Three Things to be Young and Restless About Right Now!

We soap lovers can be as scathing as the most hardcore sports fan when it seems our favorite daytime players are asleep on the bench or the writing team is making bad plays. Though I find myself cursing at my TV for some of the recent shenanigans on The Young and the Restless, it’s a reason why I still tune in, and the good must be acknowledged. Giving props where they are due, I want to speak on three things that I’m loving right now about Y&R.

Curiously Quirky Couplings

The Maria Arena Bell regime has been accused of impotence where creating original romantic pairings is concerned. As of late, I must admit that I’m surprised and interested in several of the newest twosomes. First, there’s Villy (Billy Miller and Amelia Heinle), the Romeo and Juliet of Genoa City. Victoria has definitely let her hair down (as evidenced by her chronic bedhead, methinks because Billy’s tapping that spine!) and showing that her robo-pack does come equipped with a funny bone and smile mechanism. Love is bringing about a change in these two. Billy’s midas touch has emboldened Victoria to stand up to her overbearing father, while the former playboy has been unusually tame, his pillow talk peppered with declarations of love and babies. Daniel (Michael Graziadei) and Abby’s (Mary Rylan) hookup is drawing me in. The shiftless artist is now Abby’s Jiminy Cricket as the voice of reason to parallel her bratty heiress antics. I’m hoping for a moment of truth breakdown where she admits to Daniel how much her father and sister’s deaths and her parents’ tumultuous relationship hurt her; maybe then she’ll drop the Paris Hilton foolishness and channel that spunk into becoming a kick-ass businesswoman. Other honorable mentions include Tucker (Stephen Nichols) and Ashley (Eileen Davidson) and the budding friendship between Kevin (Greg Rikaart) and Chloe (Elizabeth Hendrickson).

Corporate Intrigue

Y&R is legendary for its complex business storylines, and I’m so glad it’s returning to its roots. Receiving a new heart had no lasting effects on Victor (Eric Braeden), who is back to corporate piracy. Tucker and Ash have discovered that he’s bribing a Japanese government official with cash and fancy-schmancy baubles in classic TGVN fashion. It looks like they will use this knowledge to acquire Beauty of Nature from Newman Enterprises. With Jack (Peter Bergman) making a play for the CEO seat for the fifty-leventh time and Abby wielding a large percentage of controlling stock in NE, Victor better double up on his triglyceride! Fenmore’s is back on the map as a conglomerate and not just a panty shop (a la Jamey), as Jill (Jess Walton) and Lauren (Tracey Bregman) duke it out for control of their father’s fashion empire.

Vivacious Vixens with Vertebrae

The women of Y&R are getting some moxy, and it’s about damn time, too! Phyllis (Michelle Stafford) finally came out of that sex and pizza fueled lunacy and dropped fickle Nick (Joshua Morrow), and she’s even looking to get back in the saddle at Jabot. If they’d only pair her with her true boo, Jack. After losing Faith, many predicted Ashley would go bat crazy, but she has shown an admirable resilience. At the helm of Jabot and in a light, sexy romance with Tucker, Ash is reclaiming her inner diva. If the Keystone Cops have any sense, they’d hold on to Skye Newman (Laura Stone) – she is fiyah! She knows all about Adam’s (Michael Muhney) puckered little black heart and Sharon’s (Sharon Case) obsession, but she is determined to get her’s regardless. Skye is the only Genoa City denizen who has Adam’s number, and she’s playing it like a hand of poker. Having strong armed him into marriage, I can’t wait to see how she uses to Newman name to her advantage. Last but not least, that Sofia (Julia Pace Mitchell) is something else! The new lady on the canvas is full-figured and full of personality to boot. You gotta respect how she stepped to grand dame Kay (Jeanne Cooper) with her vision for a fresh advertisement campaign and read Neil on her first day in town. Her smarts and sass can really take Chancellor Industries somewhere and salvage the sinking ship that is Malcolm’s (Darius McCrary) character.

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    Nekeeta…smh…just simply smh…

    I’m like the only person who doesn’t like Billy & Victoria. Maybe it’s because of Amelia’s AWFUL hair (did anyone see today’s show?) or I just don’t like the actress. I remember Victoria when she was badass and I just don’t feel like this is Victoria and can’t get behind her or any relationship besides to me it’s just a redux of JT & Victoria.

    Sofia just gets a *Prince Blank Stare* from me right now.

