UGH! AMC’s Kendall Returns to Pimp Rylee

General Hospital isn’t the only ABC soap getting a popular actress back in August. All My Children will see the return of Alicia Minshew as Kendall. They’ve even released a “Kendall’s Back” promo. While it’s nowhere as good as the “Brenda’s Back” promos highlighting Vanessa Marcil’s return, I can’t help but wonder which actress’ return fans are looking forward to most. Watch the “Kendall’s Back” promo after the jump.

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    I LOVE Kendall, but I am not watching another round of Rylee is each others true love crap. I might record and fastforward but hell Kendall having that baby for Greenlee was more entertaining than Rylee blah!

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    Kendall’s return story is so upsetting, but I just can’t help but still look forward to seeing her back on my screen! I LOVE Alicia Minshew and Kendall, and can’t wait to have her back on AMC.

    Hopefully, this story goes by fast and maybe Kendall will finally get a story of her own like she deserves. I am crossing my fingers that AMC won’t keep her stuck to Ryan and Greenlee til the end of time. AM deserves to play out a story of her OWN for once.

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    TV Gord

    As long as the world revolves around that dumbass Ryan Lavery, I will never return to watching this unwatchable soap! Why do the idjits in charge insist on trying to recapture something that never was! Gillian and Leo are dead. The loves of their lives are long gone, and this will never be even close to a suitable replacement. It’s a shame that someone of Minshew’s caliber is being brought back to prop up another Lamery deification.

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    [quote=TV Gord]As long as the world revolves around that dumbass Ryan Lavery, I will never return to watching this unwatchable soap! [/quote]

    OY! I hear you!!! I will take Todd Manning (and I despise Todd) over Ryass Lavery any day!

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    Where are all of these secret fans who are championing the TIRED and uninspiring coupling of Rylee??? I have only met ONE person who actually drinks the rancid Kool-Aid that the networks have been passing around for the past few years. I did like Rylee at one point, but it’s like any FORMERLY good coupling that has run it’s course—you must simply turn the page and move on.

    And I don’t necessarily get the Ryan Lavery hatred that many people express, (I have always liked Ryan and Cameron Mathison) but I do think that Ryan and Greenlee are TOXIC together!! Why the writers on AMC can’t come up with any creative and new couplings is BEYOND me. Their idea of new and creative is “Ryan and Madison”…UGH!!!

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    Proud former follower of this crap show (final episode: Pole Dancing at work) BEST daytime TV viewing decision I’ve ever made.

    AM is too good for this show. Why couldn’t she follow Thorston’s lead and bid farewell forever? I hope this awful show is worth a bi-coastal marriage & commute. (it’s not)

    I hate “All my Children” cuz it once was so good. I gag when I see Ryan & Greenpee…

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    I can not wait untill Kendall’s return, a have missed greens and kendalls friendship, I am so happy she is helping greens with david, and hopefully i will get my Rylee back soon.

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    I love Kendall, but I honestly don’t believe that Kendall would still be proping Rylee! Last time, it sort of made sense because Greenlee still had genuine feelings for Ryan, but now she’s clearly move on, her relationship with David’s proved that. And if she wants Greenlee back with Ryan just to get her away from David [who I don’t understand all the hate for by the way,] what kind of a friend is she?

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