Will Billy Warlock do Double Duty on DAYS and OLTL?

Soaps in Depth is reporting that veteran actor Billy Warlock (ex-Blackie, ATWT; ex-Ben, Y&R; ex-AJ, GH; ex-Frankie, DAYS) will be reprising the role of Frankie Brady on Days of Our Lives. This initially led to speculation that Warlock would be vacating the role of Ross Rayburn on One Life to Live, however a OLTL spokesperson said the actor is still currently taping for the ABC sudser.

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    Melvins mom

    Why, oh why can’t it be Matt Ashford? Are we going to have to endure another story about Jennifer coming back broken hearted because of something Jack did so someone else can woo her? It would be nice, given that there is no Alice and Tom anymore, for this show to have one long-lasting,somewhat normal couple we could root for! Doug and Julie might count if they actually were more than supporting players every other month.

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    Frankie is the least interesting role Billy has played. Hopefully this news doesn’t mean Days is going to pair him with the recently returned Jennifer. If so, despite my undying love for Melissa Reeves, I will not be watching.

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    I’d rather see him in a role he vacated than in some generic recast anyway. I want him back as AJ… OR as Edwards secret grandson, perhaps one of his illegitimate grandchildren, who happens to be the exact double of AJ… except this new Quartermaine would NOT be an alcoholic, not be a bad guy, not be the whipping boy for his generation or the dupeless foe for saint Jason and the almighty criminal Sonny. It would be awesome because they would treat him at first like they treated AJ but this double would fight back–and win, or at least stand a chance! He could be successful and we could feel redeemed for the horrendous mess they made writing and sacrificing what should have been a core character the way they messed up and ruined AJ.

    A girl can dream.

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    I partially wish that Julie Pinson would return to DAYS as Billie, but her return would probably be EQUALLY as disappointing as Crystal Chappell’s has been!!!!

    And I REALLY wish he were going back to GH as AJ Quartermaine. I don’t know much about DAYS’ Frankie, but I shall watch and stay open-minded.

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    Melvins mom, I totally agree! I hope we’re getting Jack back with Jennifer because another stupid break up or death won’t be tolerated. I hope Days isn’t going to destroy Jack and Jennifer off-screen(again!) like they did most recently with Justin and Adrienne.

    As for Frankie, I’ve always liked Billy Warlock, and I do like the character, although not romantically with Jennifer. I’m interested in his interactions with Carly and Melanie, especially given the fact that Melanie is the adopted sister of Frankie’s adopted brother Max.

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    Well now according to SOD and Gary Tomlin, he’s not returning.

    Another Soap Return For Billy Warlock?
    Today’s hot rumor? Billy Warlock (Blackie, ATWT; Ross, OLTL) is headed back to DAYS. Digest has learned that the actor, who is still taping at OLTL, is not slated to return to Salem at this time. “We have no plan,” says Co-Executive Producer Gary Tomlin. “I like Billy, but there’s nothing in the works on that front for now.”


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    Every time I see “Billy Warlock” “returns” or “going to” and it is not followed by the words GH as AJ Quartermaine, a little piece of love for GH dies a little. All that I want is for him to return to GH and for them to NOT treat AJ as some loser piece of trash scapegoat to prop up that douche bag Sonny and his lapdog/brains Jason. The treatment and murder of AJ is my biggest gripe with GH/Bob Guza. Until that is fixed, I don’t care who returns (no matter how ridiculously hard they promote it), I will never forgive them for that!

    As far as him on Days, I agree it would be a mistake to have him with Jennifer if she has broken up with Jack off screen. That is a ridiculously lopsided triangle, and as such I do not want to see Billy play another character that continually gets the short end of the stick.

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    It sounds like this rumor took on a life of its own. Warlock’s appearances on ATWT and OLTL are enough for me. His A.J. is my favorite GH character, but I got tired of him being everyone’s whipping boy. If he went back to GH, he probably be blamed for Michael’s coma, Claudia’s murder, and Michael’s prison beating/possible rape.

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    As long as he doesn’t come back to General Hospital as AJ Quartermaine. When Sean Keenan played AJ the character was marginally tolerable, but I absolutely hated Warlock’s portrayal. I shudder to think of the writers doing yet another resurrection.

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    watchingallday, I love you like a play cousin but I’m with engradypine on this one, it cut like a knife to see my sean in opening credits of the 1st Brenda episode, if AJ comes back to life and he should, it should be in the form of SK.

    And if they bring back Ned, EET and I agree: it should be Kurt McKinney, right EET? 0:)

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    Maxsmom…uh uh..where’d ya get that one. I prefer WK. BUT…I do agree on SK. I MUCH prefered SK’s AJ. Good thing DaisyClover left DC for the most part – she would kill me for saying that.

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