DC #568: Michael Muhney Interview

Fasten your seat belts Daytime Confidential listeners. You’re about to download one of our wildest podcasts ever! The Young and Restless game changer, Michael Muhney drops by to chat will Luke, Jamey and Jillian about what it was like to take over one of the most controversial and complex roles in recent daytime history, VIctor Adam Newman, Jr.

The veteran of primetime’s cult hit Veronica Mars reveals what made him go out for a part on a soap in the first place, when so many actors see daytime as a "stepping stone". Muhney shares how any initial reservations were quickly snuffed out after a few days of working with such enormous talents as Eric Braeden, Eileen Davidson, Peter Bergman and others.

He also spills the tea about what he believes makes Adam tick, citing Shakespearean themes and psychological underpinnings that has the DC crew wishing Muhney were not only starring in a soap, but helping to write his storyline!

Muhney also gets real about the contract issues that almost led to his saying goodbye to Y&R and Adam for good. What led him to stick with the role? You’ll have to tune in to hear him tell it in his own words, that is when he isn’t matching the gang snark for snark and Jamey, impersonation for impersonation.

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28 Responses

  1. Profile photo of alstonboy4315

    Michael Muhney helping write the show???? We ALL know the CBS Daytime brass ain’t having that. LOL!! The last actress who asked for that privilege walked away with egg on her face. ;)

    After all, letting an actor help guide the hands of a maniacally misguided headwriter is ludicrous, ain’t it?? Absolutely ludicrous. Especially since they have all proven themselves to be so competent and adept at great storytelling as of the past year!!! Note my HEAVY sarcasm.

    Okay, off my soapbox!!!!And I agree that Michael Muhney is a clever and charming guy. It almost makes me feel guilty that I am starting to DESPISE his alter ego.

  2. Profile photo of pecola

    Great interview.

    I’m still skeptical about the blindness issue (which is something I have a hard time suspending disbelief about because of Signy Coleman’s portrayal of Hope) but I do adore Michael Muhney a little more now.

  3. Profile photo of RebeccaJ

    MM is a very good looking guy, but I am so over Adam. His first storyline dragged on and on and now the apparent redemption of his character is doing the same thing.

  4. Profile photo of TC irene
    TC irene

    Great Interview Everybody!

    Michael Muhney…what can I say ? What a funny,charming guy.
    Good to hear so much thought process has gone into playing Adam, twisted wingnut that he is. Wish the writers were as clear on his “vision”… sorry, motivations as the actor seems to be.

  5. Profile photo of Restless Vixen
    Restless Vixen

    Fantastic interview! The banter and discussion were good stuff – two thumbs way up.

    As an unashamed senior member of the Michael Muhney (and Adam)fangirl club, I cannot get enough of his wit and intelligence. And he aint hard on the eyes, either…me-owwww! It’s so cool that he did his soap opera homework and has learned to respect the genre.

    Jamey Giddens – you are so nast-ay! Love it!

  6. Profile photo of cheryl85

    Michael is the best interview ever on this site! I love his imagination and how analytical he is with the Adam character. He lives for Adam. It’s fantastic stuff, so glad DC got this interview.

  7. Profile photo of reggyreg


    While I will agree with you that Michael likes to hear himself talk, I am SO glad he is on Y&R! He is a very good actor and I think he cares about his craft. I wish more actors on that show would take it more seriously like Michael.

  8. Profile photo of CarlyCfan

    So, Michael Muhney has been helping write the show?? I wondered why the writing was so shamelessy pro-Adam, i guess i have my anwer. ;)

    Actually i don’t want him to be the guy next door, Mr. Muhney i just want him off my fucking screen. Worst show eater in the history of Y&R.

  9. Profile photo of Jamey Giddens
    Jamey Giddens

    No, he hasn’t been helping write the show! LOL I said he SHOULD be writing it, after hearing all of the careful thought he puts into getting into Adam’s head space. Michael thinks about drama like a classical playwright, Shakespeare, Tennessee Wiliams. It was extremely refreshing to hear him talk. It sort of restored my faith that some people working in daytime don’t get ideas from cracker jacks boxes. LOL

  10. Profile photo of tedew

    CarlyCfan … It looks like you need to relax or go on vacation or something. It’s just Daytime.

    I do agree that his story has gone on far too long in the bizarre direction that it took but I don’t think he is the worst show eater in the history of Y&R. Adam should really have been brought in as a fun and reasonable foil to Nick and Victoria and as Victor’s ally; but the other things happened so we have to live with that.

    As an aside … I know we are probably all adults here for the most part but I think that the use of expletives might be a bit much. (Does not bother me but some may find it a bit offensive and this site needs as much input as it can get to get our opinions across to those who may be in a position to care.)

  11. Profile photo of CarlyCfan

    tedew… You don’t need to patronize me i expressed MY opinion as i have the right to, just like you did. And don’t worry, i’m well aware that it’s just a soap.

  12. Profile photo of RealityCheck 33
    RealityCheck 33

    Muhney’s performance jumps off the screen and keeps Y&R watchable. I don’t tune in to see the same old soap crap that has been on for years. Finally, an actor has the talent to stand out, yet he’s accused of being the “worst show eater in the history of Y&R” by some foul-mouthed blow-hard. Eh?

  13. Profile photo of tedew

    I don’t think I was being patronizing at all CarlyCfan and I don’t think I really disagree with most opinions regarding Adam. But that does not negate my other opinion that his is one of the top actors on Y&R and also has the best lines right now and could have been (and possibly will be) a driving force.

    I guess I am just being a bit conservative but (even though I could certainly use and would like to use extreme profanity at times) I’m just not sure this is the place to express my opinion in that manner.

  14. Profile photo of Sporty

    meh, muhney is as self absorbed as his character, no wonder he enjoys him so much. writing for the show eh? well now we know why it has become the adam newman satan hour. what a way to ruin a great soap

  15. Profile photo of Dariclone

    I don’t even watch Y&R abd I now love Michael Muhney! You’re absolutly right, Jamey, he needs to be writing! He has such insight into daytime and acting in general, he makes more than any so called executive.
    And om God, the funny! What a way to laugh away a stomach ache!

  16. Profile photo of troymcclure

    I was never a fan of Muhney, I just don’t get the hype and I’m certainly not a fan now.
    My lord, that man has an ego, what would daytime do without him? *roll eyes*

    Since he was so outspoken and all I sure would’ve liked to hear his comments on Chris Engen. That was like the elephant in the room. I think you spoke about everything and everyone except that.

  17. Profile photo of tedew

    RealityCheck33 … I would certainly not call someone a “blow-hard” for simply expressing a legitimate and logical opinion. That is what this site is for even if we disagree or have our own alternate opinions.

  18. Profile photo of Meg

    Hey Guys,

    I don’t watch Y&R, it never could hold my attention, but I have seen Michael Muhney on Veronica Mars. After this interview though, I have massive respect for him as an actor and person. He’s real and funny with great ideas and I would totally tune in to Y&R just to seem him. Memo to Y&R, considering all your ridiculous casting decisions and gaffs in the media lately, maybe you should hire Muhney to the PR team…he did more for your show in terms of good publicity in one podcast than your show’s team of writers/casting agents/and pr People have done all year!

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