Y&R’s Signy Coleman Sheds Light on Adam’s Psyche

Signy Coleman dished with TV Guide’s  Michael Logan on her return to The Young and the Restless. The actress revealed her thoughts on if her alter ego knew how devious son Adam (Michael Muhney) turned out. Said Coleman:
I understand the importance of creating conflict but that was very sad to me. And it would have devastated Hope and broken her heart! She was such a standup gal with a strong moral compass. If she had lived she would have been on Adam like white on rice, telling him to straighten up his act and clean up his messes! She’d make him own it!

Coleman discussed if viewers will see what made Adam go down the wrong path.

TV Guide Magazine: So we’ll finally get some clues to the puzzle?

Coleman: You’re going to have a much better understanding of what happened to him. And who knows? The more evil and despicable a character is, the greater the redemption 


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    I like her story idea for Hope’s twin sister. “Faith” should be coming between Victor and Nikki, not Meggie!

    I hope these flashback episodes don’t trash Hope, but it seems like it. Adam was raised without a male influence? Uh, what about Cliff Wilson??

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    I loved her interview, and I do wish that her idea had been adopted by TPTB of the show– a double of Hope would have been much more interesting than the doubles we were saddled with last year, and the story would have been interesting with Adam interacting with his newly discovered Aunt and both of them working to gain control of Newman.
    Loved what she said about how she liked the previous Adam and was sorry he quit like he did, and also that she liked Michael Muhney and thought he was a hunk in the mold of Mark Harmon, whom she had also worked with.

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    She is flawless. I could watch her be blind any day. Her confidence and poise in some of her scenes versus Nikki were some of the best stuff of Y&R in the 90’s. They never should’ve killed her and I love her twin idea as well.

    Keep rockin Signe. You’re wonderful.

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    Does Hope HAVE to be dead????????????????????

    P.S— Paul and Maria, can’t you find a way to bring her back from the dead PERMANENTLY, or either rehire Signy to be a permanent ghost—popping in to wag her finger at her “little boy” and lay down the verbal smackdown in that SPECIAL Hope-like way????

    No, Y&R doesn’t need any more actors or characters, but I would enjoy seeing Signy come back in a recurring status at least!!!

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    Hope’s character is going to be trashed to explain what a mess Adam is.
    Don’t like it kids and I sure AS HELL do not buy it.

    I was watching Y&R when Hope was introduced on the farm when Victor was presumed dead. I know Hope very well.
    Were Hogan, Maria, and Scott watching then?!

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    Great article but she’s blind as a bat (or still in love with) if she thinks David Irizzary hasn’t aged! He might still look handsome, but he definately is older looking.
    Are they both single right now? hmmmm.

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    I miss Signy! I loved her stint from Guiding Light way back when.

    Not sure if they’ll make Hope out to be the bad guy. Conflict is good and I agree with her line, “The more evil and despicable a character is, the greater the redemption.” Although in Michael Muhney’s interview during The Emmy, he said that they may give Adam a shade of gray. In order to have protagonists, there have to be antagonists to keep things interesting.

    I love the Adam character. He reminds me of the Guiding Light antagonist Roger Thorpe. He has compassion but is often a misunderstood guy. Just like JR Ewing in Dallas.

    There’s a Hunkie of the Month poll that Muhney is nominated. He lags far behind but any vote counts.
    Poll ends 7/31 at 9PM GMT which is roughly 5PM EDT and 2PM Pacific time.

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    Interesting things about Adam’s “blindness”: he’s so blind that he’s still driving a car AND in a driving rain storm. He’s so blind that he can read blueprints on an iPhone. He’s so blind that he can read small newsprint in a magazine. He has better eyesight than most sighted people I know!

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