Elizabeth Hubbard Sounds Off On ATWT's Cancellation


Elizabeth Hubbard
discussed with TV Guide's Michael Logan her thoughts on As the World Turns leaving the airwaves in favor of the chat show, The Talk.
TV Guide Magazine: Thoughts on the cancellation?
Hubbard: What can one say? I am told ATWT has been replaced by a talk show, something along the lines of The View only all the people will be talking about their babies. Really? Not everybody wants to hear about babies, do they? I think you want to hear about that stuff when you have a problem, but people need something that takes you into a different world, which is what the soaps have always done so beautifully. I've been so lucky playing Lucinda — a character who could do anything. She could lie, break the law, she didn't have to be good and she always had that checkbook ready. Always!

Hubbard also revealed how she landed a recurring role on a Dutch soap.

TV Guide Magazine: What's with you and Amsterdam? You're always visiting there and you recently even had a running role on a Dutch soap opera.
ATWT is well liked over there and I first went over to do Lucinda PR — they have talk shows everybody watches but claims they don't. And out of that came this offer to be on the soap opera there. And then when I learned that the character was a sexologist, well, I was thrilled! It was wonderful! She was an American who'd gotten knocked up as a hippie. Her daughter was one of the heroines of the show. I did my homework, reading as much as I could and visiting real sexologists. I even went to Babeland! I started going to Holland back in the Clinton administration when I was asked to present the Dutch Academy Award for soap-opera acting. ATWT didn't want me to go. But I went. It was just a weekend. I took two dresses. One was sexy but Raquel Welch was also on the show with me so I didn't wear that one. I wore the other one. For my intro, the host of the show — a Victor Borge-type man — started to play "My Favorite Things" from The Sound of Music. But because this was right in the middle of the Lewinsky scandal, the lyrics didn't go "Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens...." You can get away with anything on Dutch TV so, instead, the host sang, "F---ing and sucking and humping and..." Well, you get the idea. And then I came out on stage! So that was the start of my Dutch career — and I ended up as a sexologist!

What a firecracker!


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9 September 2009
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Good for Liz it's about time, someone needs to tell those sons of a bitches off. I can't wait for John Dixon to return, finally something to look forward too.

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8 April 2010
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Elizabeth is a gem. I'm going to miss Lucinda!Sad

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12 February 2010
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Elizabeth is clearly a woman with a TREMENDOUS amount of intelligence who can see through the bull$*it!!! This ridiculous talk show is DOOMED for failure......any RATIONAL person can see that. Moonves and the rest of his talking heads are too blinded by greed and hubris to see it.

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14 December 2008
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She is so great! I love her thoughts om the show that eill be replacing them. I like babies but don't have any and definitly wouldn't watch a show that was just about that nor do I know many mothers who would eithier. I think she's right on!

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She is so talented and I can honestly say I have enjoyed every scene she has been in on the show. I will miss her.
I agree about the talk show. Women with kid's are out working trying to support them. Daytime's audience is older people. I am especially glad it is going to tank because it is starring the wife of the man who is responsible for taking our soap off the air. Les Moonves said "the day of the soap opera is over and no one watches them anymore". The day when we ladies at home want to watch a bunch of women who barely ever even "see" their own kid's tell us how to raise them.

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She is one of the greats.

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Had ATWT spent more time utilizing this woman, and less time well doing whatever they have been doing, the show maybe wouldn't be canceled right now. I know I always stopped to watch if Lucinda was on screen. That is about the only time I would sit and watch ATWT in the past few years.