Ex-Mayors Luke and Viki Collide

What would happen if Victoria Lord Burke Riley Buchanan Carpenter Davidson Banks (Erika Slezak) and Lucas Lorenzo Spencer, Sr (Anthony Geary) had a chat? Watch after the jump!

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    OMG…I am not one to mince words, so I’ll just come out and say it. GET THESE TWO IN THE SAME STORYLINE ASAP! Now THIS is acting. I was literally tearing up listening to both characters discuss their past and current loves. This was definitely a home run for me. Cheers!

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    I watch Y&R, but in high school watched a bit of OLTL and GH and I have to say I really enjoyed this snippet. It was well played and very interesting. There was a nice sense of melancholy.

    I think this is a creative way to engage the fans. I never was one for the way ABC pushed the younger characters, but I have to say CBS should take some hints at the way they are promoting their line up.

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    I agree with gslam and Alstonboy. This shows why between the TWO of them there are TWELVE Emmys! This short is second only to Todd/Spinelli and not by much. This is a story I could be interested in and is 100% true to character. It is nice to have these two heavy weights on screen together.

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    The best “What If” of all so far!!!!! Hard not to tear up! These two awesome Emmy winning actors are magnificent together! Why can’t Vicki visit Port Charles on newspaper business or Luke visit Llanview for a great “deal”? I would love to see more of TG and ES together!!!

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    I wish I could watch but I cannot on my work computer. I do have a question. Does anyone know when this was filmed? Will Tony Geary be back in Port Charles soon? Is he back from his vacation or was this shot before he left? Will Vicki be back as well?

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    Slezak and Geary are the two BEST actors on ABC Daytime. No arguments to the contrary will be entertained, folks!! ;) ;) LOL!!! It’s a shame that they get the storyline scraps nowadays while less capable actors end up on the frontburner time and time again!!

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    I have been waiting for this one, and I wasn’t disappointed!! Anthony Geary and Erika Slezak were awesome!! I agree, I would love to see these two in a cross-soap storyline!

    Now on a more comical note, it would have been funny if it was Luke Spencer meets Niki Smith!! LOL! Just think about that one LOL!!!! Hey, how about Tad Martin meets Roxy Balsam!! LOL!!

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    Amazing what happens when great acting and good writing and directing come together; maybe a little less on the gimmicks kids and hunks and a little more emphasis on where it counts — like making stories for actors who can turn out this kind of work that leaves you breathless over a scene of a couple minutes — everyone is whining about what happened to daytime and here’s your explanation — not enough of what is really GOOD and too much junk!

    Thanks to the King and Queen of daytime for this — and whoever wrote and directed it!

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