Beth Chamberlin Makes Cell Debut

Former Guiding Light star Beth Chamberlin made her debut on the intense first season finale of Cell. Watch the episode after the jump!

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    LOVE the CELL. Beth Chamberlin is an AWESOME addition to an already AMAZING webseries. Plus, she’s in a completely unexpected role, and wow, really gives us a chance to see her full range of acting skills.

    Jourdan Gibson as Sarah literally floors me every single time I see her onscreen, and I absolutely love Hilary Wagner as Katie (this episode was also her debut).

    You can follow them all on twitter and get the latest updates on CELL. @CELLwebseries and @jourdangibsonTX and @HilaryWagner and @beth_chamberlin and @ut_markle (Mark Gardner, writer and producer) and @cellkevin (Kevin plays ‘the Man’ at the beginning of the episode).

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    WOW this was quite the episode. The pacing was a little much, but it lead to a good climax. Love how that door really resembles a cell too! Some of the best acting I’ve seen in an Online Drama Series.

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    First of all, can I just say how hot and sexy is Beth Chamberlin in this dominant role! I’m hoping that they have her marshalling an army in the next season! :-) It is wonderful to see Beth have the opportunity to show off her acting chops. I have to say, that I intially thought Beth was going to play Sarah’s mom….they do look a bit similar. But as we watched Sarah step outside, I just sensed that it just wasn’t going to be that easy!

    I loved the anticipation of when Sarah finally looked in the mirror at herself. We can see from the camera angle that it’s coming up, and as a viewer you get pulled into how she would feeling at that moment she sees herself after having been so long in the cell, and her reaction to the blood on her body. I felt myself pulled along with her emotions as we watched step outdoors for the first time…from the pause in the hallway, the hesitation, and the way that the light affected her eyes as she stepped outside. The pace of it was perfect, as it gave us time to put ourselves in her shoes and to feel the emotions with her. And Jourdan played it beautifully. And then when she realises who Beth’s character really is, we, the audience, get the ‘oh no’ or ‘oh shit’ moment which we love to have.

    The accompanying music was great too, and I liked the way that it built to a crescendo as she moved towards the door.

    It was a fantastic season finale, and well done to all involved. I do, however, have two minor criticisms. The first being the sound at times is not the best. The second one being Koldcast…even if I play the episode in SD, I still have to put the clip on pause for a time, otherwise it keeps stopping…which is slightly irrating. I don’t know if anyone else has this problem, or whether it is just me?!

    Can’t wait for Season 2 to start! :-)

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    Thanks for all the feedback. I’m really glad that you enjoyed the show and we’re really happy to have Beth on board. She’s amazing, personally and professionally.

    Yeah, we had several sound issues throughout this season, in large part because of how we had to shoot. For a second season we’ll definitely make sure to fix all of our sound problems. You live.. you learn. :) But thanks for putting up with those problems.

    Well thanks again and I’d love to hear from some more of you on Twitter so give me a follow @ut_markle

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    With regards to sound, my computer speakers weren’t enough, but with my headphones, I could hear everything except 3 lines. I wish there was an option for closed captioning on koldcast.

    I’ve occasionally had the stopping issue on koldcast (with Miss Behave for example), but thankfully never with CELL.

    I agree Beth is totally hot and sexy in that dominant role.

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    Had never seen “The Cell” and only watched in anticipation of the extremely talented Beth Chamberlin. She and the story did not disappoint. I will certainly go back and catch up to the point of this episode, but here I was thinking Beth was playing a concerned neighbor, and BAM, she turns on a dime. What is her story?!?! Congrats to “The Cell” for landing this remarkable actor.

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    Wow! I too clicked on because of Beth and ended up going back and watching all the rest of the episodes and then the finale again. Just wow. I can’t wait for season 2 now.

    How awesome to see BC in such a fierce role!

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    Holy freaking ….! I *also* had never seen The Cell before and was complwtly blown away. The show was really creepy and several times I found myself speaking to my computer monitor. I really need to go baxk and watch the rest of the episodes. When does Season 2 premire?

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    Dariclone, I really do hope you go back and watch the rest. There’s so much leading up to this that you missed. I hope you like the earlier episodes.
    As for Season 2, with us just closing down Season 1, we’re gearing up for funding. We’ve got plans to get full funding for a second season so we can do even more and make it even better. But it all depends on getting it paid for. As soon as we get the funding, we’ll start on Season 2. Story is already in the works

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