BREAKING NEWS: Maura West Inks Deal With Y&R!

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Michael Logan is reporting As The World Turns star Maura West has landed a role on The Young and the Restless. West will play vixen Diane Jenkins and heads to Genoa City on October 8. That sound you hear is Daytime Confidential’s Luke Kerr screaming like a hyena.

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    Wow..I’ve never seen this actress but heard lots of good things about her on the Podcast…so hopefully she will be a great addition to Y&R! Congrats Maura!

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    I am so happy for her and, quite honestly, happy for Y&R. She is an extremely talented actress (and very nice woman in person) and she’s going to bring a lot to this show.

    I just hope that they don’t even attempt to pair her or chem test her with the Mumbling Mustache. However, I think a triangle between Phyllis, Jack, and Diane would be awesome. Two really strong actresses and a strong (hot) actor could make this really watchable.

    I also wonder if Kyle is coming with her or if he’ll be away at “boarding school”. Besides, if you think about the character history, even though Diane was always in love with Jack, the strongest link she ever had to him was their son. So wouldn’t it be a perfect time for the writers to bring up the paternity of Summer again and the possibility that she is actually Jack’s daughter, not Nick’s. Wouldn’t that level the playing field and just have to two “bad” girls getting back to their roots to win the man they love?

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    no offence but isnt Maura a little short to be a runway model? Oh well…. I really hate when a person is recast without a thought to physicality of the character. I don’t think a person necessarily must look like the former actor but if the occupation of the character is a model…. well maybe she should look the part. Maura is very pretty but in a girl next door not runway model way.
    Oh well maybe she will make me like Diane more. I was not a fan of the character previously. I do like Maura.

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    Luke Kerr and I are the 2 happiest people on the planet. My other choice for her was Felicia Scorpio-Jones on #GH.

    Now we need to get Mick on #GH as Morgan Stone Corinthos or #OLTL as Zane Buchanan.

    Michael Park as the new Kevin Buchanan #OLTL or Ross Courtlandt #AMC

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    When I saw the news on that Maura was joining Y&R, I literally screamed! I am so excited! I am a huge fan of Maura’s and she has been one of my favorite actresses since she made her daytime debut nearly 16 years ago as the scheming Carly Tenney! Congrats to Maura and congrats to Y&R on this huge casting coup!

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    Another example of Y&R’s awful recasting. We already have to deal with the awful Eden Reigel and Marcy Rylan’s miscasting, and now this??? Jeezus.

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    Michael Park as the new Kevin Buchanan #OLTL or Ross Courtlandt #AMC[/quote]

    couchpotato7 – I heard that Michael Park was headed to OLTL as Dan Wolek. I certainly agree with your other suggestions with one exception. If OLTL was going to bring Kevin back, Dan Gauthier should be offered the role first. Lord knows they Kelly needs something in her orbit.

    Anyway, congrats to Maura West! Her Emmy Acceptance Speech nearly brought me to tears.

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    Shit, now I’m going to have to start watching Y&R again which I swore I would never do, but I LOVE Maura West so much that I will grin and bear it.

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    Couchpotato I can tell you spend a lot of time tweeting from your “hashtags” lol I’ve never watched As The World Turns, so I’m not familiar with Maura, but I’m happy that she’s got another job in daytime and I’m happy that Dianne is coming back too, I hope she does bring Kyle, maybe Drew Garret can play him since he’s not going to be playing Noah.

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    No, I’m very happy to see MW join the Best Show in Daytime, don’t get me wrong, but have the viewers ever really loved the Character of Diane? (I for one, haven’t)

    I dunno, I just think the acting styles of Maura and Michelle Stafford are very similar; they could pass for sisters.

    But, alas, Jack Abbott needs a New / Old Girlfriend… and, Voila!

    Good Casting. Makes me ALMOST forget Sabrina, Mac (ugh), Tyra (UUUUUGH!) and this Meggie Freak….

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    [quote=AlistairCrane]Another example of Y&R’s awful recasting. We already have to deal with the awful Eden Reigel and Marcy Rylan’s miscasting, and now this??? Jeezus.[/quote]

    As for past recasts, the Eden Reigel one was a bad choice. But Marcy Rylan as Abby has interjected some much needed oomph into the dull lives of the Newman and Abbott families and from the get go, she has taken the reigns of the role Abby and has put her own spin on it and has made it her own.

    With Maura, knowing her from ATWT and having watched her the last 15+ years, she is one of the best actresses on daytime right now and definitely a hot commodity and Y&R should be very proud that they snagged her. She will most definitely make Diane Jenkins her own as well. She has been known to take a horrible script and turn it into gold. Don’t discount her just yet. Give her some latitude here. She and Michelle Stafford will be definitely be playing off of each other and with these two power house actresses, I expect to see some good storytelling with both of these ladies vying for Jack’s attention now that Emily is gone!

