Susan Lucci To Write Memoir

Add "author" to Susan Lucci's resume. The Associated Press is reporting that the All My Children star will pen her memoir, which is slated to hit bookstores next year. No word on the title of La Lucci's book.


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4 May 2009
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Susan's episode of Intimate Portrait years ago on Lifetime was just the tip of the iceberg of her life story.

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12 February 2010
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Maybe they will get an interview with that bear that she chastized back in 1985 for the book??? LOL!!!

" I am ERICA KANE---and you are a filthy beast!!!!" Classic line.

Love LaLucci........she is truly the UNDISPUTABLE QUEEN of ABC Daytime!!!!

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Susan is one of the classiest women on TV. I'll definitely read her book.

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18 February 2009
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I have to wonder whether she's timing it to coincide with her retirement from AMC. That was my first thought.

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This is wonderful. I remember as a kid watching the storyline were Erica was penning her memoirs and now Susan Lucci herself is going to write a book. This will be a great read.

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I've loved Susan Lucci for almost 40 years and I will definitely be buying her memoir. I hope she does a book signing tour.