Pretenders Beware! Extended “Brenda is Back” Promo is FIYA!

General Hospital has released the extended "Brenda is Back" promo, featuring Jax, "the fiancé that broke her heart" (Ingo Rademacher), Jason, "the husband she never loved" (Steve Burton), and Sonny "the man she could never resist" (Maurice Benard). But what’s her secret? Either way, I’m pretty sure that Brenda (Vanessa Marcil Giovanazzo) is going to burn all of our television screens up. Watch after the jump.

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    Sonny on the chair..
    Jason with a gun on his bike in leather jacket
    and Jax in James Bond mode…

    Brenda is one lucky lady…. :p

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    Just picked my jaw up off the floor, I didn’t even care about Brenda in that promo tbh, all I saw was how HOT Steve Burton was, the bike, the tight black shirt he borrowed from Simon Cowell since baby Gap was closed at the time,his blue eyes! Oh my goodness, THANK YOU JESUS! And thank you timepass, as I am a Canadian viewer!

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    Okay, I am not a HUGE Vanessa Marcil fan, but I am excited about Brenda’s return, and crossing my fingers and toes that the writers have some juicy story planned that will keep me glued to my seat and redeem themselves for pissing away Robin Christopher’s return and the lame return storyline that they are writing for Brook Lynn!!!

    Not to mention the way they unceremoniously DROPPED the story concerning Kristina’s abuse by killing off Keifer!!!

    They have some wrongs to right.

  4. Profile photo of Mardou

    It’s no surprise that the promo department can make things look amazing (I got chills when they chose to highlight the first “ILY” between S&B) but…I am still a wee bit worried that Guza will not be able to live up to the hype.

    But…I can’t help but be a little excited. Brenda is my favorite character of all time, on any soap, and S&B are my #1 forever and forever soap couple.

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    The leadup to her storyline is turning out to be great… Carly isnt involved with Sonny or Jax.. I was dreading it would be a Brenda vs Carly for the men.. so glad(from the looks of it) they arent taking it there…

    I really like the idea of Jorly (Johnny and Carly)and Stoli(Steve and Olivia) Those pairs really deserve a chance…

    BTW .. I think all the leading ladys are taking a cut to supporting while vanessa airs as brenda.. Most noteably Lisa Locicero

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