Noah Misinterprets What He Sees on ATWT

Next week, Noah (Jake Silbermann) sees Reid (Eric Sheffer Stevens) with another man (Chris, Daniel Cosgrove) and tells Luke (Van Hansis). Blackthorn (Billy Warlock) discovers a microphone bug on Carly (Maura West) and Dusty (Grayson McCouch) is pushed into a van. Watch the As the World Turns promo after the jump.

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    I’ve always been a Luke and Noah fan…. I’m a sucker for young love…. And then the writers just mucked it up so badly with stupid plots and bad writing….

    Reid comes in to shake things up and the writers muck it up again with barely there plot, no forward moving action…. ? WTF.

    Having watched a marathon of YOU TUBE clips of early Luke and Noah, I’m hoping for a reunion. Just on a nostalgia kick I guess….

    And with only a month left on the air and no sex for Luke and Reid, on the horizon, maybe Luke and Noah can work through all their issues and ride off into the sunset together….


    I’m really bitter. These people have known for a year that they were going off the air and they couldn’t get their s*** together and write this show like it should be written….. Wasn’t it the number 1 show for a DECADE?


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