    I for one could not be any happier that she is now a part of the Y&R family.


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    Brilliant! While Diane would not have been my first role for her, I have no doubt that Maura West can sell me on her version of Diane. And Diane is a character I have wanted back on the canvas for a LONG time. The Diane-Jack-Phyllis storyline was one of my favorite.

    And bringing back a SORASed Kyle (played by Drew Garrett – great suggestion @GHteenybopper!) would almost make my life complete (Noah needs to be back on the show and then we can see he, abby, and Kyle play off one another in the weirdest round of Newman vs. Abbott yet).

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    they should have cast her as a recast of DRU!! but not before pairing Phyllis with Neil!!!

    don’t you know this board and twitter would implode!!

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    I love Maura and I am thrilled for her, but isn’t she too young to play Diane. Diane gets younger with each recast. And Kyle should be as old as Abby now-early 20’s, isn’t Maura too young to have a child that old? I guess they will expect viewers to forget Abby and Kyle are supposed to be the same age. Ditto on changing Summer paternity.

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    If daytime has a future, actors like Maura are absolutely the leaders of that wave…This woman is one of my top three goddesses!

    I don’t want to pre-judge what Y & R will do with Maura as Diane but, except for Phyllis, none of Jack’s girlfriends and kids ever end up being that important in the scheme of things. Patty, LuAnn, Emily, Keemo, Kyle, etc. are all gone or on their way out

    I want Maura to be the center of a show, the way Brenda was and will be on GH and the way Carly was on ATWT. If that can’t happen, then Maura should be featured in Primetime.

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    I agree with Michael about ER as Heather. I’m still trying to get used to this. I think she’s a fine actress, but this STORYLINE…..WHO CARES!!!!?? Thank GOD Chloe and Rynan are more prominent in it cuz I’m thinking…zzz…. see? I fell asleep just writing about it.

    And I’m not a rude person; and if he was standing in front of me, I’d french kiss him, but John Driscoll is painful to watch sometimes. Just…… not good.

    Once this ‘bad cop’ story zzzzz- -I DID IT AGAIN! FELL ASLEEP! wraps up, Hopefully Heather and Eden will be less boring.

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    I’m torn, i ADORE Maura West BUT Y&R cast is so fucking bloated.

    I’m laughing at the fact that Diane will be blond, 10 years younger and a lot less tall that she used to be.

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    Good to see her on so quickly, hope the other vets would find something. B&B needs some new blood, tired of the same old crap. I would love to see Elizabeth Hubbard-Lucinda on B*B as Lucinda go a few rounds with Stephine, have back the clothing competition when Sally was alive, I can’t stand Jackie.

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    Hoosier Daddy

    There is clearly a disconnect with Y & R’s casting people. They get is half right. They cast good actors but in completely the wrong roles, although Marcy Rylan was miscast as Abby, she is growing on me and turning sh1t into sugar. Stephen Nichols has also been a major upgrade as Tucker.

    Darius McCrary…decent actor, completely wrong as Malcolm.

    Eden Riegel…same thing. The actress who plays Skye would make a better Heather.

    Maura West as Diane Jenkins? Susan Walters was even considered young for the role.

    What are they going to do now? Probably cast Terri Colombino or potentially Peck as a Emily Peterson when Haiduk leaves.

    Half the cast is going to be recurring with all these new hires.

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    I love Maura West and think she’s an outstanding actress, but I have no problems admitting that Alex Donnelly will always be MY Diane. She’s the one I grew up with. However, I no doubt that Maura won’t bring her own fire into the roll. I don’t know if casting her will be enough to make me want to tune back int Y&R; I haven’t watched the show in almost a year and judging by what I hear on the podcast and sometimes read online, I’m glad I’ve tuned out. Maybe if Sony would consider recasting a few headwriters and an executive producer……

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    RE: Eden Riegel…same thing. The actress who plays Skye would make a better Heather.

    I agree. She’s a good actress…. I even like her on the YAZ Birth Control Commericals :-) Hope she sticks around, and if she does? BET THEY PAIR HER UP WITH NICK!

