Vanessa Marcil Says “It Feels Right” Coming Back To GH

TV Guide’s Michael Logan spoke with Vanessa Marcil about what finally nudged her to return to General Hospital.

TV Guide Magazine: So why the return to GH now, and with a one-year deal? Why not enjoy married life for a while?

Marcil Giovinazzo: Because it feels so right. A lot’s been going on. We found out that my older sister, Sherry, has breast cancer. We’ve bought a farm in upstate New York and she and I went up there to spend a week together before she had to start her chemo, and it got me thinking about how grateful I am to GH for giving me pretty much everything I have. [Head writer] Bob Guza and I got back in touch again during that time. I told him I wanted to settle down for a while so that I could be available to my sister and my family, and that maybe during that time I could come in and out at GH for a couple of days a week. I called [ABC Daytime chief] Brian Frons and asked him if he would have me back, and he was gracious enough to say yes. I just couldn’t feel any more grateful that I’m still allowed to visit such a great place. I love that Julianne Moore went back to As the World Turns to honor where she came from. It’s important to do that. I left GH for a few different reasons, but it was never because I wasn’t madly in love with the show and the character and with daytime.

Marcil clarifies the constant rumors circulating over the years about her coming back to GH before now.

TV Guide Magazine: This return has been in the talk stages for years, with so many false alarms that it got to the point where it seemed like you were just screwing with us.

Marcil Giovinazzo: We came close to a deal a few times before this. Very close. It was always a matter of when, not if — and I said that in every conversation I had with Bob Guza. But, for me, there could never be a return where Brenda wasn’t incredibly involved with the characters who are basically her family. She doesn’t have any blood family. She has no parents. I’d tell Bob, "You know my list — Sonny, Jason, Robin, Jax. These are the characters I want to work with every day. If you can promise me that’s going to happen, we can work this out." He called me one time and said, "Listen, James Franco’s coming on the show and we’d love for you to walk in with him." But I didn’t want to do that. He’s a great movie star and an incredible actor and it’s an honor to have him on GH. But what does he have to do with Brenda? It was important that Brenda’s return be about her people, her family.

Love she’s all for staying true to her character.

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  1. Profile photo of Ryan-Scott

    Very cool.

    Funny how though I had read in Digest last year that she wanted to work with James Franco. Now it’s they were trying to push Franco on her.
    What is the truth Ruth…

  2. Profile photo of GHvetfan

    This is an interview wqith the actress and not the character. When I first read this, I was wondering why she didn’t mention the Quartermaines because I sure hope she gets to intereact with them. I remembered though that most of the Q’s are gone. Lois and Ned were her besties and they are gone. The actress is referring to the characters still on screen that she worked with the most. Brook was still a baby when Vanessa was last on screen and I wouldn’t expect her to think about the children as close to Brenda.

    I do hope we get to see her with Edward.

  3. Profile photo of truthtakestime2000

    hmmmm – i seem to recall that during the Metro Court crisis that she said that she called Steve Burton from the set of ‘Las Vegas’ and asked who was going to die. it may have been on behalf of co-stars though.
    Why am I nitpicking about this. I’m thrilled she’s back and hope the goods keep coming on GH. The show has been wonderful this year and SO much more balanced.

    Bravo Guza

  4. Profile photo of Spooks19

    Loved Vanessa’s answer about wondering what Franco has to do with Brenda and wanting Brenda’s return to be about the people she considers her family. Soaps should be about family, and when people look back at GH years down the road, they are going to remember Brenda’s relationships with Sonny, Jax, Robin, and not some contrived connection to Franco.

    Wish Bob Guza would be as interested in history and family as much as Vanessa seems to be.

  5. Profile photo of Scout

    So what’s the deal? Will VM’s return somehow magically make GH suck less and seem more watchable? ‘Cause I just don’t see it happenin’…

  6. Profile photo of alstonboy4315

    I just don’t want this show to turn into “The Brenda Barrett show”!! Vanessa Marcil is a good actress, but Brenda is not a character that I wanna see on my screen EIGHT days a week, and in scenes with EVERYONE except for the pizza guy!! I can only tolerate seeing a FEW characters in such a highly visible fashion—and Ms. Barrett ain’t one of them!!! However, if it can generate interesting story, I am all for it!! Just not a huge Brenda fan!!!!

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