DAYS’ Reckell on Bo Learning Fancy Butt’s Gone Fool in The Head: “It’s Like Being Run Over by a Jet Plane”

Fancast’s Sara Bibel caught up with Peter Reckell and Kristian Alfonso at the recent Television Critics Association (TCA) party in Los Angeles for her Deep Soap blog. Check out what Reckell had to say about his alter ego, Bo learning Hope (Alfonso) went so bat shit crazy, hyped up on generic grade Ambien, that she almost killed him:

How does it impact Bo to learn that the love of his life is capable of this?

Reckell: It’s like being run over by a jet plane because it’s a lot of information that I didn’t have and didn’t know about. [Hope was] seeing the anger that she hasn’t even realized yet through the videotape. I was faced with the emotions that came from our split up. The sorrow’s been huge.

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    I can’t say that I HATE this story, but it’s a little too cartoonish for my taste. Roughly 10% of it even qualifies as entertaining or interesting. The rest is garbage. There’s a difference between GOOD camp and BAD camp….and ditto for GOOD over-the-top and BAD over-the-top!!!! The dialogue is waaaaay over the top and contrived, (and NOT in a good way!) and I wonder what demographic the folks at DAYS are trying to pull in with it. Certainly not saavy and intelligent adult viewers. Maybe they are angling for the teen and tween demographic??? If that’s the case, I think they owe tweens and teens around the country an apology!!!

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    What bothers me is its the same ole same ole. Bo got trashed by everyone in town because Hope left him and moved into Victors house and now its his fault that Hope’s went off the deep end with her sleeping pills. I just wish that for once Hope didnt get an excuse I know its so they can put Bope back together but it needs to be written better.

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    Why in the living hell, is the title of this blog post so sarcastic?

    This is Days of Our Lives. It’s always been cartoonish. Cartoonish with beautiful actors, some that are so talented, that they can make a ‘cartoon’ come to life. Peter Reckell and Kristian Alfonso have been playing the hell out of this story. The problem with the haters, is that they fail to see that this is just not about Hope being mad about losing her husband to some big nosed heifer. It goes back to poor little Zach, being killed by Bo’s ugly daughter with that prostitute, Billie Reed.

    And that little girl that plays Sierra is acting her little behind off. For years now, Bo and Hope were either supporting characters for Sean D and his stupid storylines, or we were fed crap about Bo being ‘psychic’ or some other nonsense.

    I LOVE this storyline! And bringing Crystal Chappelle back as a rival, was smart. I have always thought that Carly would be real competition for Hope, if she ever returned to Salem. I’m not so thrilled with the decision to destroy Lawrence and Carly’s love story, in order to make Carly’s return believable. But between this storyline, and the bad ass storyline of Victor Kiriakis juggling THREE women, Days of Our Lives is kicking much butt.

    Thanks for the link to the interview. It was good to read PR and KA’s thoughts on the storyline, Melissa Reeves’s return and the show as a whole.

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    That’s how I feel Jamey. Don’t talk shit about the same person who help save your show, then turn around and do a storyline he would do. It makes you, Kenny, seem like a hypocrite.

    I also agree with alstonboy4315, the storyline isn’t as horrible some see it. Sure, has it a lot of goofy shit, and makes Bo and Hope out of character. For instance, I think it was Friday’s episode, Bo said something to Roman, Hope didn’t know what the pills were going to do to her. Granted it’s a soap but I was like WTH! This is where Dena looses writing points, doctors tend to tell you what meds have side effects and plus it’s on the prescribe bottle. In these economic times, no one wants a law suit. But with a Doctor named Spaceman what else is new.

    I can’t hammer Dena and Chris too bad this week because everything on Days was good IMO. Eric, Kristian, and Ari and the rest were all acting this week, that’s because the writing was there, I’m hoping that continues. Yet I’m crossing my fingers Dena has logical explanation (lol) for not only this storyline but the others. Maybe since EJ got clubbed up the head by Hope and whenever Stefano finds out it could spark a Brady and Dimera rivalry once more. Just please no microchips!

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    [quote=Katiebug9624]What bothers me is its the same ole same ole. Bo got trashed by everyone in town because Hope left him and moved into Victors house and now its his fault that Hope’s went off the deep end with her sleeping pills. I just wish that for once Hope didnt get an excuse I know its so they can put Bope back together but it needs to be written better.[/quote]

    I do agree
    I am about to give up watching DAYS after 30 years.
    I am so sick of Saint Hope stories, Hope never being blamed and Bo being thrown under the bus so Hope can remain the innocent sainted one.
    When does Hope get to be a grown up and stop blaming Bo for all her mistakes.
    When does Bo get a story that is ABOUT BO, instead of the same old same old fifteen years of Bo rescuing Hope’s pathetic and incompetent butt.
    DAYS is an insult to women, Hope is an insult to female law enforcement.
    Hope is like some bratty child who gets to thrown temper tantrums, blame Bo, and NOW physically hurt him and yet even Bo’s family blames him. It’s sick.

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    Someone needs to tell Reckell. It’s not being hit by a plane. It’s BO being thrown under the bus for yet another Hope story. I suspect after fifteen years of the same story,Bo being thrown under the bus is the norm for Reckell. So he probably has to think of ways to describe his frustration with alienating the Cult of Hope and their president, Corday. In evert story Hope gets angry with or leaves Bo, blames Bo, gets in trouble and is saved by Bo, but never really accepts it as enough. Apparently Bo saving Hope in every story (including having to leave his hospital bed after a transplant because supercop Hope, despite being the best according to Abe, Roman, Bo) is not enough proof ever of his loyalty and love. So she gets to leave, insult, trahsh him over and over, yet Bo gets blamed, he gets demonized and he now gets to save the womanchild who tried to burn him alive.

    Same old, same old.

    I think Bo fans are done. We can’t even get Bo’s own family to support him. SO why bother. Saint Hope of DAYS wins every story, while Reckell’s talents are wasted.

    CC and PR were amazing (a really believable adult love story) but the 1950s mind set wins. Hope can have no brains or grow up. And Bo can have no b*lls.

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