    I do like that we are getting back to the boardroom. This was what I loved best about Y&R besides Nikki Newman was Jabot vs Newman. I am ready to see these people get back to work.

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    Nekeeta Borden

    I don’t think Villy has supercouple potential or anything, but I like the implications of it.  Vikki is more fun now, whereas with Brad and in the last stages with JT, she had this ice princess, emplyer/employee attitude.  They’re so mismatched that it’s kinda funky for the moment.  Also, she can’t tuck Billy’s manhood away in her pocketbook; finally, a man that can tame that shrew!  Anything that gets Victor’s goat has my vote.  I’m a big fan of Billy Miller and see the Billy character maturing – I hated him being the whipping boy for so long. 

    Ok, maybe I’m super happy to see a Black female character on Y&R since Dru.  I like Sofia.  She gives me good energy.  I do think that they should be shopping for Malcolms, because they could be a powerful pair with the right actor. 

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    Yeah, seriously, what is UP with AH’s hair?? The hair department should be ashamed of itself.

    As far as Villy goes, this is the most I have liked Victoria ever, so I think that it’s a testament to the pairing. Whether that translates into be rooting for the couple is another story. I still watch and think how awesome it would be to watch Heather Tom in the role. (I didn’t watch Y&R when she was on!) :(

    What I absolutely LOVE is the dynamic between Victor and Abby! Watching EB yesterday was SO FUN. He kept looking like he was about to laugh, but then put his serious face back on to be the disciplinary daddy. Did anyone else think he was just having a ball acting opposite MR??

    And overall, the show has definitely improved as of late. Maybe it’s just been since the Phick breakup, but I’m not rolling my eyes and fastforwarding through the show as much. I hope this continues!

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    Nekeeta Borden

    Arielade, I almost DIED when Victor told Abby, "If you’re an especially good girl, I will cut your food up for you"!  They do play off each other well.  Abby showed some vulnerability today in the stables with Daniel, and when she rode up on that horse in the middle of the club with nothing but a pair of cowboy boots- priceless!

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    I ‘m glad you enjoy some things on the show. The Abby/Victor scenes sound fun, i’m going to watch their clips on YT. I can’t watch the show as a whole anymore and i don’t even miss it lol.

  6. Profile photo of Smitty

    I will give you this with Sofia…I don’t hate her…but I think I just need sometime with her. She will probably grow on me because her acting is ok. One way she won’t grow on me is if they put her in a tired triangle with Neil and Malcolm. I don’t want to see that.

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    I hate Victoria and Billy as well. Amelia Heinle is just an awful actress. She does not shine with Billy Miller. She does not shine with anyone. The fact is, her portrayal of Vicky is drab and flat. At least Heather Tom’s Victoria was a bitch you could root for. Heinle’s Victoria is a bitch you want to put down.

    I liked Billy’s spark with Vail Bloom’s Heather. It’s a shame that potential was squandered.

    I have no interest in seeing Patch and Kristen from Days hook up.

    Daniel and Abby is an insulting couple, mostly because Abby is played by another horrible actress. The character is a sick little brat, her voice is annoying, and she’s just all-around awful. Please fire Marcy Rylan.

    Kevin and Chloe have potential, especially if Jana reverts to her Carmen-killing persona.

    Sofia is simply Dru-lite (or heavy, depending on how you look at it….). Don’t like her. Want her and Malcolm GONE. I’m more interested in Neil getting together with Olivia.

    Phyllis gets props for finally leaving Nick. Now put her up against Cricket and give her back her claws!

    Skye is another terrible actor, though. She’s just baaaaad. The Brazil storyline was awful.

    I’ll give you this: the corporate stories are interesting and smell like classic Y&R. It’s nice to see Lauren outside of her Michael/Sheila comfort zone.

  8. Profile photo of met

    [quote=Smitty]Nekeeta…smh…just simply smh…I’m like the only person who doesn’t like Billy & Victoria. Maybe it’s because of Amelia’s AWFUL hair (did anyone see today’s show?) or I just don’t like the actress. I remember Victoria when she was badass and I just don’t feel like this is Victoria and can’t get behind her or any relationship besides to me it’s just a redux of JT & Victoria.

    You certainly not alone on that one.
    That pairing does nothing for me. In fact, I used to religiously watch Billy Miller, but these days I turned the TV off or fast forward through that mess.

