UPDATE: GH’s Drew Garrett NOT Going to Y&R

Sorry kids. Looks like former General Hospital star Drew Garrett (ex-Michael, #2) won’t be appearing on The Young and the Restless. The actor will not be taking on the role of Noah Newman, previously played by Kevin G. Schmidt. Garrett’s former co-star Lexi Ainsworth  (Kristina) put to rest the rumor running rampant by tweeting,
Latest: RT: tweet birds.Drew Garett is "not" heading to Y&R to replace former Noah Newman. :( I spoke to him 2nite.


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    I suspected that he was too young to play NuNoah, but they STILL could have brought him on as one of Tucker McCall’s stray kids. I am sure he has a few of those waiting to come out of the woodwork!!!!

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    [quote=yojoromo4469]Do you mean the character Noah is older than the character Abby or the actors that play them?[/quote]

    Noah the character is older than Abby the character. So if Abby’s “21”, Noah would have to be around 24-25, but that ages Sharon and Nick way too much.

    I don’t think we will see Noah again until Sharon Case and Josh Morrow can convincingly play parents of a 25 year-old.

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    Not that it stops Y&R but Kyle was only about 10 years old a few months ago. They probably won’t age Kyle because then Jack wouldn’t have stories where he whines about having another child.

    I’d rather they try to find stories for the other people they stunt cast.

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    Why would anyone think that the fact of Abby’s being born later is a possible factor in Mrs. Bell’s choice for an actor to play Noah?

    Nothing remotely similar affected her choices in casting Abby herself, Heather, or Malcolm.

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    Its not sooo much that he is beyond phemomneal, but for daytime he is one of the best younger actors who has been is such a demanding role in a long time.He did more than well up against his co-stars heck they were quite afew scenes where he actually outshown MB.The fans loved him as MCIII and are upset how GH got rid of him for Chad. While Chad is not that bad of an actor but he does not have the spark that Drew does.Plus Drew got screwed out of the Emmy as well as SCliffton did.And alot of us fans know he has alot of raw talent to work with and get more expierence.And he was up for a starring role but his best friend got it just recently, he does show alot of promise.Can’t wait to see him act again.

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    Yeah, I agree with Sunchild…..Drew is one of the best actors to hit daytime in the past few years, and he has more range and talent than some of the “lifers” who have been working in daytime for 10+ years. Please don’t make me start naming names— I’m trying to be nice today ;) ;) !! Heck, he WAS the best actor under 25 in 2009!! Bar none. He got robbed of his job and his Emmy. I blame both kicks in the teeth on nepotism and backstage agendas!!! I don’t know why this medium keeps kicking this kid in the balls. It’s incomprehensible!!!!

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    Thanks ABoy-Maybe JFP was in cougar mood and couldn’t get none-he is looking pretty hawt lately even has scruff going on :).I can’t figure it out ethier wonder if he got blackballed like the lady that plays Dorin on OLTL she said in an interview she was told by ABC people (yrs ago )something about being blackballed I think its when JFP was the producer of the show. I found the article on google when reading about JFPhelps.

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    JFP does strike me as a predatory old thang!!! LOL!! It’s funny how these producers get actors blacklisted but nobody can ever manage to get THEM blacklisted, allowing them to spread their poisonous “idea” around the genre like wildfire!! This madness must end!!!

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