GH’s Brenda is Back!

Quick! Get Jamey a paper bag to keep him from hyperventilating! ABC has released a new "Guess Who’s Back?” promo that should have General Hospital sitting up in interest. In case you missed it, Vanessa Marcil returns as Brenda Barrett on August 11. Watch the promo after the jump!

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    I love Vanessa and I loved Brenda but I am already a little sick of the overpromotion of her return.

    ABC didn’t do THAT much (like preempting AMC and OLTL ???) for Genie Francis.

    This is a little too much to my taste already and I am afraid that everything will be even more centered on Sonny (praying that at least we will be spared Dante mixed into this one …).

    Looking forward some Brenda/Robin, Brenda/Brook Lynn, Brenda and Kate (as she is apparently the Editor in Chief of another fashion magazine … I thought only “Couture” was the competition …). And Sonny has changed so much and to the worst that I am not sure I want to see Brenda being wasted on Sonny. Not sure that even her can redeem a guy that recently almost killed his own daughter but doesn’t seem to care or wasn’t even able to make any sacrifice for the sake of his son in prison …

    Please Guza don’t ruin Brenda’s return by being as heavy as an Elephant in a China plates shop …

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    Not being a regular broadcast viewer of the ABC lineup these days, I can sidestep the “overpromotion” issues and just echo Jenny’s above sentiment: The promo is HOT.
    I know that last time Marcil returned to GH she had some quality control requirements with reference to hair and wardrobe for Brenda. I’d almost bet that she brought in her own art direction for that promo as well! SMOKIN!

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    Oh, is she coming back??? I forgot—with the no less than TWENTY daily reminders sprinkled “intermittenly” throughout the various commercial breaks on SoapNet between 7-12!! At last count, I think we were in the TRIPLE digits!!! I tried to play the drinking game for every time I heard the name “Brenda”!! Thank God I was drinking Mountain Dew–not the hard stuff!!!Glad to see they aren’t going overboard with the publicity!!!! LOL!!!

    P.S– Okay, the promo is HAWT!!!! But I hope Vanessa takes it easy with the extracurricular plastic surgery. She’s still astonishingly beautiful, but it’s starting to show…. :~

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    Please. People! Helloooo, it’s freakin’ BRENDA!!! THE Brenda Barrett! Duhhhh, there is no such thing as too many promos and overpromotion. Vanessa is Vanessa. She will bring people back and spike the ratings!! Of course they are gonna milk it! She is worth it! Oh and I loveeee this promo! Getttt it ABC!! Yeahhh,that’s how it’s done. Hahaaaa. I’m so excited!! Can you tell?

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    I love the promo the shoes are amazing…

    And I am looking forward to see her on my screen with Sonny Robin Jax and Jason..
    :bigsmile: :bigsmile: :bigsmile:

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    siomonstuart.. that’s a good point if Frons could have Franco on the View. He better have Vanessa on there as well.

    I’m can not wait. I love every promo.

    I adore Genie Francis she is a legend, she’s an icon..

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    TC irene

    Guza dressed as a Pom Pom Girl Chants:We Got Brenda Yes We Do! We Got Brenda How bout You !?

    My response to the Promo: Work It Diva !!! Can’t wait !

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