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    Mobb Ish

    Villy Newbott is the hottest couple on SOAPS period.point.blank! I can see why most of you hated her before because there was nothing to her, but will Billy she’s exactly what you expect from a Grande Princess…Cut the girl some slack, all she needed was a guy who could bring it out of her and that’s what Billy does!

    Also love Dabby (Daniel & Abby) more than I liked him w/ Amber…Amber was too street for Daniel, she should’ve hooked up with Devon a long time ago!

  10. Profile photo of splashdpow

    I completely agree with much of your post. I’m very happy that people at Y&R are getting back to work, and hopefully they will be in offices and no longer hanging out only in Victor’s house or the GCAC!
    I wanna like Sonia… actually, I do like her(although I think she would benefit from an acting class or two). Hate Sonia/Malcolm. I was willing to give nuMalcolm a chance but the one thing that character is supposed to be reliable for is passion and sexiness, and that boy was NOT sexy with Sonia.
    I really like Billy and Victoria, but as everyone agrees, girl needs to comb her hair. It’s farcical at this point!

    Skye is my favourite new character on the show, and I’m intrigued with Skye/Adam/Sharon, but for it to work, Adam needs to feel some remorse for all the crap he’s caused, or else Sharon just looks pathetic!

  11. Profile photo of kcgeban

    After not watching Y & R for three months, I tuned back in this week. My impressions: the problem with the whole Kevin/Chloe/Chance/Heather storyline is that it’s been done before. There’s nothing new and fresh about it. I’ve seen it on just about every daytime show.

    Phyllis is great without Nick.

  12. Profile photo of RockiDreams

    Lord please spare me the Daniel and Abby pairing. I loathe the new Abby. What is with Y & R and portraying two of their female actresses like Betty Boop. The new Heather is the other “Betty.” And virgin Chance screwing around? Puhleese. Abby was played with some smarts and headed for a drinking problem but now she just seems like a dithering idiot. Love Billy – Victoria not so much – at least she is much better when smiling and playing around with Billy. I still think he is perfect with Chloe. Phyliss can go away any time. Never could stand her but if I have to she belongs with Jack. I like Ashley and Tucker – they are at least taking that a bit slow and showing them as business partners as well. I also like Skye but she is wasted on that grotesque Adam. There is just nothing appealing about him at all – not even looks (IMHO). I like that she is using him for his name and hope it stays that way.

  13. Profile photo of arielade

    Nekeeta, I just finished today’s epi and you are so right about the victor and Abby scenes again today! I’m loving them together!!

    And Alistair, I have to totally disagree with you about Abby and Marcy Rylan. The first couple episodes with her seemed over the top, but the episode today grounded her and showed a vulnerable side as another poster said. Abby is not just another spoiled and entitled rich girl to me. I think she has started showing some depth and character, but they need to continue being fleshed out. To me, MR has been the breath of fresh air this show needed. She puts AH to shame, and she seems like the daughter TGVN would have, not some wishy washy wet mop for a daughter.

    I’m just happy to finally have good feelings about this show again! I want to root for my stories! It gets tiring tearing them down constantly.

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    No, Marcy Rylan is awful. Also, the writing is awful. This “Naked Heiress” thing would’ve been relevant 6 years ago, but not now. It’s dumb, and it shows how out of touch the writers are.

    I can’t stand over-the-top, breathy “actresses” like Marcy Rylan. They make me nauseous. Fire her please!!!!

  15. Profile photo of kcgeban

    I don’t mind the new characterization of Abby, but the Naked Heiress thing is rather silly. Aren’t there other things she could be doing for shock value?

    I just have to say too that Marcy Rylan totally looks her age to me so I’m not buying her as twenty-one or twenty-two.

  16. Profile photo of kcgeban

    I don’t mind the new characterization of Abby, but the Naked Heiress thing is rather silly. Aren’t there other things she could be doing for shock value?

    I just have to say too that Marcy Rylan totally looks her age to me so I’m not buying her as twenty-one or twenty-two.

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    I don’t know how anyone can get past Marcy’s annoying child voice. I want to put her over my lap and spank her!

  18. Profile photo of Purple Haze
    Purple Haze

    I like the character of Sofia and the actress, but I was appalled at the wardrobe. She is written as an accomplished powerful woman. I can’t imagine anyone of her stature attending a professional meeting where she is being introduced to important colleages (Neil, Mrs. Chancellor) for the first time dressed as though she is a prostitute (could her top have been any more low-cut?).

