Sneak Peek at Brenda Barrett’s First Scenes Back on General Hospital!

Check out these spoiler clips, featuring supermodel Brenda Barrett’s (Vanessa Marcil Giovinazzo) premiere scenes back on General Hospital. Apparently, despite the success she’s found over the past seven years and being in a relationship with a red-hot movie star, our Ms. Barrett still isn’t quite happy! I guess once you go Sonny (Maurice Benard) you can’t go back ! Check out the teasers from We Love Soaps TV after the jump:









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    Just get this big homecoming over with so I can stop hearing about it already!

    Best thing about this to me is Adrienne B! It’s great to see her again. I love Adrienne! Brenda? Eh, not so much. Didn’t miss her.

  2. Profile photo of wjhboy73

    She has a career and a hot movie star boyfriend who doesn’t seem to be an a$$hole and she’s pining over the woman-hating mobster in Port Charles….. sounds about right for a female character in Port Charles on a Guza written GH….. Good luck :(

  3. Profile photo of watchingallday

    wjhboy73, but he has dimples when he smiles. So what that he shoots cops point blank or sets car bombs and nearly kills one of his children.

    I personally could not give 2 shoots about Brenda, but as a “fan” of the show, I look forward to the ratings boost she will bring (probably not as much as tiic think she will and certainly not enough to deserve the pr it has been given), but i fully expect Guza to screw this up like he has pretty much everything in the last few years.

  4. Profile photo of alstonboy4315

    With all the promotion and hoopla regarding her return, it’s gonna be AWFULLY disappointing for the honchos at ABC Daytime if the ratings don’t improve as significantly as they CLAIM they will!!!! I hope Brenda has some magic dust in her purse!!! Just sayin’……………

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    If he can’t write a decent story for LUKE AND LAURA, and can’t even get the show somewhat interesting right before his “muse” comes back so that she’s coming back to a HOT show and stirring things up….. Just saying….

    Hope you Brenda fans are being cautiously optimistic….. Because for me , the ONLY thing that’s been interesting about this return is those HOT boots Vanessa is wearing in the promos…. and I’m not even a shoe guy ;)

  6. Profile photo of Jenny

    Hope you Brenda fans are being cautiously optimistic….. B[/quote]
    Trust me, the majority of us are. LOL!! I hope for the best but expect the worst.

  7. Profile photo of GHvetfan

    I know in my heart that these writers are going to mess up Brenda. I knew Sarah Brown was making a HUGE mistake when she first came back. That doesn’t stop me from hoping for the best. It could happen. GH is due to do something right eventually. The odds have to be in our favor at some point.

  8. Profile photo of east.west

    Brenda’s return has one thing going for it than the other return of GH faves. The combo of the writer and TPTB actually caring for the actress and character and the hopeful remorse they should have for doing her wrong the last time around.

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    Hey Jamey – Love your website and daily columns. I log on everyday to read your passionate coverage of the medium! But as a big Sonny & Brenda fan that goes back to the days of 1994… there’s one thing I would like to respectfully point out… and that S&B (not Brenson) were a couple prior to Brangelina and this name mainstream smushing habit…they are not Brenson or BrenJax… they are S&B & J&B…..if you could refer to them as such it would be greatly appreciated. Similarly, John & Marlene were never Jarlena but J&M….I’m all for name smushing when it works or nickname such as CarJax, CarSon, CarJack, Liasion, or Scrubs.. but for other couples where there are so many consonants… simpler is the better way to go :)


  10. Profile photo of Dariclone

    I got sucked in watching the current GH Brenda-thon and I’m loving it! But I have to say compared to the classic episodes we’re seeing none of the promos for her return look that riveting.

  11. Profile photo of taylor029

    Well, I am happy that VM is coming back but if they put her back with the character of Sonny, I will probably stop watching again. That story line is so old and the character of Sonny is very annoying! I wish they would write him off the show already, that would be a good story line.

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