’t want Robin back as Skye on AMC. They never get it right over there.

    If Marcy Rylan can play a character ten years younger on Y & R, then Robin, who is one of daytime’s biggest unappreciated talents, can play Victoria. We all know the Billy/Victoria pairing won’t last forever, and then we’ll be stuck with one of the most uninteresting characters I’ve seen in the last ten years, Amelia’s Victoria Newman.

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