  19. Profile photo of Duchess

    Billy and Victoria are the best couple in daytime and to me they have tremendous supercouple potential! Billy and Amelia’s chemistry is off the charts and there is years of storyline potential with Victor hating Billy, the Newman/Abbott feud, Billy running Restless Style and attacking the Newmans, etc. These two are entertaining, sexy, fun, sweet, and the best reason to watch Y&R.

  20. Profile photo of RebeccaJ

    Smitty, you certainly aren’t alone in your dislike of the Billy/Victoria pairing.

    Bird nest hair aside, I have no idea what sort of emotion Amelia is trying to convey in her scenes–I think it’s giddiness at the thought of being with Billy, but she comes across as being hyped up on too much Red Bull. And what in the world are the writers doing to Billy? First he was this screw ‘em and leave ‘em type, now he’s spending time in the arcade and living in a dump trailer?!

    Speaking of humble abodes, what IS IT with Y&R?! Rich kid Nick Newman lives in a former tack house, Jackie Boy still lives at home, I don’t even know WHERE Victoria is living and Sharon has been shuffled from so many homes in the last few months that my head is spinning. The post office is probably flipping out over all her address changes! Are Victor and Kathrine the only two fabulously wealthy people who can afford their own home? Heck, even Jill lives with a roommate!

  21. Profile photo of marknsprmo

    Personally the best reason to watch Y&R right now is Nina and Paul! Crickets suddenly showing up even put some tension in the air and heated it up even more. NINA NINA NINA!
    Also it seems love is in the air in Genoa City. I really enjoyed the music montage the other day. And Victors proposal, while in an odd spot was touching and Victor and Nikki always spark.

    Also loving that budding love story between Chance and Ronan…… or is that just me?

  22. Profile photo of alstonboy4315

    Three things to like about Y&R right now??? On a purely superficial level?? All the HAWT men running around. Lord, I am about to have a heat stroke just writing about it. John Driscoll, Jeff Branson, Michael Graz……Whew, time for some ice water!!!!

    Phyllis finally dumping Nickclueless Newman!!! About damn time!!! Now, I am just waiting for Maria to rewrite that whole portion of the history books concerning Summer’s paternity to reveal what we ALL know—-JACK is Summer’s biological papa, not Nick. Please feel free to write that story!! And feel free to NEVER reunite this toxic couple again!!!

    I do enjoy a good rivalry, though….whether it’s corporate or personal. The corporate intrigue on Y&R is pretty saucy right now, but Lauren and Jill’s newfound rivalry is gonna take some getting used to.

    I’d like to add a 4th thing to be thankfully restless about—Paris Hilton 2.0/Abby/Marcy Rylan!! I love her and her character. She is brutally honest and doesn’t cow-tow or walk on eggshells around ANYONE. She is the epitome of a self-entitled, spoiled brat, and I love it!!!

  23. Profile photo of SoapSnob

    I like Julia Pace Mitchell and the character of Sofia Dupree. It is so refreshing to see a full-figured young woman cast in a new role on a daytime drama. And while I did not take too much issue with her wardrobe – perhaps it speaks to the character’s sense of style – her make-up could have been softer.

    Plus, Ms. Mitchell clearly appeared to be enjoying herself in her initial scenes. But, putting her in scenes with Jeanne Cooper and Kristoff St. John on her first day slightly exposed that she is an amateur. However, given time to grow and develop in the role – coupled with GOOD, SENSIBLE, CHARACTER-DRIVEN writing – Sofia the character and Julia the actress could be a very intriguing (and welcome) addition to Y&R.

