Lisa LoCicero to Guest on BONES!

One of my favorite primetime shows and one of my favorite daytime stars, who could ask for more? Lisa LoCicero (Olivia, General Hospital) took to her Twitter yesterday letting fans know she had just landed a guest spot on the hit show BONES.

Yay me! Just booked a fun guest star on "Bones"… Now to fit it in to GH schedule..

LoCicero also spoke with ABC Soaps in Depth about her role and who we may see playing her son.

The actress will play Janine Genaro — a woman described in the casting breakdown as a REAL HOUSWIFE OF NEW JERSEY meets Victoria Gotti — whose son, wannabe fitness guru Ritchie "The V" Genaro, is murdered. "They’re trying to get The Situation to play my son," LoCicero tells Soaps In Depth, referring to THE JERSEY SHORE star Mike Sorrentino. "Lord help me!"

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    I hope she has more guest starring roles in the works because now that “Guza and Company” have their “muse” back, characters like Olivia and Claire will most assuredly see their airtime cut in half—or less!! P.S– Can they PLEASE cut more of Lisa’s airtime????????? Please???????

    And I think Lisa L. looks fabuous in this picture. I see absolutely nothing wrong with it.

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    OH NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Really?????????????????? NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Psych. Just kidding. ;) ;) I thought for a second you meant OLIVIA. Lisa can die NOW for all I care. Just my humble opinion.

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    At least Robin will get a REAL story….not this bad Lifetime movie KNOCKOFF garbage…..

    But another “murder mystery”…a la Brianna Barnes??? Cringe. I hope this one is more interesting and makes more sense.

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