Crazy Bumps Into Quirky: Rex & Maxie Meet

Ever wonder what a conversation between Rex (John-Paul Lavoisier) and Maxie (Kristen Storms) would entail? ABC's back again with their, "What If" series. Watch after the jump!


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ok So I wasn't expecting much form this What if episode featuring two characters I use to like but now seem to annoy me. And while the writing was lame, I liked JPL and KS. Why is it that I can enjoy JPL only outside of his current pairing?

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They should have had Maxie meet Gigi given Kirsten's real life friendship with Farah.

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Out of curiosity - which one is crazy and which one is quirky?

This was probably the least enjoyable of all the What Ifs so far...

And you're right No Daisy - JPL is enjoyable in any scene not involving Farah Fath. Nothing against her either - they just have zero chemistry for a real-life couple! Same went for Ameila Heinle and Thad Luckinbull on Y&R. You'd think some of that real-life intensity and passion would transfer onscreen!

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I liked John Paul & Kirstin'a chemistry but did they really need the plot point of the corny mairred couple sucking face. And if they did, why not get a couple of actors from one of the soaps to play them? Come on, use some creativity people!
I guess the plot was mean to Maxie rethink what she's doing to Spinelli but we know this short won't have ant impact on canon, so what's the point?
Oh and I haven't been watching lately, what *has* Kirstin Storms' done to her hair?

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I think they are purposefully trying to drive me crazy by once again releasing another what if that ISNT john and sam. ACK!!! give me my caleb/livie!! LOL.