  24. Profile photo of harlee490

    I agree I am liking the Vic & Billy pairing. AH has came alive and finally after 3+ yrs. I liking her. I liked her character on AMC when she was Mia. I will admit I was totally wrong on Marcy as Abby. I was one that thought she would be to old for the part but how can you not love what she has done in her short time being on Y&R. I loved my GL and she was a killer Lizzie and for fans that didn’t know her abilities from GL they are seeing it on screen now and only going to get better. Daniel, ugh never a big fan and I wish they paired her with someone like Kevin, with a ugly past. That would make Ashley & Victor nose hair curl :davie: ! I am enjoying the slow burn of Ash & Tucker, but I am SICK OF ADAM! Michael is a good actor but this character is murdering kidnapper bastard and no way they can make him some kind reform character. It’s to late, thanks to writing him in corner. Sorry guys not getting the NuHeather and not liking her as of now. They need to flush her character out now they changed actresses, I kinda missing Vail. (shuttering I hear the cussing) Meggie? Big deal unless air space. They need to jump in full force and pair Phyllis and Jack, yummy always loved those two together and let it come out about Sommer being Jack’s child. Damn, Jack needs a good well thought out story and it would pit Phyllis, Sharon, and Jack,& Nick at odds. So why now get rid of Chance if Nina finds her long lost child, that could create new story for Chance. So what is that character’s name, I never cared for him as Shane. I am liking the Fenmores story, it is putting the biting bitch back into Lauren, a side Michael has never seen >) and what if Neil had an torrid affair not with some poor woman but a married affluent woman HELLO Marj D. as Jill’s mom. That could explain Jill’s bitchiness and let Marj and Katherine fight over Murphy. Could you see Jeanne & Marj in scenes together. I died and went to soap hell!

  25. Profile photo of ChrisGa

    While I like the Billy/Victoria pairing, as well as the fact that Amelia Heinle has lowered her dosage of Ambien, it’s still totally awkward when she smiles or shows any emotion–and she must be barely making it to make-up/wardrobe every day cuz that hair is deffo atypical of this show(hello, check out Lauren’s gorgeous locks for proof that someone backstage is doing their job).

    Not feeling Sofia–maybe it’s just first episode jitters, but was not impressed with the actress(though still better than Eva the Diva) and the fact that the character is in Malcolm’s orbit already takes her several notches down on the interest meter.

    Also not buying the Jill-is-a-Fenmore story; I’ve really never cared for Jill–and personally think Jess Walton is kinda overrated–and I’m doubly sad that Tracey Bregman(who I ADORE) is stuck in yet another uninteresting story following the whole Sarah Smythe mess. Still, it will be nice to see Lauren’s near-legendary bitch side resurface after so many years.

    As for Abby, I have to say I LOVE Marcy Rylan; she’s stealing the show right now for me(along with my eternal if-I-were-straight crush Michelle Stafford). And I love the Abby/Daniel coupling–by far the most interesting female he’s been paired with to date.

    Finally, I know Chance isn’t long for the canvas and frankly good riddance; I could stare at John Driscoll all day(yes, I find him that attractive)but he has chemistry with exactly ONE actor on that show–Jeff Branson(also very sexy). And since we know Ronan is prob Nina’s lost long child that hot pairing isn’t gonna happen–damn you Y&R! |(

  26. Profile photo of flyhigh5

    I love Billy and Victoria! One of the best matches on Y&R in a while. I NEVER liked the Chloe/Billy story and did a happy dance when that mess was over. I think Billy is so much better with Victoria. I never liked the Victoria character but do now.

  27. Profile photo of RebeccaJ

    It is so refreshing to see a full-figured young woman cast in a new role on a daytime drama.

    Let’s see how long it takes them to skinny her up and lighten her hair…

    This “Naked Heiress” thing would’ve been relevant 6 years ago, but not now. It’s dumb, and it shows how out of touch the writers are.

    That is so true. Maybe the writers are just now getting cable tv. Frankly I’m surprised they didn’t do a Real Housewives of Genoa City. Oh, what am I saying? No one stays married long enough to qualify as a house”wife”.

  28. Profile photo of athorn33

    Flyhigh ITA with you!!!!!! Although I do like Chloe just not with Billy!!! Victoria and Billy all the way for me!!!!! Those two brought me back in to watching Y&R more than religiosly.

  29. Profile photo of

    Nina and Paul are THE best couple on this show. Absolutely. The Nina/Paul/Cricket/Ronan storyline is the story to watch right now. It’s fabulous. And since I’ve seen what’s in store for you Americans tomorrow, I know what I’m talking about. ;)

  30. Profile photo of Pure_Diva

    I like Villy, which is surprising. (It’s certainly NOT because they’re some updated version of Romeo and Juliet, though – despite the writers insistence on that by having the characters refer to themselves as Romeo and Juliet over and over again. This is also in spite of Victoria’s hair. ‘Bedhead’ is an understatment. I just hope the girl doesn’t have lice or something up in there.)

