David Discovers Angie’s Secret on AMC

Everyone is out to get big bad David Hayward (Vincent Irizarry) this week on All My Children. From Pine Valley’s “One True Loves” Ryan (Cameron Mathison) and Greenlee (Rebecca Budig) to the Hubbards, David better watch his back! Watch this week’s AMC promo after the jump.

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    David is starting to become the Victor Newman of ABC Daytime. Not only is that tired but its sooo not what AMC is. In the house that Agnes built, the bad people or fairly good people who did terrible things from time to time always got their comeuppance. Erica, Adam, Palmer, Phoebe, Sean Cudahy, Skye, Janet, Liza, etc. etc. did not win them all. To see them get knocked down, dust themselves off, and come back ready to take another shot, is damn good writing. Hell, I remember when David was sweeping and mopping the hallways of Pine Valley Hospital, being told what hallway to do next by Dr. Joe, while mortal enemies Adam and Palmer called a truce long enough to share a bowl of popcorn and make fun of him. That’s the AMC I know.

    I bet you if Lorraine Broderick were to stay on as Head Writer, he would’ve got his. David is looong overdue for some payback. Like Luke Kerr, I’m trying to give my story and the new head writers a fair try but this David crap alone is really trying my patience.

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    Isn’t Lorraine Broderick still a part of the headwriting team at AMC????

    I don’t like cartoon villains who run around town AMUK and never get their just desserts….(ahem, Y&R’s Adam, I’m talking about YOU also!!) Older writers like Agnes and Irna Phillips understood that a TRULY interesting villain is a well-crafted character who is HUMAN, but does good as well as bad things. Every good villain must eventually pay the piper, otherwise, they lose their rooting value. I love Vincent Irizarry, but David needs to be knocked down a PEG—-or a thousand!!!!!!!! Ditto for Mr. Victor Newman Jr., who is STILL twirling his mustache and needs someone to burst HIS proverbial bubble as well!!!

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    I myself am a huge David Hayward fan and reading comments on youtube and here I see alot of David haters.
    I certainly wouldn’t mind David getting busted or “paid back” once in awhile as long as that doesn’t mean him going to prison or Vincent leaving the show.

    Why can’t they reform him on occasion? Give him a real true equal woman to be his new love sort of like he was with Anna?

    Or was it Alex? I don’t remember. LOL

    I am a couple weeks behind but are Greenlee and Ryape already back together? I will be totally disgusted watching that relationship.

    Keep Ryan with Madison unless Madison could get with Frankie.

    But with Frankie and Randi dating in real life they seem to never break real life couples up.

    I need to start catching up. SHould I just read the recaps and skip ahead? lol

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    Also I know I am the only one but I love David and Angie scenes and always hoped their fights would love lead to an animalistic moment of passion. That would be so interesting.

    Maybe he can be the one to help her with her medical problem
    although it has nothing to do with her heart.

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    David does deserve some punishment, but I think that should come in the form of really exploring who the character is, why he does the things he does. David should be forced to face up to his personality, and his flaws. He needs a wakeup call of sorts. Erica almost dying didn’t do it, Drugging Adam who killed Stuart didn’t do it. So what would finally make David face his ugliness?

    What ever happened to David’s father? When David had Erica tied up(Re-dic!), she taunted him about his father, and seemed to touch a nerve. David reacted violently to this. Could it be that David had a less than stellar relationship with dear old Dad? WE NEED TO SEE THIS!

    I am not saying he should be completely redeemed, because God knows a soap needs villains, but until they actually create another Billy Clyde, or Ray Gardener, we will have to make do with these semi-cartoonish villains. David is Skeletor, Hordak, Mumm-Ra, and Megatron all rolled into one…a complete cartoon!

    We have known David for YEARS, but we don’t know anything about his childhood, or his early adult life. We know he did some nasty things to women in his life, but we have no clue as to why he has become such a sociopath.

    He needs to face his demons and be forced to look at himself. I don’t think Kreiszman and Swajeski can do that, I think Lorraine may be able to, if she is allowed.

    I think David needs a child…but not in the way he wants. I think maybe he should have an unplanned child, like an accidental miracle. A boy preferably. I would have it be a real emotional storyline for him, because basically, this child will be one he gets to raise from start to finish. I would start the storyline off with a bullet in Jake’s head, so as not to have any interference. J/K.

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    Lorraine is on the AMC writing team but it’s David and Donna whose names you see first when you see: Written By.

    Her name was 3rd after theirs. That’s how it appeared when I watched on Monday.

    Her name should be first though! Donna should be a scripter and Killer Kriezman should be not listed at all.

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    Daniel St. John

    I am all for David getting his comeuppance but not at the hands of these sanctimonious assholes.
    I am all for David murdering Ryan in cold blood and never paying for it. I am all for David slipping Jesse some experimental drug that somehow makes him not be such an annoying, whiny beeyotch all the time.
    I am all for David locking Greenlee in an abandoned warehouse and never letting her out as long as it means I never have to hear about how Ryan is the great love her life as if Leo never existed.
    All of the people out to get David are hypocritical douchebags who do not deserve the satisfaction of getting one over on him because they are all just as bad as he is.

    And what David needs in his life is his momma; AMC needs to snatch up Marj Dusay and bring Vanessa back as the less insane but still deliciously evil Big Bad that AMC is lacking. That way David can go back to being a complex character with layers instead of this one note clown that he has been turned into.

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    We actually do know David’s backstory. He was sort of weak and when he failed at something – memory escapes me – vanessa taunted him and taunted him until he killed himself I believe in front of david. We found this all out when erica tied up david back in the day.

    David always was a complex character – much in the way of palmer or adam, but the writing hasnt done him much justice the last few years. I agree with Y2 they need to pair him with someone who truly loves him but is strong enough to handle him. They might have achieved that with Greenlee but they blew it. I might like David and Liza – I could see her finding out one of his schemes and instead of being headon like greens, being the one to out scheme david and teach him a lesson.

    I agree too that i might be more interested in payback if the “wronged”characters werent ryasslee. I was starting to like ryan with Madison. WHY do they keep shoving this blah pairing down our throats.

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    Daniel St. John

    David’s dad was the original Proteus (he couldn’t support Vanessa’s extravagant lifestyle on just his regular salary) and when he decided he didn’t want to do it anymore his partners in crime threatened to kill David so Vanessa had to take over the family drug business to keep David safe. It was this failure that Vanessa would taunt David’s father with and was what caused David’s dad to kill himself.
    All David ever knew was that Vanessa was a ball-buster and emasculated his father and that she drove him to suicide.

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