Angie Gets Unexpected News on AMC

This week on All My Children, Angie’s (Debbi Morgan) medical crisis worsens when she discovers that she’s pregnant and the experimental drugs she’s been taking may be hurting her unborn child. Watch this week’s AMC promo after the jump!

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    As I have said before, I worry about this show under Donna and Killer Kriezman.

    I think Angie is a little too old a character for a baby.
    I mean how old is Frankie supposed to be? 30?

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    GL was on its last legs a long time before Reva was pregnant. I actually thought that was one of the better stories on GL at the time.

    I think this story would make more sense with Angie than with, say, Reva, or Rachel on AW, because Debbi Morgan has barely aged over the years, but I hope they will go all the way with this and actually show what the side effects of this baby might be, for Angie’s health and for the baby’s health. I hope this won’t end in a miscarriage which is forgotten in a month or two. Angie choosing to terminate the pregnancy would also be an interesting story but would have to be carefully told, as the fan reaction to the way Angie and Jesse have been written over the past year suggests a lot of viewers are upset with them.

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    The Reva storyline was ridiculous, she had a granddaughter who was 20 (and that was before she was desorased)and she went through menopause AND she had cancer…it was ridiculous.
    I’m quite enjoying the Angie storyline on AMC…honestly I’m just happy it isn’t Annie that’s pregnant like some blogs stated by mistake.

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    I don’t buy that Angie is too old to procreate, but the writers SHOULD address that she has a highly increased risk of giving birth to a child with Down Syndrome or other genetic defects, due to her near menopausal age.

    We all seem very eager to attack Kreizman and Swajeski, or accuse them of incompetence, but let’s not forget that Lorraine Broderick is still onboard (as an associate headwriter!), and she will hopefully help to keep this ship from capsizing.

    There are certain aspects of the show that need to be improved, as with ALL the soaps, but I am enjoying AMC right now. In case I haven’t said that enough…….LOL!! Back on my proverbial soapbox I go!!!

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    This storyline is rocking, I’m loving it. Don’t mind Angie being pregnant at all. I’m wondering where AMC will go after this, will they be daring and let Angie carry this baby to term and be blind at the same time? Imagine how DEVASTATED Angie would be if she gave birth to a baby and couldn’t see it’s face! It would be horrible, but it would be great television, IMO. AMC probably won’t go there, but I would love if they did.

    Regardless of what happens, I think this storyline has been a success so far and I think it will get even better. I’m waiting to see what happens when David finds out, and I want to see him reach out to Angie and help her. That will be AMC’s way of redeeming him somehow. AMC can go a lot of ways with this story, and I’m just eager to see how things progress. Really looking forward to when Jessie, Natalia, Frankie, Randi, and David all find out. I think were in for some more heartbreaking moments!

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    A women could get pregnant at any age 20,30 40 50 if she menstruating and look at John Travolta wife Kelly Preston she is almost 50 so there.The Angie storyline is very good.I here Emmy nomination next year for Debbie Morgan.

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    I love Debbi Morgan and have since Angie and Jenny were BFF’s back in the early 80s. Like when Reva got PG, I know Debbi will hit this one out of the park time and time again like Kim Zimmer did.

    I just wonder if a better storyline could have been created.

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    I love that they are using the ABC primetime announcer for this, like it’s some sort of big event on Desperate Hosewives or something.
    This storyline seems way too ridiculous, but from the promo it looks like Debbi is acting rings around it.

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    TC irene

    How is Angie pregnant ? Her character was infertile as a result of radiation therapy for her Sickle Cell. That is why Cassie was adopted. Joe Martin was even her consulting physician.

    I haven’t watched AMC since the Prattastrophe and now I’m just confused by this promo.HELP !

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    Wow TC…..interesting.

    Maybe Donna and Killer should have consulted with James and Barbara before doing this story!
    Or Pratt…whoever was the HW when this happened.

    I know it wasn’t McTavish.

    Just another example of the mess that is created when a show’s writing team keeps changing hands.

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    TC irene

    I belive Agnes Nixon or Claire Labiine wrote the story cause it was when the character of Angie Hubbard ( and others like Jeremy Hunter)crossed over to Loving or the City.

    Anyway, she was playing the same exact character and they managed to lure Darnell Williams over to the show to play Jacob Foster …Jesse’s doppleganger and eventually Angie’s 3rd husband. So if it’s the same character and the everything else is the same like Cassie being still her daughter etc. how are they overlooking that piece of character history cause they were 2 huge storylines at the time hence bringing in Dr.Joe Martin.

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    TC irene

    Thanks I couldn’t recall if Aggie Nixon was involved with the City or not.

    But the 2 writers you mention were once HW’s of AMC also correct ?

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    TC irene

    Ok got it thanks Ryan-Scott !

    Anyway, given what I do know about Angie/Jesse history it’s sad for me to think Angie would keep Jesse out of the loop on yet another pregnancy almost 30 yrs later.

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    As HUGE of a plot point as it was in the story of the character of Angie, it would be criminal to ignore that Angie was revealed as hopelessly unable to bear children during the CITY. If they acknowledge it, and call this a “miracle”, I’ll be happy to go along with it and enjoy Debbie Morgan swinging for the fences.

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    The only way AMC will ever get myself and dozens of my friends back is if all story lines involving Angie and Doc David CEASE! They have wore them out to their full capacity! They have tried for years to make David and Angie have the same impact a Palmer, Adam, Phoebe, Brooke or Erica story line has and THE CHARACTERS DO NOT HAVE IT!! They are merely supporting characters!

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