    Abby, Abby, Abby. I hate Abby and the whole naked heiress is overdone; however, I love her presence in Genoa City because of the looks on Victor, Ashley, Nikki, Jack and Billy’s faces whenever she does something stupid. I am so glad to finally see the effects of Victor’s and Ashley’s overindulgence. The whole ‘you’re-an-Abbott’ and ‘you’re-a-Newman’ philosophy has given Abby a big ol’ case of Self Entitlement and I couldn’t be happier about that. So, Abby can continue to do her thing as long as I get to see the absolutely incredulous look on Victor’s face.

    Sofia – I LOVE THIS CHICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. Profile photo of sweetiepie

    I really don’t know Marcy Rylan’s work other than what I am seeing on Y&R, but I am so NOT loving her. I don’t know if it’s the lame ass story or her waaaay over the top “acting”, but NuAbbey is a bust for me, can’t stand her.

    I like Billy/Victoria. I must agree with the others though, Ameilia Henlie needs to learn how to use a flat iron, even if Y&R can’t seem to find one.

    I also love the fact that Sofia is a full figured woman, I just wish make-up would throw out the bluegreen eyeshadow, and bright red lipstick. The wardrobe could definately use help as well, but I like the character.

    I wish someone would kill Adam off for real. I cannot stomach any scenes featuring him.

  32. Profile photo of pennywise555

    :love: LOVE
    -Billy and Victoria
    -Billy’s interaction with everyone
    -Victor as the befuddled father
    -Nikki as the matriarch
    -The addition of Adam and Skye & their Hedge Fund
    -The new Adam/Nick rivalry
    -break-up of Phyllis and Nick

    >) -waiting to love Jill again, she was always my fav, can we have her be less pathetic? Nasty is OK. She’s best in the boardroom. Would like to see Mrs. C and Jill as business partners.

    |( Please eliminate, they are taking time away from the good stories.
    -Mac, boring
    -Tucker, blah & wimpy
    -nuHeather, weak, not sexy

  33. Profile photo of Nekeeta Borden
    Nekeeta Borden

    I like Pina (Paul and Nina) a lot, too!  They seem really organic to me, old friends who’ve been through the rigors of love and can trust and appreciate each other.  Paul’s old school, and I think Chris was too liberated woman/workaholic for his liking.  Nina’s feisty, so I know she’ll put a little pimp in his limp!   

    Ronan as Nina’s son can be quite delicious if played right.  Now HE is more Chloe’s speed, and they already have the snarky banter that makes for good romance.  It would burn Nina to no end to see yet another one of her boys falling for the scheming skeezer down the block, LOL!  Between Adam/Nick and Ronan/Chance, Y&R can tap into sibling rivalry, which is way more natural than torturing the mentally ill.

    When Abby rode in on that horse and the camera panned to her cowboy boots, I was DONE!  Any word nerd can appreciate the play on words in "The Naked Heiress rides again!"

  34. Profile photo of Jazzy

    I like Tuckers personality right now he seem to be putting together a small army, and he is actually smiling about it.I wouldn’t say I like Tucker because I don’t care for the way he do business. He look like he was using Ashley to soften his blow, but now I am not sure.I don’t care for Chole, nor can I make myself care, I have tried.Nikki Put up a good front. I would love to see the old Nikki who was honest. Not just always going along with the plan. The Nikki who made Brad take Phyllis to court for black mail.The real reason I’m watching Y&R is they brought Love,laughter,playfulness and great intrigue back to day time.This began for me :) 0:) 0:) New Years with Billy and Vicky and they never let me down.Villy seem to be what each other need. Billy is not drunk and Victoria is not just existing.No matter what happens here Billy respects Victoria, and Victoria is excited about Billy.I would love to see the Heather and Chance story go far.

  35. Profile photo of GamecockMom

    I love Billy and Victoria but what the heck is up with Amelia’s hair! The hair on Abby’s horse’s tail looks better! I keep waiting for them to do something about it but it is just a 2 toned frizzy mess! Someone needs to fire her hairdresser STAT!

  36. Profile photo of Duchess

    [quote=GamecockMom]I love Billy and Victoria but what the heck is up with Amelia’s hair! The hair on Abby’s horse’s tail looks better! I keep waiting for them to do something about it but it is just a 2 toned frizzy mess! Someone needs to fire her hairdresser STAT![/quote]

    It’s definitely a problem with Y&R’s hairstylist because her hair looked terrific in the recent photo shoot pictures with Billy Miller. I’m not sure what’s going on!

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