    (Cuz ya know she and Adam are not meant to be)

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    I completely agree about Skye making a better Heather. She’s an outstanding actress and maybe they can somehow make her a permanent cast member. Who knows. They missed out not recasting Heather waaay back and using her in the role. They could have made her an ally of Adam’s, just like Skye, where she condoned what he did. The old one didn’t really.
    As for the Diane recast, I’m disappointed, as I said in the Y&R spoilers thread. She’s a great actress, she seems classy and sweet (I liked the curtsy thing with her daughter at the Emmys), but this recasting is just bad. They must be so dumb at the Y&R casting department to recast Diane with Maura West. What bothers me even more is that it’s been one bad recast after another on Y&R (and people thought AMC was dumb to recast Liza with that other girl).
    What happened to a decent casting director on this show? What’s the deal? Granted, Tucker’s recast was good, Abby’s was, Adam’s was, Billy’s was. But, one after another, they’ve managed to botch every recast. I for one think Maura West would have made a great Grace Turner. We haven’t seen much of the character, but she could come back and they could flesh out the character. Just a thought.

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    Akash Nikolas

    I’ve never cared for Diane Jenkins, but Maura West is PHENOMENAL! And at least MAB is scooping up daytime vets to go along with her penchant for Primetime D-List poaching.

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    Oh good grief. I am in the minority here and not looking forward to her being cast as Diane. I hate the character and not crazy about Carly on ATWT either. I guess that is what the FF button is for.

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    Marnie Salta was YR’s former casting director now she is at DAYS

    Camille St Cyr currently casts YR and needs to be dismissed

    Maura would have rocked as Victoria Newman and is only a year older than Amelia Henile

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    Ugh. I am torn like many. Maura is such a great addition to Y&R, but this is completely the wrong role. And no wonder there have been so many good recasts at Days as of late. Marnie Salta apparently has the smarts that St. Cyr doesn’t.

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    I think Maura would be a better Patty/Emily recast, or better yet, a brand new character. I will never buy her as Diane. I don’t care how good she was on ATWT, just like I don’t care how good Eden Reigel was on AMC—-she is wrong for this role.

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    Love Maura West, but the writing hacks at Y&R is not doing a very good job with plenty of the characters on the canvas, so I don’t think they will do MW justice. Eden, John, and others have flopped under MAB regime. But hope that we get a new writing team for Y&R soon.

  29. Profile photo of angrierblackerman

    Aw man, now I will have to start watching Y&R again! I’m so happy somebody snapped her up! Although I loved Susan Walters, I will gladly have Maura West epic talent in her place!

    This almost makes up for the recent casting.

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    AlistairCrane, why on earth would anyone want to re-cast Emily/Patty? Stacy was a knock-out actress in the role – she should have gotten that Emmy nomination without a doubt!
    As far as Maura, she is one of daytime’s treasures and Y&R should consider themselves very fortunate to have her- she will make Diane her own, and Michelle better watch out, for Maura is going to be the one to beat in the lead actress pre-noms in the winter (provided the usual cliquish voting does not play a part in it). I hope the writers do her justice and give her the rich material she deserves. Contrary to many opinions, I think she well deserved that Emmy this year over the other actresses.

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    Staci Haiduk is overrated, and Patty/Emily is now available for recasting, as SH has moved on to Days.

    Maura’s age and looks will work against her as Diane. As a blonde, she could have easily played Patty.

    When Reigel and Rylan were announced, many of us knew they would be horrible even before they first aired. And now, a few months later, our predictions have been proven correct to everyone. The same will be true about this silly recast. Another case of “right actor, WRONG role”.

  32. Profile photo of othell

    This is all I will say- Stacy Haiduk was far from over-rated, and she did not move on, for she was forced out. Her role on DAYS is just for a short stint, so she will be available if needed as Patti once more.
    You may be right that Eden has not impressed, but that is because of what she is forced to play. The writing can either make or break you, and if I were an actor I would be very afraid to be putting my career in the hands of the current Y&R writing team. If Maura is given decent material she will soar with it.
    As far as the age-appropriate thing goes, since when has this show paid attention to that rule? I wish the best to Maura, for she can bring much to this show if given the chance.

  33. Profile photo of terrifictam

    Congrats Maura! Any role she lands I will be happy and supportive of. She is one of THE BEST actresses daytime has — and I’m so glad her talents will be featured after ATWT ends. She was one of the reasons why I would tune into ATWT and I can’t wait to watch her on Y&R.

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    Well I have to say that I’ve never liked the Diane character, primarily I think because of the people playing her; Maura West, though younger, is so far and beyond superior an actress to either Alex Donnelly(stiff and awkward)or Susan Walters(who was better than Donnelly but that’s faint praise)that it’s almost a moot point–she might as well be playing a new character because she’s almost by default going to be more interesting in West’s hands than the previously one-note Diane ever was. Frankly, I’m thrilled because West, like that acting titan Michelle Stafford, is someone I could watch read the phone book and be perfectly content. Speaking of Stafford, can you say diva smackdown! Unlike that histrionic sap Sharon, Phyllis might actually have someone that can stand toe-to-toe with her; all I can say is bring it on bitches!

  35. Profile photo of rebalove7

    1 word… JACKPOT!!!!! ahhhh i am so happppy that Maura is going to a show that i watch! Could not even imagine not seeing her on a daily basis anymore!

  36. Profile photo of alstonboy4315

    I liked Susan Walters as Diane Jenkins, so I see no real NEED to recast that role, JUST LIKE THEIR DESIRE TO RECAST HEATHER STEVENS WITH EDEN RIEGEL!! And I agree that Maura seems too young to play Diane, but I am a fan of Maura’s work. It just seems like the actors who REALLY need to be replaced….(coughs, Clementine Ford and Amelia Heinle) get free passes to stay around and continue their mediocrity without any consequences.

    Hell, why not make her brunette and recast her as Victoria??? I am not going to complain about the divine Mrs. West getting a new job, and being on my screen again, but this seems like another case of right actress, wrong role.

  37. Profile photo of alstonboy4315

    Oh, and I agree–the girl who plays Skye would be a MUCH better Heather, in my opinion, than the lovely Eden Riegel, who I still look at DAILY and say—“Wouldn’t she be magnificent as MacKenzie????”

    As far as Maura joining Y&R, I am sure that Michelle Stafford had a subtle hand in suggesting her to TPTB. They are pretty good friends. It was sooo cute to see Michelle stand up and applaud her at the Emmys when she beat her. I am sure they will play MAGNIFICENTLY off of each other, and the collective sparks of these two powerhouses interacting together will be almost too much fabulosity for me to handle. However, does anyone else think that Kelly Menighan Hensley would be a decent Victoria recast???? She is OLDER, but doesn’t necessarily LOOK older. I could see her as Melody Thomas Scott’s daughter.

    I want to see Kelly back on another soap next, followed by Julie Pinson…and then Elizabeth Hubbard.

  38. Profile photo of SoapKrazy4

    although i am ABSOLUTELY THRILLED that im goin to see Maura West on my tv screen once again.. idk if i wanna c her on Y&R…i find unbearable to watch how bad its gotten lately..and even though im not familiar with the character she’ll be playin i just hope Y&R didnt mistakingly cast her as they’ve done ER & DM.. i would have rather seen her as Liza on AMC.. but heyy u cant have everything ya wish for right?.. but like i said im THRILLED to see such a wonderful actress such as Maura back on TV im lietrally doing flips!!!

  39. Profile photo of tedew

    I don’t know the work of Maura West but if someone new can inject some more life into this then great. I am rather surprised about the basically positive feedback on her casting though since past alumni seem to be brilliantly haloed saints in the minds of most.

    And … I hardly think that Stacy Haiduk was overrated.

    And … I think the writing and plots have improved or are showing promise recently.

  40. Profile photo of kerfuffles

    Of course no one knows if a recast or transplant from another soap will work on the new soap BUT….

    If there was ever an actress that could make it work, it’s Maura West. I am THRILLED by this news. I watch Y&R pretty religiously and watch ATWT only on days MW/Carly is on, so this is like KISMET to me.

    There are certain actresses that I love in daytime that I might have some doubts about them transferring from their “signature role” to a role on another soap. But MW is not one of them. She is just AMAZING. And I have little doubt that she has the talent to fit into whatever storyline Y&R writes for her.

    And while I’m a little sad to see Carly go, I’m also so excited to see MW playing a different role.

    OMG…Michelle Stafford and Maura West in scenes together?! Soap HEAVEN!!!!

  41. Profile photo of Nathang1983

    I’m hoping that she can own this role, but I’m not feeling it right now.
    Off subject a little, but I think Terri Colombino would be perfect as Mac. That is one recast that I can get excited about.

  42. Profile photo of Parrothead

    I decided to watch Y&R today to familiarize myself with the show again since it’s been years since i’ve watched it.
    Only comment i have to make is i hope Maura can either bring her own make-up & hair artists with her, because either some of the actresses either pissed them off & they took it out on them or they don’t know what they were doing.

  43. Profile photo of Goldgirl

    I mistook Maura for someone else last week, and said I would have preferred that they recast Susan Edwards (I believe it was) on another site. But when I saw her picture, I realized how wrong I was. The only thing I don’t like about this is that I hate Diane, and I love Maura, so, maybe she’ll make us love her underneath the bad choices she makes, as she continues her obsession with Jack. I can hardly wait until she starts lighting up our TV screens!

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